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IFMAR Worlds News

Come Drive with Us – 1/10 Worlds

Cory Drachenberg has posted another brilliant production in his Come Drive with Us series – this time from the 2017 1/10 Worlds in Xiamen, China, including a tribute to the much-missed Dallas.

Flashback: 2014 Worlds in Photos

eur_3897Clear skies finally appeared on the last day of the 2014 Worlds – revealing the mighty Mount Etna Volcano

The next IFMAR World Championships may be upon us, but in this feature we take a look back at some of the pivotal and memorable moments from the most recent Worlds; in September of 2014 in Messina on the island of Sicily.

Continue reading here

REDS @ the IFMAR Worlds


REDS Racing will provide full Support to all REDS customers and drivers at the IFMAR 2016 Offroad World Championship from October 3rd to October 9th in Las Vegas.

Mario and Marco Rossi will be giving support together with our USA distributor (Alex Pilson of REDS Racing USA).

If you are using REDS Racing products or want to know more about them please come and see us to our stand.
Via REDS Racing

Tessmann wins Worlds warm up after rain cancels final


With raindrops eventually arriving towards the end of the second semi final, it continued to shower during the buildup to the main final, and with only a few minutes left, the decision was taken via consulting the main finalists not to run the final due to the wet track and potential hazards to marshals as well as ruining of equipment / transmitters. A couple of drivers looked like they might fancy a race of attrition however with several days of practice looming the prospect of a total rebuild wasn’t high on many drivers’ agendas, afterall they are all here to learn and gather data – not really to race… but prepare for the Worlds in October.

IMG_6351 IMG_6352 IMG_6348 IMG_6349

The end result based on the starting lineup sees victory handed to Ty Tessmann, ultimately a justified victory albeit by default, the raindrops coming 10mins too early for Ronnefalk in the 2nd semi, nevertheless, HB complete their showing at the event with a dominant 1,2 of qualifying and the main final, Ryan Maifield handed 3rd overall after a great battle with Tessmann in the first semi.

wwu final

HB team dominate Worlds warm up qualifying


Mains Listing

Ronnefalk claims last morning qualifier


The final qualifier at the Worlds warm up ran on Saturday morning and David Ronnefalk ensured it was a HB whitewash of qualifying as he TQ’d infront of Ryan Cavalieri with already-crowned TQ man Ty Tessmann in 8th. Spencer Rivkin found some pace in 3rd whilst Jared Tebo put in another consistent run in 4th.

Q5 Results

1)David Ronnefalk16/10:04.030 (R5)
2)Ryan Cavalieri16/10:09.959 (R5)
3)Spencer Rivkin16/10:10.392 (R5)
4)Jared Tebo16/10:10.604 (R5)
5)Ryan Maifield16/10:10.969 (R5)
6)Elliott Boots16/10:11.901 (R5)
7)Dakotah Phend16/10:12.647 (R5)
8)Ty Tessmann16/10:15.414 (R5)
9)Kyle McBride16/10:15.887 (R5)
10)Mike Truhe16/10:15.903 (R5)
11)Darren Bloomfield16/10:16.912 (R5)
12)Robert Batlle16/10:19.461 (R5)
13)Adam Drake16/10:19.954 (R5)
14)Yannick Aigoin16/10:21.453 (R5)
15)Wataru Takashiro16/10:22.663 (R5)


Video: Qualifying wrap up – Ty Tessmann



Ty Tessmann wraps up TQ early at Worlds Warm up


The penultimate round of qualifying witnessed a predictable final result, but the track here at the 2016 Worlds warm up is anything but predictable, the World’s best drivers struggling with the bumps, ruts and tricky constant evolution of the track over the course of a 10 min run as it starts out damp and drys over the course of 16+ laps.

1P7A6577 705Y0664 1P7A6599 705Y06672016wwu705Y0673 1P7A6486 705Y0678 1P7A6497

Friday’s photo gallery


Whilst the top heat saw Tessmann speed away, Ronnefalk threatened but far too many mistakes crept into his run, Jared Tebo rightfully had a huge smile on his face as he headed to watch Arena cross tonight, disappointingly seeding into the ‘B’ qualifier (by his standards), Tebo upped his game overnight and put in very consistent runs, Ryan Cavalieri had a rough start to qualifying but put any woes behind him netting 2nd in Q4, however deja vu as Alex Zanchettin yet again continues to climb – from 13th in Q2, to 7th in Q3 to 4th in Q4.

Q4 Result

1P7A6173 1P7A6394 1P7A6391 1P7A6352


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