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JQRacingTV Channel: Enjoy without moderation!

Source: JQRacingTV Channel (YouTube)

Joseph Quagraine is back on YouTube! If you are a JQ freak, please follow JQRacingTV channel… if not, avoid Youtube for the next month! 😉

If you are lucky enough to have missed all of JQ’s Facebook lives over the past three years, we would like to congratulate you. You missed out on a lot of banter, pointless rage, the occasional funny joke, the birth of Captain Clubrace, the discovery of Renaud Savoya’s love for balls, the explanation for Ongaro’s superior pace, tons of setup advice including “camber” probably on 3 separate occasions, analysis of races, track cutting incidents, and answers to viewer’s questions. We would like to inform you that you must now also avoid youtube at all costs. All of JQ’s FB lives are being uploaded to the JQRacing YT channel, and will eventually include time stamps in the descriptions that link you to the topics you want to see in each video. – Joseph Quagraine

It is still unknown where JQ will continue his live videos, as he is negotiating a 9 figure exclusive deal with a platform just like Joe Rogan.

Pro Tips by David Ronnefalk: Emulsion or P1 shock caps?

Source: David Ronnefalk (YouTube)

Which shock caps to use with your HB Racing D918RS or E918RS? Emulsion style or Performa Racing caps? David Ronnefalk gives you the answer in this new episode of their popular Pro Tips’ video! Good watching and feel free to subscribe David’s YouTube Chanel!

Watch the video

HUDY Tech Tips: starter box setup by Ty Tessmann


HUDY have released a new Tech Tips video where Ty Tessmann talks about starter box setup.

Watch the video

Ryan Cavalieri shows how to prepare for races & tuning tips

Source: Ryan Cavalieri (YouTube)

Multi-time World Champion Ryan Cavalieri put a new video showing how to prepare for races. Cav also provides some tips for the SWORKz rides.

Watch the video

JQRacing Black Edition advice sheets: option parts

See: JQ Racing

JQRacing have compiled a one page guide to the option parts that the team uses on their THECar Black Edition buggies. Please find the details below:

JQ Racing BE Option Parts – English

JQ Racing BE Option Parts – French

JQ Racing BE Option Parts – Spanish

JQ Racing BE Option Parts – Portuguese

XRAY Tech Tips: 4-shoe clutch

See: XRAY (YouTube)

XRAY have released a new Tech Tips video where Ty Tessmann shows how to build the 4-shoe clutch.

Watch the video

Elliott Boots video: REDS Racing V8 Gen3 brushless motor

Source: Elliott Boots RC (YouTube)

Elliott Boots has released another video on his YouTube channel where he talks about the new REDS Racing V8 Gen3 brushless motor. All you need to know about the power plant is in the video!

Watch the video

Elliott Boots video: how to fill diff

Source: Elliott Boots RC (YouTube)

Two-time Euro Champ’s Elliott Boots has released a new video on his YouTube channel showing how he fills diff on his SWORKz rides.

Watch the video