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XRS Off-Road Australia report


The 2019 XRS Off-road Australia was held with over 100 entries on two meetings in a row. With rain threatening on Saturday there were plenty of cars getting some laps in before the day, fortunately the weather held off all day and the track was looking good for race day. 2WD Modified Buggy saw Lachlan Donnelly (Team Associated), Ari Bakla (XRAY/Pro-Line Racing) and Matthew Couper (Team Associated) fighting hard for the win, with young D.Donelly triumphant at the end of the day, some outstanding battles on track with all three winning a final each. A.Bakla in 2nd and M.Couper in 3rd rounded out the top 3 result.

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Si & Ahn win at Milyang Unique race

This past weekend was held the Milyang Unique race at the Unique RC Raceway in Miryang, Korea. The event was a muddy affair where at times the cars were so covered in mud it was hard to tell them apart. In theses difficult conditions it was Ryan Lee (SWORKz/Argus Engines/TPro) with the overall TQ in the Pro Nitro Buggy class while Youngrok Kim (SWORKz) set the TQ in the Open Buggy class. ChamgSu Si (Mugen Seiki) brought home the win the Pro Nitro Buggy final from R.Lee in 2nd and Jake Ko (Kyosho/O.S.Engines/Sweep) in 3rd. In the Open Buggy class, Dongwook Ahn (Mugen) grabbed the win from Youngrok Kim (SWORKz) and Kwanghoe Jang(Agama/O.S.Engines/TPro) in second and third respectively.

Thanks to Kevin lee for the report.

Bayer & Götzl win at Czech Masters Rd2


The second round of the Czech Masters Series was held last weekend at the Sport Arena in Prague, Czech Republic. The race saw once more over 100 entries overall and as always the race started with an open practice on Saturday morning and was straight followed by qualifying rounds and then finals. In 2WD buggy Max Götzl (XRAY/Hobbywing/EZpower) was able to top the Q1, in front of Martin Bayer (XRAY/Hobbywing/Sunpadow/Pro-Line Racing) as he made some mistakes, and Jiri Mara (SWORKz/REDS Racing) in 3rd. But in Q2 and Q3 it was M.Bayer was on the top, taking the overall TQ, in front of M.Götzl in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd. M.Bayer TQed the first round of qualifying in 4WD, M.Götzl set the TQ in Q2, so the overall TQ was about to be decided in the Q3. Unfortunately M.Götzl crashed once and didn’t go as fast as M.Bayer who took the overall TQ. Once again M.Götzl came in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd. In the Stadium Truck class M.Götzl took the TQ from Frank Hempel (Team Associated/JConcepts) and Marcel Dostal (XRAY). The 2WD finals saw very exciting battles for the win between M.Bayer and M.Götzl. M.Bayer was able to take the win in all finals but in the first two finals, M.Götzl finished only 0,2s behind him. M.Götzl came in 2nd and J.Mara in 3rd overall.

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Yusuke Sugiura wins at 2019 Infinity Cup

See: Mugen Seiki

The 2019 Infinity Cup was held at the Futaba Buggy Track in Ichihara, Japan. Shin Adachi (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/JConcepts) set the overall TQ by winning the first two heats from Yusuke Sugiura (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/JConcepts) and Kouki Kato (Mugen Seiki/SMJ) in the Open Buggy class. Y.Sugiura took an early lead in the final and pulled a gap from K.Kato and Kenji Tsuruta (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines). K.Tsuruta suffered from a flame-out few minutes later allowing Kobokata (Mugen Seiki/Ninja Engines) to grab the 3rd place. Ultimately, Y.Sugiura brought home the win by a lap from K.Kato in 2nd and Kobokata in 3rd.

Jamie Clancy TQs & wins at Slough Winter Series Rd3

Source: Jamie Clancy (Facebook)

The third round of the Winter Series was held at the Remote World Model Car Club in Slough, UK. Jamie Clancy (Team Associated/REDS Racing/Shoot Fuel/Pro-Line Racing) was in control of things, taking the overall TQ and winning the final in front of Simon Reeves (HB Racing/Shoot Fuel/Hot Race Tyres) in second and Darren Hayden-Ball (Team Associated/REDS Racing/Shoot Fuel) in third.

William Venables wins at TORCH Winter Series Rd3

See: Nemo Racing

The third round of the TORCH Winter Series was held at the Titchfield Off Road Club Hants indoor track over the weekend. The event was held on a great track offering close and competitive racing. William Venables (Team Associated) set the overall TQ and took the win in the 2WD Buggy class, leaving behind Yasir Mughal (Yokomo/Nemo Racing) in second while Stephen Brown (SWORKz/REDS Racing) came in third.

Alejandro Perez sweeps Christmas Cake race

Source: Alejandro Perez (Facebook)

The 8th Annual Christmas Cake race was held at the Club RC Alhaurin de la Torre in Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain this past weekend. Alejandro Perez (Kyosho/Ielasi Tuned/Merlin Fuel/ Pro-Line Racing) was in control of things. He set the overall TQ in the rounds of qualifying and after a great fight with Agustin Illanes (Mugen Seiki/Ultimate Engines/Procircuit) in the final, he was able to wide the gap in the last minutes to take the win from A.Illanes in second while Antonio gamez, “ golosina” came in third.

Davide Ongaro sweeps 2019 Christmas Cup

Source: River Park rc-Off track (Facebook)

The 2019 Christmas Cup was held at the River Park rc-Off track in pagliare di morro d’oro, Italy. World Champ’ Davide Ongaro (Team Associated/LRP/AKA) was the man to beat. He took the overall TQ, set the fastest lap and brought home the win in the 30-minute final from the Mugen Seiki duo of Dario RcGabrielli (Mugen Seiki/REDS Racing/Hot Race Tyres) in 2nd a lap down and David Cinti (Mugen Seiki/Alpha Plus Engines) in third.