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2017 1/8 Euros News

Ronnefalk finds breakthrough in Q3

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
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Round 3 of qualifying saw the blue sunny skies disappear and a greyish white cloud descend over the Grondal Ring facility in Eskilstuna, whether weather (!) or simply extremely difficult track conditions saw many drivers lose some lap time, the bumps and ruts tossing cars left, right or sideways constantly.

See more photos here

That said, there is a definite group of true offroaders who seem to be shining through, able to setup their car to handle the ever developing track surface – at times grippy, at others loose. Q3 would be the breakthrough round for Sweden’s David Ronnefalk, having threatened to go top in both previous rounds taking 2nd in both, the World Champion overcame a hugely costly mistake on lap 2. A TQ challenge looking unlikely after losing around 4 secs, however Ronnefalk pushed on and finished in style with a couple of sub 40 sec laptimes to set the fastest run of the day so far despite the crash.

Missing in practice but very much here for quali is the Moto tyre rocking Davide Ongaro, favouring the large pin tyre to great effect coming home in 2nd infront of Robert Batlle from the 3rd heat and a strong result from Serpent’s Carlos Duraes in 4th. Elliott Boots had high hopes after his opening round TQ but mistakes on 4 laps saw him take 5th overall from Kyosho team mate Riccardo Berton. In 7th Joseph ‘the blogger’ Quagraine, clearly at home on this track. In 8th, sterling showing from Jessica Palsson, showing up the boys out there.

Q3 Ranking

Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

Davide Ongaro – Italy


Under the Hood: Elliott Boots

Elliott Boots, 23 – UK

  • Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI4
  • Engine: REDS WR7
  • Fuel: MLC Fuel
  • Tyres: Pro-Line
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa
  • Body & Wing: Stock body painted by Bittydesign & stock wing
  • Weight: N/A
  • Event: Euro 2017, Sweden
  • Notes: Elliott is running quite a few small special custom made items by pitman Mike Cradock, including a tuned pipe mount as well as small weight tacks by the front and rear gearboxes. He have also a new Bittydesign painting.


Video: Q1 Heat 1, Ronnefalk’s 2nd place

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Boots takes opening Euros Qualifier in Sweden

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Qualifying at the 2017 Euros got off to a dramatic start as practice pacesetter David Ronnefalk was given an official warning from the race referee, an incident on the penultimate lap where he came up behind British driver Neil Cragg through the notorious ‘nightmare’ jump section and tagged his car sending both tumbling. One of the trickiest sections of the track to get the narrow racing line perfectly right, the referee immediately made himself heard, much to the disagreement from other officials on the stand. Ronnefalk would also finish in spectacular fashion as a parked car right infront of the loop would see him cross the finishing line in the air, luckily the slave timing computer captured the lap.

See more photos here

With the staggered EFRA heat seeding system the top drivers are spread into the first few heats, and thus 2nd placed seed Elliott Boots was up as Car 1 in heat 2, Boots would come flying out of the blocks opening up with a sub 40 second laptime, already bettering rival Ronnefalk’s best lap, however a couple of ‘moments’ saw the Brit lose just over 3 seconds, however a strong final lap would Elliott across the line to demote Ronnefalk to 2nd place.

Re watch Elliott’s TQ run in Q1 here

Davide Ongaro was the star of quali as the Italian struggled in practice but would set a time good for 3rd overall some 6/10ths behind Ronnefalk whilst Canas took 4th infront of Bloomfield. Outside of the top 10, a sterling performance from young Hampus Berg placing 13th, not so however for Portugal’s Joao Figuieredo who suffered in Q1.

Video: Q1, Boots TQ’s Opening Qualifier

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Video: Euros Practice Catch up

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

David Ronnefalk leads Euros Practice

Euros Links: Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Home nation favourite David Ronnefalk came flying out of the blocks for controlled practice and will seed as the #1 driver. After a positive morning shakedown round having changed a few bits overnight the Swede raised collective paddock eyebrows as he strung together a trio of low 39 sec & one 40 sec lap to lay down a high water marker. Backing it up once more in Rd 2 as the only driver to manage a sub 2 minute time of today. Ronnefalk guided by tyre guru Jason Ruona appears to be running an older JConcepts tread design, first debuted back in 2012, but clearly working well here in Eskilstuna.

More photos in Gallery

Pacesetter yesterday Elliott Boots looked content although slightly surprised with his lap pace in Rd2, the reigning European Champion saying how difficult the track was to handle given the mix of loose dust and grippy areas on line giving a car that snatches and bites. In 3rd a resurgent Robert Batlle, a poor first round was overcome as the Spaniard came good making up the trio of pre event favourites who sit at the top.

More photos in Gallery

A new name in 4th however as Champion-in-waiting Juan Carlos Canas has quietly gone about his business to place 4th, likewise Joao Figueiredo, excelling on the surface and layout, he is joined by fellow countryman Carlos Duraes, whilst France’s cause is led by young Kyosho driver Rayan Medjoubi, in 8th confirming the Kyosho are enjoying themselves on the surface is Riccardo Berton whilst Yannick Aigoin breaks the trend of the young drivers in 9th. In P10, Davide Ongaro, struggling for that cutting edge of outright pace but surely deadly, 11th Savoya, 12th the highly impressive Hampus Berg whilst team Finland round out the bottom of the top 15.

Practice Ranking

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