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ASIA Contest News

Video: 2015 ASIA Contest, A1, A2 Final



Under the Hood: Boy Witsarut R.


Boy Witsarut R. (Thailand), 28

Chassis: Agama A215
Engine: Mx (Maxima)
Tyres: Beta VMax Medium
Fuel:  Rapicon
Radio & Servos: Futaba, Futaba  S9353HV (steering & throttle)
Notes & more: 2nd place qualifier, Thai vs. Foreign race Champion @ ASIA Contest. Just received the new A215 car, having previously run the earlier Agama, no special mods apart from front and rear chassis skid plates to save the chassis. Hardened up the suspension. Diffs (F,C,R – 10K, 8K, 2K)

EUR_5364 EUR_5365 EUR_5366 EUR_5367


Under the Hood: Atsushi Hara


Atsushi Hara (Japan), 35

Chassis: SWORKz S350 EVO II
Engine: OS Speed Spec II
Fuel: Cosmo RC
Tyres: Pro-Line Blockades
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PX, Futaba BLS371SV (steering), Futaba BLS471SV (Throttle)
Event: 2015 ASIA Contest, Pattaya
Notes: 2015 ASIA Contest Champion, Using stock kit.

EUR_4624 EUR_4626 EUR_4628 EUR_4630EUR_4632 EUR_4635 EUR_4636 EUR_4637 EUR_4638 EUR_4639 EUR_4642 EUR_4643 EUR_4644 EUR_4645

Video: ASIA Contest Thai vs. Foreign Race


After qualifying on Saturday a special one off Thai vs. Foreigners race was held, the top qualified locals vs travelling drivers.


asia con_thai EUR_5400 EUR_5398 EUR_5403

Video: Insane whip by Charlee P!


An insane tail whip by Thai driver Charlee P during the 2015 ASIA Contest in Pattaya, Thailand whilst racing in the first main final.


Bittydesign unveil new 2015 T-Shirts


After posting about the full rebrand of BittyDesign during the ASIA Contest, the Italian design specialists unveiled a huge lineup of the freshest looking casual-ware we’ve seen – perfect for any occasion be it RC, chilling on a beach or chatting to the ladies. Having been shown an exclusive first look of their full line of colourful graphic t-shirts – they are significantly ahead of the game in terms of design, style and branding – easily at a level suitable for casual t-shirt retail to the non-rc general public, e.g. skating, surfing lifestyle audiences.

Icon Factory 2006 2006_grey Lines_black Lines_red Game Yellow Game blue
The new T-shirt styles are actually available at the moment from Bittydesign – their new website is due to launch soon, however any enquiries email info@bittydesign.net  Click the thumbnail for the name of the shirt, they include (in order) the Icon, Factory, 2006, Lines, Game, Square, Town, Company & Birth of a hero. The T-Shirts shown here show the variety of colour available – each style of Tee is available in any of the following colours (white, black, red, yellow, green, light grey, purple, light blue). All tshirts are superior quality cotton and digitally printed.

Contact info@bittydesign.net

Square town yello_1 town white2 Company Birth of a Hero - white Birth of a hero blackEUR_4430 EUR_4419 EUR_4410 EUR_4398 EUR_4384 EUR_4378

Hara’s ASIA Contest Hat trick


Two time Champion made it a threesome in Pattaya… as Atsushi Hara reminded everyone that he is undoubtedly the unrivalled King round these parts. Having driven from the back despite starting on pole in A1, Hara would have to do the same in A2 with a reversed grid, handing TQ man Wataru Takashiro pole position after his disastrous A1 finishing last, retiring after having broken a front arm on his MP9 (look out for Zac Ryan’s future Under the Hood, it’ll be of interest) – thus putting Wataru sadly out of contention.

EUR_5887 EUR_5805 EUR_5757 EUR_5674

The youngster put in an awesome drive, pushing his car to the absolute limits, however Atsushi Hara motored his way through the pack which included a brief early leading stint for 2002 IFMAR World Champ Greg Degani who rolled back the years with a little dogfight with 2008 World Champ Atsushi Hara – it looked as if Wataru had an ounce more raw speed than Hara, however his higher risk style driving both rewarded, and punished him laptime wise, a few bad crashes late on allowing Hara to close an 8 sec lead. After the pitstops it was clear that despite a few sub-par results with his SWORKz buggy, Hara is still a true force to be reckoned with as he takes his hat trick ASIA Contest title.

EUR_5907 EUR_5913 EUR_5663 EUR_5666

Wataru ended up taking 2nd in A2, he will leave thinking about what might have been, Zac Ryan overcoming a scare in the semis with a DNS used maximum ESRR and got it done taking a 2nd despite two pitlane flameouts and a 3rd in A2 after a hard fought battle with Degani.

Serious mention for the Thai drivers, the youngsters, Napatratree in 4th, Jason from Indonesia starting to blossom making dad Michael smile with delight in pitlane, whilst it was a final of familys with father & son Takashiro racing on the same dirt as well as brothers ‘Boy’ Witsarut & (the inexplicably named) ‘Boat’ Wichpoom.

EUR_5896 EUR_5881 EUR_5805 EUR_5799 EUR_5705 EUR_5700 EUR_5698 EUR_5913

Also congrats to Felix Heyse for his crushing performance in the open class, victory fully deserved. Thank you to the PRC crew, Samart, Davide, Scotty, Charlie & the Aussie-Swede Wolfpack for the fun, laughs, racing and banter!

asia 2015 final

Atsushi Hara wins A1 the hard way


With the final results decided via two 30 min A Finals, some would have predicted an Atsushi Hara masterclass – we did get it, but not a tone-to-tone victory, Hara got away cleanly but crashed on the opening lap on the back straight relegating him to 12th – he would fight his way through the pack but get bogged down as Zac Ryan emerged as an early leader with Witsarut and then Charlee P challenging. Zac would go on to finish 2nd, despite two flame outs whilst refuelling – his pitmen having to resort to a bottle on pit #3 in an effort to avoid a dead engine.

Charlee P was the surprise package having started 9th after being relegated early in the superpole event, he raced Zac Ryan for long periods and pulled off one of the most stunning aerial moves in RC Racing we’ve ever seen, stay tuned for the video… It’ll impress! Disaster for Wataru Takashiro having TQ’d his chances faded after a poor start, despite looking quick he would retire with 7mins left, a sad end to the punched driver’s Championship challenge

All to play for amongst the top guns but Hara looks favourite for A2.


 ASIA Contest

2015 ASIA Contest

13-19th April: Track Closed
20-22nd April:
Track open for free practice
Thursday 23rd April: Track open until 13:00 - closed after lunch.
Friday 26th: Free Practice (2 timed rounds)
Saturday 27th: Qualifying (6 rounds - 3 best)
Sunday 28th: Finals

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