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Sunday’s DNC’13 Photo Gallery

Under the hood: Ty Tessmann’s truck

RIC_5174 copia

Ty Tessmann – Canada

Chassis: HB D8T
Engine: OS Speed XZ-B
Tyres: Pro-Line M3 Blockade
Fuel:  Nitrotane
Radio & Servos: Airtronics M11, Savox servos

RIC_5175 copia RIC_5177 copia RIC_5179 copia RIC_5180 copia RIC_5181 copia RIC_5182 copia RIC_5184 copia RIC_5186 copia

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DNC’13 Pro Electric 1/8 buggy final video

DNC Truck Final Video

We’re pleased to bring you the full length 45 minute 1/8 truck final from the 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge


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Tessmann takes DNC Truck title


Ty Tessmann successfully defended his Dirt Nitro Challenge truck title as he edged and threaded his way through the final having started p7 on the grid, initially Adam Drake led away with Tebo chasing him hard for the opening five laps, eventually Tebo would get past as Drake made an error, further errors from top qualifier Drake would see him drop back eventually finishing 4th. Ryan Lutz having started 2nd had a poor getaway and unfortunately broke his car – ending his challenge early. Tebo looked to have cruise control firmly on however hard charging Ty Tessmann who looked off colour throughout qualifying but found his true rhythm in  the main as he drove brilliantly from a midpack starting position. For a couple of laps Tebo & Tessmann were close on track however as the final fuel stop filtered through the momentum swung Ty’s way as Tebo crashed losing time but also looked to struggle with an engine that went rich, giving him trouble to make the center double. 3rd place went to a lively Ryan Maifield – never in the hunt for the win but comfortably took 3rd an epic style as usual.

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Fischer wins DNC 1/8 EL Buggy


TLR driver and Arizona native Billy Fischer ended up taking win in the hotly contested 1/8 EL buggy class,the 8 min final got underway with A Main Hobbies’ Austin Blair leading the field around driving the Tekno RC EB48 buggy – Austin built up a comfortable 8 sec lead and looked to have a firm grip on the final however a couple of mistakes with the final half gone allowed Lutz and Fischer to catch up, Fischer would go onto open up a lead over Lutz with Blair 3rd until the final lap when Blair made an error allowing Boots to steal the last podium spot along the back straight.


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 Dirt Nitro Challenge 2013

Dirt Nitro Challenge Schedule:

Wednesday 20th: Practice (2x 7min rounds)
Thursday 21st: Truggy & EL Buggy qualifying (3 rounds)
Friday 22nd:
1/8 Buggy qualifying (3 rounds)
Saturday 23rd: 1/5 practice, Truggy & EL buggy mains, 1/10 SC & Gas Truck Qualifying
Sunday 24th: 1/5 & 1/8 buggy finals. 

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