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Worlds Warm Up News

Worlds Warm up Main Final video

We bring you the full length 60 min main final from the 2012 Worlds warm up from Buenos Aires, Argentina last weekend, featuring some of the best drivers in the world going at it, swapping positions lap after lap as the clock ticks down witness as Ronnefalk throws everything he’s got t try and catch the wily experienced Robert Batlle.

Watch on YouTube | Link to Worlds Warm up video playlist

Mugen team test steering weights

The Mugen team had a pretty suceessful Worlds warm up, taking the win with Robert Batlle and go into the Worlds as one of the dare we say ‘joint’ favourites to win as a manufacturer. Yesterday we reported that the team briefly tried out Kyosho shocks on their car, we caught up with team manager John-Yves who explained that the use of Kyosho shocks on various cars has been an ongoing trend and was something they simply wanted to try in order to understand the effect. After trying them out they returned to running Mugen’s own shocks, team driver Lee Martin happy to tell us the Mugen ones felt much better on his car.

Another pretty noticeable addition to the MBX6 team buggys is the use of lead weights on the front steering hubs. According to team sources, the 15g weights secured between the driveshaft and upper pivot ball improve steering response and front end handling, we also understand that the team have been using heavier pivot balls in the top location for the same effect, having tried it a month ago at a private test. Snooping around the paddock we also spotted the ‘adding weight to steering hubs’ concept on the car of Ty Tessmann, although in this case we understand that they were drilled and secured differently.

Video interview with Cody King

Pre Worlds Testing Report

Due to a lower than expected entry, the organisers took the decision to shorten the Worlds warm up event by a day, ending it on Saturday rather than Sunday, this allowed all travelling drivers to spend an additional full day testing and practicing. Reading too much into test sessions is notoriously common, we’ve tried to put together a short summary of what we noticed today.

First off the track is slower, with the thousands of laps worth of pounding taking it’s toll on specific sections of the track in particular the left hand elevated sweeper, already by the finals this section of the track was getting bumpier, come Sunday the bumps are even deeper upsetting the cars just before the double dropdown. Click Read More to Continue

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Robert Batlle Interview

We caught up with Worlds warm up winner Robert Batlle for a post victory chat about his race, the Worlds in December and more…

Robert Batlle World Warm up Champion

Robert Batlle World Warm up Champion

In a battle of track versus car, two time European Champion Robert Batlle can add the World Warm up victory to his long list of accolades. Spending most of the final battling with David Ronnefalk, a combination of better fuel strategy and experienced driving saw him take the win in front of Jared Tebo in 2nd and Ryan Cavalieri 3rd as Ronnefalk supposedly ran out of fuel with a lap to go. It was a solid drive for Tebo as he clawed his way back after a very poor couple of opening laps, spending much of the final racing with his good friend Cavalieri. Reno Savoya was running well up in 3rd, hanging onto the coat tails of Batlle & Ronnefalk, but dropped down a bit, a flame out in pitlane further cost him some time.

TLR’s future star Dakotah Phend had a troubled start to the final as his car flamed out on the grid, further bad luck ensued as his pitman Tim Long raced back just as the countdown hit 4, he made the start but the organisers dished out a stop and go for that infringement, which put him last. At the start it was Ryan Cavalieri successfully completing his comeback, after the team discovered he’d been running a centre diff with no oil – the source of his qualifying woes. Cavalieri took the lead on the first lap followed by Savoya, Batlle, Ronnefalk, as mentioned Tebo had a start to forget as he crashed on the far side double double dropping him to 11th. 5 laps in, Cavalieri bobbled which let Savoya through, he’d hang on to 2nd with Ronnefalk & Batlle just behind. 3 laps later it was Savoya’s turn to make a mistake which allowed Ronnefalk into the lead, immediately he started opening up a big gap, this set the tone for the race as Cavalieri, Batlle and Savoya would battle until Cavalieri had a costly crash. Batlle hung onto Ronnefalk as the Swede’s much weaker fuel strategy saw him pit for fuel once more than Robert, at times Batlle had a lead of what looked like half a lap. Miguel Matias would retire from the final with suspected servo issues. Fast forward to 52 mins with only 8 to go, Batlle pitted and Ronnefalk inherited the lead for a single lap, however as Batlle exited the pitlane they were side by side, Ronnefalk would tangle on the corner and this allowed Batlle past, further mistakes from Ronnefalk cost him as he was able to run faster laptimes but not a consistent pace that Batlle could.

Worlds Warm up Finals

1. Jared Tebo – USA
2. David Ronnefalk – Sweden
3. Ryan Cavalieri – USA
4. Dakotah Phend – USA
5. Cody King – USA
6. Robert Batlle – Spain
7. Miguel Matias – Portugal
8. Ty Tessmann – Canada
9. Reno Savoya – France
10. Teemu Leino – Finland
11. Jesse Robbers – USA
12. Billy Easton – USA

Providing all cars pass Tech inspection

Semi A saw Martin Bayer break after he crashed and a car landed on him, Chad Bradley retired a little later after 10mins, a period which saw Miguel Matias find some great speed to spend battling away with David Ronnefalk, Tebo would recover to 4th after a time consuming crash caused by slow marshals. After 10, Ronnefalk, Matias, King, Tebo, Savoya, Cavalieri, Drake, Martin, Yannick. As of the 2nd fuel stop Ronnefalk had a flame out, didn’t lose too much time, it would not however lose him a single place although tightening up the chasing pack. 20 Mins in Ronnefalk had settled down into a groove followed by Matias, Tebo, King, Cavalieri, Savoya. Bad crashes from Matias saw him drop down to 5th with Tebo moving up to 2nd, Cody 3rd and Cav 4th. Laptimes have visibly dropped off a half a second or more as drivers struggle with the track, more than anything we are seeing many many mistakes, something that isn’t so common for the elite in 1/8 Offroad. A late splash of fuel saw Tebo close up to Ronnefalk slightly, not enough to really challenge though, Cav 3rd, King 4th , Matias 5th having starred early on and Savoya running 6th and Drake running in P7. A clash with a local backmarker lost Ronnefalk time and Tebo would catch up with 5mins left, a crash would drop David back and allow Tebo to steal first place.
1 Tebo, 2 Ronnefalk, 3 Cavalieri, 4 King, Matias 6 Savoya

Semi B (Top 5 bump to the final + the next two quickest from either semi B or A)
Semi B was turned into a 30 minute race of attrition as drivers struggled to stay on the track, the first casualty was Ryan Maifield, a suspected front suspension problem putting him out after only 5 mins, at the midway mark though Hara began going very slowly and would retire a lap later. For most of the race Batlle had the lead but a few mistakes on successive laps gave Phend the lead, followed by a very impressive looking Billy Easton. However a poor pitstop release saw him drop right infront of Robert Batlle, the latter taking the brunt of that sliding down pitlane and the down ramp on his roof, better pitlane etiquette required! Spaniard Vega suffered several flame outs as double ROAR champion Ty Tessmann would stay in fourth with the two Finns Quagraine and Leino right behind. Towards the end of the race Phend had built a very comfortable lead from Batlle & Easton, Robert’s car appearing the trickier to drive but still skilled enough to hold onto 2nd. Last couple of mnutes and multiple crashes from Easton saw him drop down into the battle for the last bump ups, sitting 6th infront of JQ. Tessmann 4th, Leino up to 5th.
1. Dakotah Phend, 2. Robert Batlle, 3. Ty Tessmann, 4. Teemu Leino, 5. Jesse Robbers, 6. Billy Easton, 7. JQ

Video: JConcepts, Customs & more Catch up

We caught up with Jason Ruona, one of the few factory bosses attending the Worlds warm up to discuss the event, his drivers and some of the challenges faced in order to attend the warm up event.

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