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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: Axle height setting on the XB2/4’20

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video giving a quick breakdown of the effects of adjusting the axle height on the XB2’20 and XB4’20.

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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: steering servo setup

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video showing how to set up the steering servo in the new XB2’20.

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David Ronnefalk will be online on November 28

See: HB Racing

HB Racing have announced that the World Champion David Ronnefalk will be Live on the HB Racing facebook page next week, more precisely on November 28th. The first live show was a great success, and the Swiss brand allows with a second part to ask questions to D. Ronnefalk and listen to his advice to further optimize their experience with their HB Racing vehicles. Save the date!

Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: homegrown tips & tricks

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

XRAY factory driver Ty Tessmann shows a few tricks that his father Gord and him have found over the years that make RC easier on the pocketbook.

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Live session with World Champ David Ronnefalk

See: HB Racing

World Champion David Ronnefalk is going to go live on the HB Racing Facebook pageon Thursday, September 5. He will talk about his latest races, present you his EC winning D418 1/10 electric buggy and his brand new D819 1/8 nitro buggy. The session is followed by a Q&A where you can ask the Champ all of your questions!

6MIK launch 6MIK Racing application

See: 6MIK

6MIK have launched their new application called 6MIK Racing. This App allows 6MIK users to check the news of the French company but also use tools to facilitate and improve their experience with 6MIK products. The App offers the “Tyres choice tool” that provides useful informations about all 6MIK tires range by giving information such as temperature, the race duration, and track surface, advice sheets with useful technical informations with tire charts, tyres’ gluing tips, fuel tank calculation chart, tips for HB Racing stuff, set up sheets from 6MIK Team drivers and also store the main set up of your cars. The 6MIK Racing application allows to find the correspondence between CPS / WT silicone oils, the best oil grade adjustment, and calculate fuel consumption. Last but not the least, the App is provided with a race chronometer that allows to independently time 2 drivers, with all laps, best lap, overall time, re-fuel management, and even to record of the history. The 6MIK Racing is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Futaba Pro Tips: Ryan Lutz’s Futaba 7PX setup tips

See: Futaba USA

Futaba have released a new video where Ryan Lutz shares a few of his favorite transmitter features and how he has them set up on his 7PX Limited Edition. R.Lutz discusses throttle curve, steering curve, timer start and timer reset, and steering speed turn and return.

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David Ronnefalk launches his new website

Source: David Ronnefalk

David Ronnefalk has always highlighted his image and his communication. His growing influence linked to his many European titles and especially to his world title has propelled him even more in the limelight. To gather the many posts on social networks, photos and videos, David had released a first version of his website but obviously not completely satisfied, he decided to redo everything to get a more pro version and putting in before his communication skills and his sponsors. Go take a look, you will not be disappointed;)