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Atsushi Hara shares his MP9 setups


Atsushi Hara may have been conspicuously absent from the international racing scene since his departure from his short-lived time with SWORKz, however it seems Hara-san is gearing up for a potential Worlds cameo.

Having won the FEMCAs in Malaysia, he raced this weekend at the new RC Thailand circuit in central Bangkok with his privateer Kyosho buggy a TKI3… not the newer MP9 TKI4 worth noting! Hara shared his setups from the FEMCAs and last weekend’s events.

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HB’s Savoya trials proto universals

hb europe reno usa mod3

Via: HB Europe
After attending the US Open in Phoenix, AZ , Reno Savoya and his mate/mechanic Jérôme Treignier embarked on a bit of a US tour. After soaking up the winter sun in Phoenix, the HB pair headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to the strip to next year’s Worlds track, ‘RC Tracks of Las Vegas’ to go testing… We can only guess they miiiiiiight have ‘passed by’ the strip given it’s close proximity!

After a few days of standalone testing and practice HB Designer Torrance Deguzman joined for a series of tests with a couple of prototype parts, rumours suggest there may be more than just the new front and rear universals on the car (as stated on the setup), however Reno used them in conjunction with the older D812 rear hubs.

Reno D815 US Open fuel champ

TLR adds 22 3.0 MM setup


See: TLR
The TLR 22 3.0 MM has recently become available and setups have begun to appear to optimize setup. TLR has updated its database and offers the first setups validated by their drivers. This is an opportunity to test the settings that were chosen and see your buggy evolve at its best. See TLR’s setups page here.

XRAY shares Bruno Coelho’s IFMAR Worlds winning XB4 setup

v_winning setup_World Championship 2016 – kópia (2)

XRAY has undoubtedly made their mark in offroad this year, finishing off the season with an IFMAR World Championship win. The XB4’16 designer, Martin Bayer, shares his World Championship winning set-up that Bruno Coelho used to win the recent Worlds in Japan.

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“After we arrived to Yatabe Arena we started the practice rounds with our initial set-up that we have used during practice at Hudy Arena where we raced on high traction carpet. This was the same set-up we have successfully used at first round of EOS series with just very minor modifications. After few practice rounds we felt confident that this set-up will work great also on this astro track that had very high traction. And it worked great…”


HB Europe’s team setups


Source: HB Europe
Team HB Europe have come along way in the 6 months since they signed the likes of David Ronnefalk and Reno Savoya – last weekend at the 2015 Euros they had the more cars in the main final than anyone else (3), with David Ronnefalk claiming 2nd overall. The team have just now helpfully uploaded their final setups from the event which are available here.

See also David Ronnefalk’s Under the Hood

Ratio Calc! app Apple Watch update

Ratio Calc

What time is it? Its 40 tooth pinion over 84 tooth spur in the afternoon. The popular Ratio Calc! iOS app has just been updated to version 6.0. It continues to offer an easy to use ratio and rollout calculator for R/C racers which now extends it’s functionality onto the newly released Apple Watch. This latest version also includes a handy transponder store so you can quickly retrieve your PT numbers when booking in.

Download Ratio Calc! Here!

JQ’s newest ‘European’ style setups

JQ Setups

After his recent JQRacing World Tour, JQ is back on his home turf in Europe. Despite the trip around the globe, JQ and his army haven’t stopped working upon their return home. They have released several of their newest ‘European’ style setups that have been successfully tested recently.

“Been back in Europe for a while now, and started working on a different style of setup, long rear arm, laydown shocks, just something different. These setups will work pretty much anywhere, but maybe more geared towards European tracks. The idea is to make the car more comfortable to drive on fast tracks, and to make it easier to maintain cornerspeed. Check them out, and let us know what you think!”

JQ-Ongaroring-Setup-May2015-page-001 THEStig-EURO-Setup-May2015-page-001

JQ releases White Edition Setup 3.0


Joseph Quagraine has traveled the seven seas, and found his way to America. If you follow along with JQ via his various social media outlets, you already know he has spent countless hours testing, tuning, and racing on American soil (with the occasional Saturday night break for supercross). With all of the testing, THETeam has put together and shared the latest ‘factory mods’ and setup for THECar.

“Been doing some more testing over the past few weeks, and discovered some new ideas and setups. THECar has improved immensely! I definitely recommend you do these modifications. We have already started developing parts so you don’t need to modify anything, but for now, if you want the best out of your car, please check this out and do the work!”

JQ-THECar-WE-SETUP-SHEET-2014 Editable-V4 unnamed (99) unnamed (98) unnamed (97)