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EURO Contest 2017 announcement

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The EURO Contest is Back! Bittydesign’s iconic race that mixes the show, sunshine, Italian food and pretty girls return in the 2017 edition. The EURO Contest will take place from 16 to 18 June at the Barco-Off racetrack. The Barco-Off racetrack (Euros B in 2018) continues as the venue for the event, completely re-built in 2012 the layout offers a true American style track with serious elevation changes! The Nitro & Brushless Buggy class are available and the level of difficulty is divided among the Pro (F1) for international, top local drivers and Open (F2) for rookie and amateurs drivers categories only for the Nitro class.

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2016 EURO Contest Main Buggy Final

Watch the full length 45 minute final from last weekend’s EURO Contest in Italy featuring the likes of Marco Baruffolo, Alex Zanchettin, Davide Ongaro and Joseph Quagraine racing it out on the Barco Track!

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A3 RUDDOG E-Buggy Final – 2016 EURO Contest


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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro


Davide Ongaro, 15 – Italy

Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
Engine: LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: Procircuit
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
Body & Wing: Deltaplastic (ARQ paint) & JConcepts Hybrid wing
Event: 2016 EURO Contest, Barco
Note: Fast Race options include: Ultra light uniball kit, Aluminum uniball protect, Carbon/Kevlar mud guards, Carbon/Kerlar stone guards, Double Weight brass low profile, Battery holder carbon,
ECSA4152 ECSA4153 ECSA4154 ECSA4155 ECSA4156 ECSA4157 ECSA4158 ECSA4159 ECSA4160 ECSA4161 ECSA4162 ECSA4163 ECSA4164 ECSA4165

Baruffolo wins 2016 EURO Contest


Marco Baruffolo ended up taking an overdue victory at the EURO Contest as poleman and TQ Davide Ongaro ran out of fuel costing him, the final kicked off with the two protagonists making a break for it with Zanchettin and JQ in the mix for 3rd and 4th. It would ebb and flow between Baruffolo and Ongaro, during the first third of the race until Ongaro had an unfrotunate flame out – likely running out of fuel, costing him dearly whilst just behind Baruffolo racing hard.

ECSA4477 ECSA4423 ECSA4516 ECSA4519

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Ongaro would refire, come out in 5th, after a huge race-off with Mattia Polito, he managed to show awesome speed to climb all the way back to 2nd as the likes of Zanchettin and JQ made mistakes, out front Baruffolo was largely untroubled, Zanchettin was around 5-6 secs back at the halfway mark but would fall further behind as the race progressed.

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Early retirements for Walter Floris as a bad landing broke the servo saver, Ale Stocco not fairing much better as a tyre came loose followed by damaged pipe, Giovanni del Prete who had issues including radio inteference, leaving only 9 runners after the 20 minute mark.

ECSA4694 ECSA4569 ECSA4640 ECSA4660

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Baruffolo would cruise home a deserved winner, Ongaro showed huge raw pace, overcoming as best he could, a setback that cost him a potential race victory, whilst Zanchettin claimed the last podium spot having won the Ruddog-sponsored E-Buggy class.

ECSA4409 ECSA4750 ECSA4774 ECSA4776

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A mixed day weather wise, with spittings of rain, followed by blazing sun in the late afternoon, and even after a bit of a timetable ‘re-jig’ at midnight last night saw a few drivers miss their lower final, James Hargreaves still managed to get a bit of track time in! That said, as is usual for the EURO Contest, everyone we saw including the Bitty girls left with big smiles on their faces.


Video: A2 RUDDOG E-Buggy Final – 2016 EURO Contest

Under the Hood: Joseph Quagraine


Joseph Quagraine, 32 – Finland

Chassis: JQ Racing THE Car White Edition (With some prototype parts)
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke, REDS Clutch
Fuel: Sidewinder 25% Blend
Tyres: AKA
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Savox SV-1272SG
Body & Wing: Stock body Bittydesign Force body & Kyosho wing
Event:  2016 EURO Contest, Barco
Notes: Prototype rear chassis stiffener, front shock tower, rear carbon lower arm stiffeners

ECSA3735 ECSA3736 ECSA3737 ECSA3739ECSA3740 ECSA3741 ECSA3743 ECSA3744 ECSA3745 ECSA3746 ECSA3747


EURO Contest Day 2 Walkabout video – Phil & JQ!

Another exciting walkabout video after qualifying finished, kicked off by Phil before JQ takes over and chats to random guests!

 2014 EURO Contest

2016 EURO Contest Schedule:

Friday 5th: Free Practice, 4 rounds
Saturday 6th: 1 reseeding practice 3x Qualifying, high finals
Sunday 7th: Main events, LCQ, Final

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