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The EURO Contest is Back!

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Bittydesign’s iconic race that mixes the show, sunshine, Italian food and pretty girls return in the 2018 edition. The EURO Contest will take place from 8 to 10 June at the Barco-Off racetrack. The Barco-Off racetrack (host of the Euros B in July) continues as the venue for the event, completely re-built in 2012 the layout offers a true American style track with serious elevation changes! The Nitro & Brushless Buggy classes are available and the level of difficulty is divided among the Pro (F1) for international, top local drivers and Open (F2) for rookie and amateurs drivers categories only for the Nitro class.

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A lap round Barco… with the Bittydesign Girls


Spent 3 days at a track ? 

No Women ?

Got Track Fever much ?

Bittydesign have the solution!

Baruffolo wins EURO Contest E-Buggy

The Ruddog sponsored E-Buggy class at the past weekend’s EURO Contest in italy, produced an all Italian podium, with the three drivers each sharing a victory leg. A1 was run on the Saturday night under the lights, a great race, very high tempo ending in the Corally-powered Marco Baruffolo taking the victory having TQ’d as well. Leg two however would go to former TLR team mate Alex Zanchettin, himself powered by Italy’s Tommy Garage motor manufacturer. Not to be outdone, Davide Ongaro motored his way into A3 and took the win, the resulting podium finishers tying on points (each one with a first and 2nd) but with Baruffolo taking the overall victory.

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Nitro winner Riccardo Berton coming home in 4th, with JQ 5th, Robert Batlle 6th, Max Mort 7th, Nicolo Grisenti 8th, Marco Natale 9th and Riccardo Rabitti 10th.

Final Result

Video: Euro Contest Pro Main Final

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Uncontested Berton cruises to EURO Contest Win

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If there ever was an event deserving of a epic showdown for a final it was this weekend’s EURO Contest in Barco, Italy. Sun blazing,  a perfectly polished 3D style track and wonderful atmosphere… but a rather anti-climax of a final as multiple frontrunners immediately hit problems which wrote a predictable script sadly.

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The final started with a high tempo first lap, Ongaro leading away Baruffolo, the pair going at it hard… until Ongaro hit immediate issues on lap 2 and Baruffolo had a massive mistake dropping him last, further mistakes relegated him further behind despite his outright lap pace. This rather abruptly left it to Robert Batlle to take up the mantle of following Riccardo Berton with Alessandro Castoldi up into the front three having started 11th.

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This order wasn’t to be for long however as Robert Batlle hit the first of a series of flameouts which relegated him down the order eventually finishing a lowly 9th, robbing the sun-drenched spectators of a worthy final. Not taking anything away from Riccardo Berton, a worthy winner as his programme held together, but he had the final under control after 5mins and did what we knew he could and would – bring it home.

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Alessandro Castoldi gets ‘driver of the day’ for his P2 finish whilst Riccardo Rabitti was able to limp it round on the last lap to claim 3rd. Truth be told it was a final with 12 starters and 6 finishers of which only the top 2 escaped free of problems during the whole 45min final. Opinion divider JQ pleasing the crowd towards the end after his multiple flame outs by whipping his car and landing lap after lap.



Under the Hood: Riccardo Berton

Riccardo Berton (Italy)

  • Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI4
  • Engine: O.S. 21XZ-B Spec III
  • Fuel: Runner Time
  • Tyres: Pro-Line
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12 radio, MKS servos
  • Body & Wing: Stock & stock
  • Event: EURO Contest 2017

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Video: A1 E-Buggy EURO Contest

Davide Ongaro TQ’s EURO Contest ’17

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Rocking the white ‘spray can’ body on his Team Associated buggy didn’t do any harm to Davide Ongaro’s qualifying speed as the Italian star swept to TQ at this year’s EURO Contest in Barco, Italy. High on confidence after his career-shifting win at Neo this year, Ongaro TQ’d rounds 1 and 3, with 2/4 counting only Riccardo Berton could threaten him in Q4. That threat evaporated quickly as practice pacesetter Berton saw his hopes dashed as a wheel nut came loose early on during his run, relegating him to a throwout round in Q4 and adding further insult to injury as Alex Zanchettin would TQ the round and demote Berton to 3rd overall tied on points.

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With the track swept and sugared overnight, the times in Q1 were significantly quicker than the rest of the day, despite temperatures rising, the dusty conditions saw drivers scrabbling to test all matter of tyres to find more grip, the likes of AKA’s infamous Moto tyre and Pro-Line’s Badlands were seen on pit tables across the paddock.

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In P4 Marco Baruffolo, last year’s winner missing out on Q4 after a receiver battery issue, in 5th a mighty impressive showing from JQ driver Leonardo Valente, the young Italian should be pleased and proud, one place ahead of the Mugens of Robert Batlle and Marco Natale. TLR’s Alessandro Stocco in 8th, 9th Alessandro Castoldi ahead of the ol’ Bergonzoni (some may have to google that) buggy of Mirko Bianchi in P10. P11 infront of JQ was Marco Orlando, whilst Andrea Trevisan leads Radiosistemi’s Riccardo Rabitti.

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In the E-Buggy class it was Ongaro and Berton who would share the opening round TQs only for Marco Baruffolo to step in and TQ Q3 and Q4 on the trot, Luca Iotti TQ’ing the F2 Open class.

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Another warm, blazingly sunny day here in Barco, ending with the traditional Apperitivo / cocktail party enjoyed by all. A day filled with smiles, sunburns, one drone crash (= Phil in tears), waterfights and great hospitality.

Qualifying Overalls: F1 Pro | F2 Open | E-Buggy

 2014 EURO Contest

2017 EURO Contest Schedule:

Friday 16th: Free Practice
Saturday 17th: Qualifying, high finals
Sunday 18th: Main events, LCQ, Final

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