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Psycho Nitro Blast News

Worley & Harding win at Psycho Nitro Blast


The 2020 Psycho Nitro Blast was held in White Pine, Tennessee. The track was massive, the jumps were huge, the straight way was a 1/4 mile long. Biggest sweeper ever, iconic wooden jumps, a Joker Lane and one kick ass rumble strip. The track sorta blew out, but only in spots, track held up well. Mason Worley (XRAY/AMR Engines) was able to secure the overall TQ in both Buggy and Truggy. The Truggy A main was up first and he held the lead for most of the race and took the win from Brayden Billington (Tekno RC/Maclan Racing) in second and Jordan Jennings in third.

Shon Harding (XRAY/Team Trinity/Pro-Line Racing) was the man to beat in the 4WD Stadium Truck class. He was able to snag the overall TQ in the rounds of qualifying and then he was able to take the win tone to tone, snagging his first ever PNB win. Christopher Lloyd in second and Michael Servough (Tekno RC/Team Tekin Racing/AKA) in third rounded out the top 3.

Top 25 RC following 2020 Psycho Nitro Blast

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Most major events around the globe have been canceled due to Covid, However Pyscho Nitro Blast was one of the first events to take place sense the virus. Veteran Jared Tebo took the win over the weekend over with the rising start Seth VanDalen coming in second and the Always fast Ryan Maifield rounding out the top 3. Joe Bornhorst and J.Tebo had a great battle brewing until J.Bornhorst had a mechanical failure. J.Tebo’s win was enough to take him to the number 1 spot in the world driver rankings. J.Tebo has been on a hot streak with a win at PNB, 2nd at DNC, and a win at Buggyland. As always go to top25rc.com for races used and 1-50 rankings.

Tebo & Phend win at 13th Annual Psycho Nitro Blast

Source: Psycho Nitro Blast (Facebook)

790 entries attended the 13th Annual Psycho Nitro Blast in Pine, Tennessee over the weekend. The Pro Nitro Buggy class saw two intensive rounds of qualifying and it was Spencer Rivkin (Team Associated/Mx Maxima/ JConcepts) who set the overall TQ tie on points with Tyler Jones (Agama/Ultimate Racing/JConcepts). In the 30-minute final, Jared Tebo (Tekno RC/Maxima Mx/AKA) brought home the win only 2sec gap on his teammate Seth VanDalen (Tekno RC/O.S.Engines/JConcepts) in second while Ryan Maifield (Mugen Seiki/Maxima Engines/JConcepts) rounded out the top 3 some 5sec down. The TQ holder S.Rivkin and Adam Drake (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/Flash Point Fuel/Pro-Line Racing) completed the top 5 result.

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2019 Psycho Nitro Blast report

Source: Psycho Nitro Blast (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the 12th annual Psycho Nitro Blast at the Walter State Expo Center in White Pine, Tennessee. The event, maybe the biggest in the world attracted 753 entries and 357 unique drivers. The event was held in the usual Nitro and Electric classes. In the Pro Nitro Buggy class it was Ryan Lutz (Agama) who set the overall TQ but he couldn’t convert the P1 spot into a win as Tyler Jones TLR) brought home the win from Joe Bornhorst (Tekno) in second. R.Lutz came in third. In the Pro E-Buggy class ti was J.Bornhorst who set the pace by claiming the overall TQ after the qualifying rounds and also the win from R.Lutz in second and Dakotah Phend (TLR) in third.

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Evan Jones double at Psycho Nitro Blast 2018


The 2018 edition of the Psycho Nitro Blast was held last weekend in White Pine, Tennessee. Evan Jones (XRAY) would sweep the Open nitro buggy and E-buggy classes. Jones took the overall TQ and the win in both classes from Ryan Pacheco and Jordan Singletary in Open Nitro Buggy while Zach Noia and Ben Pinover rounded out the top 3 in Open E-Buggy. In Open Nitro Truggy it was Jordan Singletary who took the TQ but in final it was Kayla Espinel who brought home the win from Ryan Pacheco in second and Cowboy Risser in third.

E-buggy & Nitro Truggy podiums here

Come Drive With Us – The Psycho Nitro Blast

Pro-Line and 5150 Media Productions present to you the story of the 2017 Psycho Nitro Blast. This season started out with so many changes; Maifield switching to Mugen; Tessmann to XRAY; so we decided to theme this season accordingly. Change is everywhere in this industry; even at the event level. In years past, DNC has been considered the largest nitro race in the world. That just might not be the case any longer.

This is the story of what could very well be considered the largest R/C race in the world, and unlike other large events…it is run in 3 days!

Watch the video

Kayla Espinel wins Psycho Nitro Blast


For his first ever at the Psycho Nitro Blast, Kayla Espinel was able to take the TQ in Sportsman Truggy and also take the win in front of Kris Pauley in second and David Jeffery in third. Drake Brown and Aaron Hellinger, fourth and fifth rounded out the top 5.

Ryan Maifield wins Psycho Nitro Blast

PNB reds


The 2016 Psycho Nitro Blast race, held this past weekend, was a successful event for REDS Team and one of the biggest races of the year (832 entries). Factory Team driver Ryan Maifield was able to take the overall TQ in the 1/8th Pro Buggy class and TQ the last round of truggy to start 2nd in the main. During the 1/8th Pro Buggy A-Main Final Ryan Maifield put in a flawless run, he would win the race with 30 second lead on second, Cole Ogden also powered by REDS engine.

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