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Tekin’s Randy Pike shares his secrets


If you know the brand Tekin, you probably know Tekin team manager Randy Pike. Pike is not only an experienced team manager, he is also an experienced racer, mechanic, and electronics guru. Via social media and various other outlets, Pike is helping racers around the globe by sharing some of his most famous tips, tricks, and secrets hidden up his sleeve. Learn to solder, write proper race reports, fine tune your radio, and everything in between!

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Nitro Race Prep with Chad Bradley

Chad Bradley’s Chad Bradley has raced all over the world and has competed at the highest levels of competition. During his 20 plus years of racing Bradley has had to prepare for all types of racetracks and conditions. He’s also proactive in that he gets everything ready before he ever shows up to the race.

“Being prepared ahead of time will greatly lessen the stress during the event and will help make the race more enjoyable and will definitely help in your end results.”

CLICK HERE for Chad’s Top 5 Nitro Prep Tips

Setup struggles vanish with ‘Dialed’

Dialed Setups

When travelling to a new track, there is nothing worse than travelling hours and hours to show up and find your car has the worst possible setup for that particular track. Not to mention the overflowing notebooks it takes to keep track of all your setup changes, specific track setups, and notes. All of that is a thing of the past, as Dialed Setups is born! Dialed Setups is an online site and mobile app for racers of all skill levels to share their setups, tips, tricks, and more. Read more…

Ronnefalk’s ‘Dirt’ setups


David Ronnefalk had a strong if unfortunate end to his Dirt Nitro Challenge, the reigning European Champion taking a surprise win in the 1/8 electric class and challenging Ty Tessmann seriously for victory in the main final before 3 separate flame outs cost him due to a cut air filter tube, he would end up finishing 4th but comfortably had the quickest car in the final based on average laptime.

We have his two setups! Available on our Setup page and here!

2014 Dirt Nitro Challenge 1/8 nitro buggy  | 2014 DNC 1/8 Electric

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Tebo’s roll centre tips


Always one to pass on a handy tip & what not, we were breezily browsing the interweb (including the occasional cat video & something called ‘twerking?!’) when we came across a rather useful and very honest account from the current 2WD 1/10th Offroad World Champion Jared Tebo, it turns out that no matter how winning-est you are, the dark arts of RC Car setup are something else!

In this case Tebo kindly shares his personal experience and discovery with us mere driving mortals, so at least we can get the car working reasonably!

“I have just had a revelation in my RC racing career. I think I finally understand roll centers a little!”

I must admit, I’m not an engineer, and I really don’t understand all engineering aspects of the cars. I’m a driver, and I go all by feel. It’s worked well, and I can normally get my cars pretty good for me, but there are disadvantages as well.

Roll center adjustments I have always struggled with, mostly in 1/10, as it’s a very easy adjustment. I never really know what I’m doing in this area. I try asking other engineers what does what, but I normally get a novel answer that left me more confused than before. All I want to know is what makes it roll more, or less. Somehow I got it painted in my brain that if you raise the inner link, that makes it roll less. I would always have that in my head, and my feeling on the track would be confused.

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Under the Hood & setups 2WD Top 3


AT4_1066 AT4_1070 AT4_1072 AT4_1073 AT4_1080 AT4_1081 AT4_1083 AT4_1086 AT4_1088 AT4_1092 AT4_1098 AT4_1100


AT4_1008 AT4_0979 AT4_0981 AT4_0982 AT4_0987 AT4_0988 AT4_0990 AT4_0991 AT4_0993 AT4_1000 AT4_1002 AT4_1007


AT4_0965 AT4_0966 AT4_1053 AT4_1060 AT4_1014 AT4_1019 AT4_1025 AT4_1026 AT4_1030 AT4_1036 AT4_1040 AT4_1043

Ronnefalk’s Euros MP9 setup

We’ve managed to badger team Ronnefalk in the time since their European triumph on the Champagne soiled chalk of Reims enough to handily provide us, and you with the 2013 Euros winning setup [PDF],or along with many others in our Setup sheet shop.

Click ‘More‘ to see a repost of our ‘Under the Hood’ feature of David’s car – along with some special building tips and tricks that David’s father & mechanic Pierre Ronnefalk has to MP9 owners.


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Evans’ Reedy setups

TLR’s star man at the Reedy Offroad Race of Champions last week Dustin Evans took 2nd overall and kindly sent us both his setups for 2WD & 4WD – you can even check out the ‘Under the hood’ feature with his XXX4 4WD, we were unfortunately not allowed to do an ‘under the hood‘ of any TLR 22 during the event due to the team running some new bits which weren’t released yet… OK we might have accidentally taken some photos from a far… our lenses are long and enticed by bits we’re told we can’t shoot.. anyway, thankfully we were allowed to shoot the lovely Reedy Girls and here is yet another excuse to post a photo of them (oh there’ll be many more opportunities however tenuous the link!)

See the Setup Sheet page for Dustin’s two setups (scroll to the bottom)