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Exotek machines new SC5M ‘Flite’ titanium front axles


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Exotek Racing continues to expand their lineup of option parts for the Team Associated SC5M by introducing their new ‘Flite’ titanium machined front axles. These new axles are slightly weaker than steel, however, weigh in at almost half the weight! At only 5 grams per pair (stock is 9.7g), these axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight! Sold in pairs.

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Video: Pro-Line Flo-Tek Fusion short course body



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JConcepts releases new Associated SC5M chassis protectors


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A high-end item used for many years on the performance side of R/C racing is the chassis protective sheet. For years, drivers have hand-cut and custom fit their chassis with a clear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth or slick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConcepts has hit the easy and glamour button at the same time and is now offering a precut and graphically pleasing chassis protective sheet for the Team Associated SC5M. With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and low-resistance material fits each chassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package.

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DRCW Fall Points Series Round 1 report

Race Report by Jason Sneed
Round 1 of the 2015 DRCW Fall Points Series is in the books. There were 79 entries competing in 7 classes. The new class for this year is the “e-lite” which is a 1/8 buggy that meets a certain weight and power requirements (rules: There were some tight races including the 2WD buggy A-main and the 4×4 buggy A-Main. Luke Igyarto and Scott Thomas battled it out in 2WD Buggy until the last lap where Luke was able to squeeze in an extra lap at the horn. In the 4×4 buggy A-Main Josh Knight got off to an early lead and never looked back. He put a lap on the entire field in his new Yokomo. That left Scott Thomas and Austin Woodyard to battle it out for second place. Scott and Austin were neck in neck until the last lap where Scott finished second and Austin third.


Pro-Line cuts new ‘Flo-Tek Fusion’ SC body

Proline SC Body

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What do you get when you fuse together the best features from the most successful Pro-Line Short Course body of all-time (Flo-Tek) and the most aerodynamically advanced Pro-Line race body ever conceived (EVO)? You get the new Flo-Tek Fusion Body! The Fusion features large vent holes in the front, middle and rear for maximum protection against parachuting. The most important holes have been cut out for you! The Flo-Tek Fusion retains the aggressive fender flares and front grill from the original Flo-Tek that everyone loves. The rear end was inspired by the EVO with large openings and ideal body mounting positions for the wide variety of SC trucks on the market.

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All-new features to the Fusion include roof vents to make it the best jumping body available and kick-ups on the roof and rear fenders to keep you glued to the surface making your SC truck easier to drive

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Team Associated takes 6 at the 2015 BGRC Summer Smackdown


Race Report by: Team Associated
Bluegroove Hobbies and Raceway hosted their first annual BGRC Summer Smackdown over the Labor Day Weekend. 150+ entries from over seven states attended the race. Team Associated and Reedy had great local and regional representation at the event that included 4 rounds of qualifying and single 8-minute A mains. The track was fast and presented challenged the drivers to have the right pace to stay in front. CONTINUE READING…

JConcepts machines new AE 1/10 alu servo mount bracket

JC Servo Bracket

Setting the trim on any R/C car is crucial but perhaps even more critical is the trim remaining consistent throughout a race. JConcepts introduces the servo mount bracket for the B5, B5M, T5M and SC5M series of vehicles. Constructed of billet aluminum and available in either blue or black colors, this unique part offers benefits over the stock mount configuration.

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First, the mount fits snug inside the chassis servo mounting area increasing the support across while the 2 screw mounting locations are beefy in design and zeroed in for a direct mount to that chassis. Second, the bracket has locations on each side for included 3x6mm setscrews to help align and maintain servo position during racing conditions, crashes and hard hits. The set screws are intended to touch-off against the servo case and provide additional support keeping the servo in the intended position which helps maintain consistent steering trim.


Martin Weidmann wraps up Alpencup SCT Championship

Final Ranking

Round 7, the final round, of the Alpencup was held on astroturf this past weekend in Germany. In the competitive short course class, INTECH’s Tamar Schäfer made his way to victory once again. Team Durango’s Martin Weidmann would follow in second, with yet another INTECH ERSC-10 in third with Christoph Schefer.

After all the points were tallied, the Alpencup 2015 Championship was awarded to Martin Weidmann. Schäfer finished an impressive second overall, with Lars Holland in third on the season.

Final Rankings:

  1. Martin Weidmann
  2. Christoph Schefer (Intech ERSC-10)
  3. Lars Holland
  4. Manni Guhl
  5. Tamar Schäfer (Intech ERSC-10)

JConcepts combines stability & style releasing ‘HF2′ SCT body


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JConcepts has won an unprecedented 10 of 12 ROAR National Championships in the SCT division by constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in performance. Winners never rest, and whomever quoted “sequels are never as good as the original,” certainly has not seen an HF2 body by JConcepts. Specifically designed for mid-motor SCT trucks, the radical Hi-Flow 2 body has all new elements which take SCT tuning to the next level.

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With more reliable stability, increased speeds and more cornering ability in the SCT class, JConcepts has slammed the roof on the HF2 giving racers the ability to push the limit even more than before. Effectively lowering the CG on an SCT truck is a huge advantage and once combined with optional light-weight materials, drivers can feel more confidence inspiring performance “straight outta the package.”

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Video: The Wicked Weekend 2015 – No Mercy

Wicked Weekend Movie

Yet another worthy highlight video from the 2015 Wicked Weekend has hit our inbox today, this time produced by Ellimis Productions. Ellimis captures much of the high-adrenaline action and quite literally a ‘Wicked Weekend’ of racing, all mixed with bit screaming rock & roll (quite appropriate for this event). Sit back, get your air guitar ready to play, and enjoy the latest production from the Wicked Weekend!