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Stadium Truck News

Schumacher Mini Pin Stadium Truck Tyres

Schumacher Mini Pin Truck Tyre neo

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A new tyre has been added to the range of Schumacher’s tyres, the Mini Pin 1/10th Stadium Truck Tyres. The 1/10th Stadium truck racing was extremely popular ‘back in the day’ and is now making a comeback. To make it even more versatile, Schumacher has developed a version suitable for carpet and astro surfaces. The Mini Pin 1/10th Stadium truck is available in the hardest Blue, the popular Yellow and wet weather/dirt super soft Silver compound and for maximum performance Schumacher recommends the #U6541 Truck Insert.

AE shines at Horizon Hobby Off-Road Championships


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As the season turns from Summer to Fall, racers from the Midwest migrate indoors to race for the winter. One of the signature events of this time of year is hosted by Trackside Hobbies & Raceway just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now re-branded as the Horizon Hobby Off-Road Championships, racers from across the country visit the professionally run and maintained facility to see how they stack up against an impressive group of local talent.

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Critter Hobbies 2nd Annual ‘Halloween Freakfest’

Critters Mains
Critter Hobbies in Fairfield, New Jersey hosted their 2nd Annual Halloween race on Oct 25th, known as the ‘Halloween Freakfest’. The event gathered over 90 entries, with the largest class being 4WD Mod Buggy and surprisingly 4WD SCT. The Modified 2wd and 4wd buggy classes were hotly contested with Team drivers from Team Associated, Team Durango, FTM Grip, Trinity & Critters Racing Team.

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MIP delivers new TLR 22T 2.0 ‘17.5 Puck Drive System’


unnamed (10)

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MIP has just released their popular Puck Drive System for the TLR 22T 2.0 stadium truck. The new drive system is intended for 17.5 stock class racing, and includes aluminum diff outdrives, aluminum C-CVD bones, and replaceable plastic orange wear pucks (all considerably lighter than the stock steel counterparts).

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MIP says, “This combination greatly increases the longevity of the drivetrain and most importantly decreases the drivetrain’s overall rotating mass by a whopping 50%! The decrease in weight directly results in quicker acceleration, deceleration, and lower motor temps.”

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Exotek releases new TLR 22T ‘EXO22T’ mid-motor conversion kit


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After the success of the EXO22 buggy, Exotek Racing now offers the EXO22T to bring your TLR stadium truck to the forefront of mid motor clay track performance. With it’s simple and efficient layout, the EXO22T offers improved rearward weight positioning of the battery and electronics to better suit a variety of track conditions. The EXO22T chassis allows standard inline shorty battery positioning or the incredibly easy to drive, side ways mounted shorty battery positioning. The EXO22T is offered with a machined 7075 alloy chassis for the most stability, traction and lowest CG.

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DSC_0039__23605.1444935047.1280.1280 DSC_0036__04555.1444935037.1280.1280 DSC_0034__37174.1444935044.1280.1280 DSC_0035__85969.1444935045.1280.1280

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JConcepts drives the T5M & SC5M with new CVA sets

Jconcepts CVDs

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The drive system on any vehicle is critical but in off-road racing where long stroke suspensions are commonplace, CVA performance is vital. JConcepts introduces the new Team Associated T5M/SC5M CVA set, built for performance, durability, and a high dose of glamour. The design is based around the HD 5mm axle diameter which is able to stand up to a rigorous demands of today’s racing. The bones have been machined of spring steel material for the ultimate in durability and performance and inserted with hardened steel pins on the drive ends.

Shop now at AMain.com

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Outback Raceway presents 5th Annual JConcepts ‘Fall Brawl’


It is that time of year again; AMain Performance Hobbies’ Outback Raceway presents the 5th Annual 2015 JConcepts’ “Fall Brawl” Nov 7-8th. As in years past, this year’s Brawl will take place on an all-new layout, featuring the best grip west of the Rockies. All AMain Performance Hobbies races are run using an accurate event timetable so you know exactly when your race is up. For 2015, we are keeping the “Buggy Brawl” format, which provided for some great triple A-main racing. We will be using IFMAR/stagger start qualifying to ensure everyone has an opportunity to put in their best runs. Many of you are probably wondering what is “Buggy Brawl”? 40+ Stock, Stock, Pro Stock Buggy and Open 2wd Buggy and Open 4wd Buggy will run triple A-mains this year, with 8 seeded directly from qualifying with two bump-ups coming from the B-main. What’s at stake? We’ll have several divisions including: Buggy Brawl, SeniorWeight (40+ Stock ), LightWeight (Stock), Welterweight (Pro Stock), Heavyweight (Open 2wd Buggy) and Super Heavyweight (Open 4wd Buggy) Championship titles. Yes, five titles, five weight divisions and many of the fastest buggy drivers on the west coast battling for the coveted championships.

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TLR takes three at the SRI Showdown


SRI Raceway hosted the annual SRI Showdown in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend. The one-day event gathered 170+ entries from across several states. TLR saw great success in the hands up and coming racer, Tyler Jones. Jones went on to win the competitive 2wd Mod Buggy and Mod Stadium Truck classes (his debut run with a stadium truck), and finish second behind TLR teammate Collin Weatherholt.

IMG_0105 IMG_0104 IMG_0103