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BittyDesign FORCE X7 Body


Italian body & styling specialists BittyDesign chose  this year’s Montpellier GP in France as the perfect event to debut their much-awaited ‘FORCE‘ body for the new Mugen MBX7 buggy. Factory driver & recently crowned World Champion Robert Batlle is running the prototype versions of the new body which exhibits the iconic styling associated with BittyDesign’s ‘FORCE’ line.

Compared with the stock MBX7 body the FORCE X7 is more aggressive in the looks department, showing off its defined lines along the front cab and swooping rear. In addition to the first exclusive look of the new body, BittyDesign produced a one-off Special Edition ‘World Championship’ body for Robert to commemorate his win in Argentina back in December.

Expect the full details and release of the FORCE X7 very soon! See

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Boots TQ at Montpellier GP


Elliott Boots claimed Top qualifying honours after only two of the three qualifying rounds were run – he would have taken the third had it not been for a bad crash on his last lap – the British Worlds TQ once again showing he is arguably the fastest man and machine in the World right now, however an hour-long final and semi stands between him and P1 on the podium. Hoping to stop him and repeat success at Montpellier is Reno Savoya – who seems to have discovered his mojo (perhaps its the great wooly hat hes wearing) after a month with Orion and guru Adrien Bertin. Savoya went on to secure Q3 with Robert Batlle only a second off, the Spaniard as he always does stays out of the limelight during qualifying only seemingly unleashing his real final-winning pace when it counts. The major beneficiary of Q3 was Jerome Aigoin – recovering to a strong 4th after a rubbish Q1 where he said he drove bad, a strong 5th for Spaniard Bryan Baldo – and a not toobad 6th for Martin Bayer who is suffering a bad cold this weekend.

Montpellier Saturday Photos


Savoya TQ’s Q3

Reno Savoya capitalised in the last heat of round 3 as Elliott Boots crashed on his last lap – a reversal of fortunes of the drivers as the same thing happened to Savoya in Q2, this left Savoya P1 in Q3 and Robert Batlle 2nd for the round. Jerome Aigoin responded after a lacklustre start to quali which saw him end up 3rd overall in Q3.

Boots eases to Montpellier TQ


Elliott Boots produced a fine measured drive in his Q2 heat, not quite showing off the raw speed he toyed with during the practice rounds however his time of 9/5:25 was two seconds faster than Reno Savoya who was battling for TQ until a mystery crash 2 corners from the loop robbed him two and a half seconds as he would settle for 2nd, ironically Boots happened to be the marshall at that spot and sped to his aid quick as a flash.

Outside of the top 12 we have an armada of Spaniards; Javi Pombo, DaniVega, Ignacio Candel, Oscar Baldo & Dani Bernabe infront of 2011 winner Jerome Aigoin who is down in 18th after a poor Q1.

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Boots claims Q1 at Montpellier


Elliott Boots claimed the first round of three qualifiers as his time from the penultimate heat was just enough to hold off a charging Reno Savoya – who would end the round 2nd, 1/10th of a second seperating the two drivers, a further second back Agama/Bullitt driver Jerome Sartel.

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Ultimate Racing Engines


 ultimateAfter the initial teaser, the new brand of engines unveiled at the Montpellier GP this weekend belonged to Ultimate Racing – the powerhouse brand behind the likes of Worlds-winning ProCircuit tyres, Nitrolux fuel and now the Ultimate Racing engine line. Boss Marc Ibars was on hand to show us the two new engines along with the smart packaging – the engines coming with a clutch assembly and tuned pipe and manifold along with oiled airfilter assembly. The Novarossi-produced engines have been made to Ultimate’s specification – the M-5 & M-8; a 5 port and 8 port engine respectively. Expect further details however we’re told the engines are official available as of today!


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Laps with Yannick & Batlle

Usual suspects fast at Montpellier



Four rounds of practice on day 1 of the Montpellier Grand Prix did little to help separate the frontrunners – the organisers opting to not post any results nor reseed for Saturday’s three rounds of qualifiying, Yannick Aigoin set the fastest time of the day in the penultimate round of practice, turning nine laps in 5:28, Robert Batlle 8 secs further back. In the last timed round Elliott Boots impressed with the only driver able to do 9 laps (at least officially), the young Brit doing 9/5:33 – the last heat saw slower times as some drivers tested stuff whilst Reno Savoya found a great groove and probably would have gone quickest overall if it hadn’t been for the timing system to misplace his last lap – leaving him with 8/4:48.49, despite completing his last lap cleanly…

From this morning the track has improved steadily, with high traction areas on some corners, braking and acceleration zones now charred with black rubber laid down, grip has improved however the track still has a few tricky sections which was still catching out even the best drivers at the Montpellier GP – in particular the double towards the drivers stand after the slippery cement corner, it sends cars high whilst not forward much, the easiest mistake on track is to carry too much corner speed and simply understeer wide

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Montpellier GP Schedule:

Friday 8th: Practice
Saturday 9th: 3 rounds of Qualifying
Sunday 10th: Lower finals & Main Final (60 min) 

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