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XRAY shares Bruno Coelho’s IFMAR Worlds winning XB4 setup

v_winning setup_World Championship 2016 – kópia (2)

XRAY has undoubtedly made their mark in offroad this year, finishing off the season with an IFMAR World Championship win. The XB4’16 designer, Martin Bayer, shares his World Championship winning set-up that Bruno Coelho used to win the recent Worlds in Japan.

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“After we arrived to Yatabe Arena we started the practice rounds with our initial set-up that we have used during practice at Hudy Arena where we raced on high traction carpet. This was the same set-up we have successfully used at first round of EOS series with just very minor modifications. After few practice rounds we felt confident that this set-up will work great also on this astro track that had very high traction. And it worked great…”


Buggy Party Farewell: End of an era?


See: Buggy Party Farewell on Facebook
It would sadly appear that days are numbered for the iconic PRC track in Pattaya, Thailand – host of the excellent 2010 IFMAR Worlds, scene of Cody King’s famous victory.

Seen as many as the first real ‘3D’ tracks that also incorporated higher speeds, a forerunner and inspiration to the C-Netic track in Indonesia as well as countless others. The sight that greeted many racers over the years as they climbed the huge metal frame drivers stand was a behemoth of an offroad track, stretching almost deeper than it was wide, a daunting prospect for many and a fearsome reputation if you got it wrong, the track would always win, Charlie’s marshalls scooping up your battered, bruised buggy & broken bits.

IMG_0027-X2 NEO_3393-X2 IMG_9979-X2 eur_4048

Charlie Siribodhi or as most know him affectionately as ‘Charlie’ set the bar with his PRC facility, not only with layouts and polish but a truely World Class facility, at it’s prime – easily outshining any other 1/8 offroad facility – complete with professional services, containers to pit in around the track, food, fish pond, entertainment but above all a level of hospitality and warmth that Charlie’s team of stars could provide.

NEO_4070-X2 NEO_3920-X2 NEO_3589-X2 eur_3433

It is with a heavy heart to learn that this will be the last Buggy Party event, the track in Pattaya was a real gamechanger and will go down in the hall of fame. Nonetheless, there is still time to celebrate as NeoBuggy will be attending the event, paying tribute to Charlie & his team’s efforts, the event 4-6 December is sure to be a great one as we sign off an era.

For more info see Buggy Party Farewell on Facebook

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finalists-X2 NEO_1014 IFMAR_Worlds-37-X2 IMG_9880-X2 NEO_0810 NEO_0747 NEO_0692 NEO_0751

Continue for more PRC Pattaya memories

Perth, Australia chosen to host 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Worlds


According to our unofficial sources, the IFMAR officials have selected the MORBC (Model Offroad buggy club of Western Australia) as the host for the 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Championships – located in Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.

IFMAR officials held their AGM at Yatabe Arena during the 1/10 offroad Worlds and unofficial sources say that the club who staged the FEMCA (Far East) Championships in June this year are expected to host the event again in 2017 in preparation to host the IFMAR Worlds a year later, we also hear a possible October date is on the cards. Watch this space.

RC Tracks of Las Vegas sets the date for 2016 1/8 Worlds


See: RC Tracks of Las Vegas
RC Tracks of Las Vegas have officially announced the dates of the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Nitro Offroad World Championship. The prestigious event will be held October 2-9, 2016. Stay tuned for more specific details coming soon.


Yatabe IFMAR Worlds Facility Tour

The 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships are fast approaching. The event will be held at the world renowned Yatabe Arena in Japan. As with any World Championship event, it wouldn’t be a World Championship without a little controversy. This year’s controversy falls on the surface of the track. The Yatabe Arena track will be entirely artificial turf (no dirt). While the surface has been declared fully legal by IFMAR, it still ruffles the feathers of some racers (primarily Americans  who are accustom to dirt) planning to attend.

Aside from the ‘controversial’ track, Yatabe is truly a masterpiece facility. The Yatabe crew gives a preview tour of this fine facility in the video above.

New layout, bridge at ’12 Worlds track


2012 witnessed the Speed Paradise track in Buenos Aires, Argentina host the IFMAR Worlds, whilst the event itself had it’s fair share of controversy in terms of scale and magnitude, it will be remembered for launching Elliott Boots onto the world stage having swept to TQ, only to suffer heartbreak in the semis and the fairy tale almost pre-ordained victory from Robert Batlle – it was meant to be.


Fast forwad a couple of years and we stumbled across this fresh track pics of the Speed Paradise track which will be hosting the SudAmericanos – S.America’s equivalent to a Euros/ROAR Nats/Femcas, just not quite as big yet, however the track has seen some dramatic changes! One of the less popular features was the metal bridge before the straight at the Worlds, Speed Paradise have now gone one, two – three times better with a full on suspension bridge in the track!!! Pretty gnarly construction there, looks like someone’s been playing bridge building on the iPhone a bit too much!

Wet Panorama


IFMAR 1/10 Worlds Spec Tires

Spec Tires

The 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships are fast approaching, and teams are preparing worldwide. At this time no official announcement has been made regarding the spec tires chosen for the event, however, sources say the official spec tires have in fact been chosen. Sources tell us the official spec tires for the event are as follows:

  • 2wd Front Tire: OPEN
  • 4wd Front Tire: Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib – Yellow (U6810)
  • 2wd/4wd Rear Tire: Schumacher Mini Spike 2 – Yellow (U6558)

1/10 Worlds Warm-Up details & entry

Warm Up Race

New track, event, and entry details have been released today regarding the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Worlds Warm-Up / JMRCA Nationals event. The track that will be used for the 2015 IFMAR Electric Off Road World Championship will be a temporary track (artificial turf surface) located where the carpet surface on-road track currently exists.


The Warm-up Race will be held as part of the JMRCA National Championship in June, using the temporary track. The temporary track will be limited-availability track set up only during the Warm-up Race (June 5 – 7), the days after the warm-up (June 8 – 14) and during the actual World Championship (October 3 – 10).

Limiting the track availability will remove the advantage toward local drivers, which will lead to fair and equal conditions; a benefit to drivers from all around the world. Online sign-up for non-JMRCA overseas members are now open HERE.

For more details visit

Worlds Warm-Up Practice changes

Warm Up Changes

Changes have been announced regarding the upcoming IFMAR World Championship Warm-Up race at Yatabe Arena in Japan. The Warm-Up event will be held as part of the JMRCA 1/10 EP National Championship. At the request of the JMRCA, Yatabe Arena has cancelled the originally scheduled practice days prior to the event, and moved practice to AFTER the event. The following updated schedule has been released:

  • June 1 (Mon) ~ June 4 (Thu) : Temporary Track set-up (in the Center Building)
  • June 5 (Fri) : 2WD Qualifying
  • June 6 (Sat) : 2WD Qualifying
  • June 7 (Sun): 2WD & 4WD Finals
  • June 8 (Mon) ~ June 14 (Sun) : Practice days on Temporary Track
  • June 15 (Mon) : Removal of Temporary Track

Note: In order to practice on the Temporary Off-road Track on days other than the 3 days of the JMRCA Nationals & Warm-up Race, one must pay the regular track usage fees to Yatabe Arena.

CLICK HERE for more Warm-Up Race details.

2015 Yatabe Worlds: Website live


The organisers behind the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 EL Offroad Worlds in Japan have launched the official event website, there isn’t a whole lot on there apart from a rather useful stage 1 report, complete with info, timetable and lots of details for the event in October.

The website also has limited information about the JMRC warm up event 5-7 June


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