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VRC announces ‘VRC Worlds’


The VRC Worlds schedule is out, and what a month of exciting virtual r/c racing lies ahead of us. Six major events on 3 exciting tracks. Yes just 3 tracks because this year we have combined classes to race on the same track, just like what happens at real events. Last year, 2654 racers participated in the various classes including some really big names for the real r/c racing scene, like: Ronnefalk, Joor, Wollanka, Craig, Gillespie, Lutz.  This year we are looking to more than double this number with the addition of the Spec classes, making the 2014 VRC Worlds by far the biggest r/c happening in the World! Don’t be surprised to see more big names appearing in the 2014 VRC Worlds… Many have been invited!

The nitro buggies and short course trucks will be racing on… NAXOS 2014 IFMAR Worlds. This new track will be released 2 weeks before the VRC Worlds to give everyone an equal chance to practice for the VRC Worlds. The nitro buggies will race in the normal (counter clockwise) direction like at the real IFMAR Worlds, and will feature a grueling 60 minute Main final! The short course trucks will be racing in reversed direction and feature a 15 minute final, meaning at least 1 battery change during the final!




Tekno launches new apparel & parts

Tekno Releases

Tekno RC has released an extensive list of new products for the month of November. First and foremost, across the country temperatures are dropping as winter weather sets in, and Tekno recognizes the need for some fresh winter weather swag! All-new zip-up Tekno hoodies are now available for those in blistery conditions, and fresh new tees are available for those in the warmer climates. In addition, Tekno has released new lower shock mount screws, 10mm droop adjustment screws, 10 degree offset brake cams, 48T lightened spur gear, and blank shock pistons!

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Tekin takes 4 at Outback ‘Fall Brawl’

Tekin Dominates

The 2014 Fall Brawl was hosted recently at Outback Raceway in Chico, California. Racers from all over the west coast travel to this event knowing that the racing will be tight, top notch, and the facility will be unquestionably in top notch shape due to no small part of Kevin Jelich and his band of merry track crew. This years layout had some very technical jump sections where the mod classes clearly had options that the stock cars simply couldn’t attempt. This proved to make for a separation in lap times and viewing pleasure to those who attended. Over 270 entries would grace the event and make for some of the best racing in the region. More…

Team Durango’s major changes

Team Durango Sunset

After the surprise news of Ryan Lutz’ departure from Team Durango yesterday, the Hobbico-owned company went into a hasty damage-limitation exercise, posting a letter to their customers which announced sweeping changes to their business model and modus operandi – The company’s main focus has always been top-level racing, however judging by yesterday’s renewed mission statement, it seems those days are gone.

“Big national and international events are often becoming less relevant to our customers.  We all love to watch the Pros battle it out at the big events, but do these one off races help us make a good product for you?  Upon reflection we don’t think so; testing, analysis and hard work do.”

“With the World Championships behind us, the new season and exciting product ahead, it’s time for Team Durango to re-focus on product development and helping you win at your local track, rather than having paid Pro racers competing for national and International titles.”

Pretty much a complete reversal in strategy for Team Durango, disposing of an admittedly small, but rather effective race team – Ryan Lutz racing countless classes in the US, renowned for his brand ambassador merits, Travis Amezcua another big name, a double European Championship victory in 1/10th Offroad with Jorn Neumann, touring car project with Elliott Harper.

“over the next few months we dissolve our Pro race team and replace it with a new race team program that helps support local racing.”

One wonders whether this direct ‘grass roots’ strategy will prove effective, it’s no secret that race teams cost customers money; X percent of the cost of a kit goes to fund the race team budget – however the route of offering 50% sponsorships to everyone and their mother is a risky business grab as well, especially for a brand like Durango whose name and identity  are so intrinsically linked to fighting for major ‘Pro’ race wins, not local club races. (Click ‘More’ to read the full statement)

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VRC full ‘STEAM’ ahead – VOTE NOW!

VRC on Steam

VRC PRO has just been submitted for release on ‘STEAM’, which is one of the world’s biggest mainstream computer gaming portals, with more than 40,000,000 users and some 5,000,000 concurrent users online each moment. In order to appear on Steam, VRC PRO needs to be voted in by the STEAM ‘Greenlight’ community of gamers. Everyone can vote, but you have to be a Steam member!

What are the benefits of VRC PRO on STEAM?

  • Connect with the vast potential of 40,000,000 active gamers worldwide
  • Rapidly grow the online VRC PRO racing community (now already at 100,000 members)
  • Increase activity in multiplayer and race events
  • With more financial resources speed up development of new cars, tracks and features
  • Get more people excited about the RC racing hobby in general

R/C racers can vote for VRC Pro at STEAM Greenlight, and help make VRC PRO appear on STEAM as soon as possible. If VRC Pro makes it to STEAM before December 1st 2014, count on some very special member gifts to celebrate this important moment for VRC. With December being the VRC Worlds month we could see a host of new gamers/racers appear in these competitions and take on the challenge: Who is faster, gamers or racers?!

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Serpent launches RTR Spyder SCT

Serpent has introduced the new Spyder 1/10 rear motor 2wd short course truck in an all-new ‘Ready-to-Race’ version today. The RTR Spyder SCT is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder SCT, and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version also fit the RTR version, allowing owners to upgrade over time!

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Fall Classic double for Ryan Dunford

Ryan Dunford TLR

Exeter Hobbies hosted the annual ‘Fall Classic’ event this past weekend, bringing in 90+ entries to chase the win in a variety of classes. One driver who walked away a winner in multiple classes was none other than TLR/Tekin driver Ryan Dunford. Dunford piloted his TLR22-4 to a solid victory in the Modified 4wd Buggy class, and backed up his buggy win by taking the overall victory in Pro-4 as well. Ryan’s Tekin teammate, Derek Stephenson would take home the gold in the Pro-2 class, and narrowly missing the win Modified 2wd Buggy class after a DNF ended his race early.

exeter-4wsc-1024x683 Exeter-Hobbies-SCT-podium exeter-4w-mod-1024x682

Source: Tekin

BD paint ups MotoGP masterpiece


Earlier this month Bittydesign announced their partnership with MotoGP legend, Casey Stoner. The Italian company has equipped Stoner’s extensive lineup of R/C race vehicles with bodies, and of course a signature paint job. Today they have gone one step further as they open their doors to show the R/C world exactly how expert painter Stefano Rabitti creates the Stoner paintjob masterpiece!

Source: Bittydesign

Tekno’s JBRL win streak continues


For two years in a row, Tekno RC has dominated Pro4 and 1/8th Electric Buggy at one of the fiercest R/C series races anywhere. The JBRL electric series is highly contentious with opposition from some of the regions fastest drivers. Tekno RC was victorious last year, taking top spots in the 4×4 SC and 1/8 scale electric categories, and now their team has continued the winning streak for another year! This year it was Rudy Rico taking many individual wins throughout the series, and now the overall 2014 title in both Pro4 and 1/8th Electric Buggy.

Source: Tekno RC

NCT triple for Chris Bridgewater

Chris Bridgewater

The Northwest Championship Tour is an outdoor series that runs throughout the Pacific Northwest, drawing top drivers from the region and is represented by all of the top manufacturers. The series spans six events, bringing turnouts beyond 300 entries. Typical of the Great Northwest, a wide array of weather was seen during the series.

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