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TESTED: TrakPower Digital Soldering Station


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve recommended a “high quality, real soldering iron” for serious RC’ers, I’d have…well, I’d have a mountain of dollars. Few tools are more important to an RC guy than a quality soldering iron

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HB D413 Review: The Build


We’ve seen it performing incredibly well in the (God)-gifted hands of HotBodies’ lead team driver Ty Tessmann, and finally we managed to get our grubby hands on it! We’ve seen Ty and his father Gord hanging around the electric tracks and biggest U.S. Races for a while when they were testing prototypes and other brands cars, in order to put together experience and feedback so that they could help Torrance Deguzman, HB’s offroad designer, to design and produce one of the most innovative 4wd buggies in the 10th scale market.

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Project 17.5 Racer: Associated B5M


Words & Photos by Stephen Bess

Building A 17.5-Class Maestro

So Associated released the B5M mid-motor car approximately, er, mid year 2014 (appropriately?), and along with its rear-motor B5 brother, both have made a huge splash in the 1/10-scale 2wd electric buggy market.  With indoor season upon us, I decided to build a B5M and race it in the highly competitive 17.5-turn “spec” class.  Having already tested the rear-motor B5 (AE B5 Rear Motor Test), I knew the B5M would offer an advantage on high traction tracks, both indoor and outdoor.  But how much of an advantage?  Here are my thoughts on the car, as it has been tested with a short but significant list of options and upgrades.

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RCN Project: STRC ‘Super Stocker’


Offroad R/C racing is divided into a wide variety of classes. Most recognize the modified classes as being the most the ‘premiere’ class to run, as this is where most of the industry’s top pros will be found. Although modified classes may be considered ‘premiere’, it does not always mean that is where you will find the best racing. On a weekly basis around the nation, some of the best offroad racing takes place in the highly competitive 17.5 stock classes, primarily being the 17.5 Stock 2wd Buggy class. This class seems to draw racers of all skill levels, including Billy Beginner up to local Joe Pro, and the winner comes down to pure driving skill, setup, and precision. In an effort to dominate this class racers will do anything and everything (including too often cheat) to win. Everyone works to build the ultimate stock racing vehicle, in which everyone has their own opinion of what that entails.

RCN has teamed up with good friend Steve Wang of ST Racing Concepts to build what they are calling the ‘STRC Super Stocker’.

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Exclusive: Inside The O.S. Speed B2101


Guess what just arrived at my doorstep?  Oh nothing much, unless you (like me) think the newly crowned IFMAR 1/8-buggy World Champion engine is a big deal.  It’s the OS Speed B2101 .21 engine, used by Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann to decimate the competition and win the IFMAR title just a few weeks ago in Italy.

You can check out our exclusive interview with OS’s Hirose San, directly from the IFMAR Worlds pits, right there:

NeoBuggy’s Worlds Pit News: OS Speed B2101

Since the press release hit the interwebz in mid September, forums have been ablaze with talk about O.S.’s new buggy engine.  Here is some information we know now, having yet to test it–though you can believe we WILL test it ASAP here in Southern California.

OSB2101 - 02DSC_0112  DSC_0111

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XRAY XB8 ’14 Review: On The Track



XRAY XB8 ’14

Luxury Defined: Quality And Adjustability

Author/Photos:  Stephen Bess


This is a word most often associated with food, makeup or Rolls Royces.  But a “luxury” RC car?  XRAY has included the word “luxury” with its vehicle names for quite a while.  The Webster’s Dictionary defines luxury as “a state of great comfort or extravagance” and “an inessential or desirable item that is expensive or difficult to obtain.”  Should your idea of luxury include ideas of foo-foo frilly and fragile items that are more show than go, you’d be wrong about the XB8 ’14; in its first full racing season, the XB8 ’14 has impressed in the USA and holds multiple TQ’s and national championships across Europe. 

XRAY nitro buggies have always been on the expensive side, but with the new XB8 ’14 kit, the buggy’s extravagant fit, finish and quality have recalibrated my expectations of what RC luxury truly is.

“Like all XRAY kits, the parts fit together like a Patek Phillipe timepiece.”


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RCN Review: O-Slip shock lube

O Slip Review

One of the most important aspects of a setting up a car is suspension. Racers of all levels strive to find and create the smoothest and most consistent suspension possible in both onroad and offroad racing, as ‘sticky’ shocks or inconsistent suspension can ruin even the most perfectly setup car. Factory RC has introduced their new O-Slip rubber and silicone O-ring lubricant, designed for the serious racer looking for serious smooth shocks. O-Slip has been the talk of the town lately among racers of all skill levels, as it has become a hot new replacement for traditional green shock lubricants. We got our hands on some of this ‘magical lube’ to see what all the noise is about.

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TESTED: ProTek R/C Samurai 321B .21 Engine

Samurai Testing

By: Stephen Bess

A few months of testing has proven the ProTek Samurai 321B engine (first seen here: NeoBuggy’s Samurai First Look) to be a seasoned, and successful warrior.  As promised, this is the follow up, semi-long term report after over 2-gallons of fuel and multiple race outings here in Southern California.

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