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2017 1/8 Euros News

Under the TQ Hood: Robert Batlle

Robert Batlle, 28 – Spain

  • Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
  • Engine: Picco V1
  • Fuel: Runner Time
  • Tyres: AKA
  • Radio & Servos: Ko Propo & Highest D1000 servos
  • Body & Wing: Bittydesign body & JConcepts wing
  • Event: Euro 2017, Sweden


Robert Batlle is Euros Top Qualifier

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Robert Battle left it until the final two rounds to TQ but his crescendo ascent in qualifying will have his main rivals scratching their heads as to where he found the additional pace in the last round to TQ by over 5 seconds. A continual shift in power is how qualifying at the 2017 Euros could be described, as Elliott Boots took round 1, Davide Ongaro round 2, David Ronnefalk find a breakthrough in round 3 after coming 2nd twice and thus holding overnight TQ. But Friday’s two rounds belonged to Robert Batlle, perhaps to the slight surprise as the balance of power has shifted with track evolution.

Qualifying reports: Q5 | Q4 | Q3 | Q2 | Q1

That said, the top 4 drivers appear to have ‘an edge’, thats not to write anyone else off, but going into the event they were the clear picks from multiple racers (& us), as potential winners. Outside the top 4, Riccardo Berton is ‘best of the rest’, his points total showin him clear of Bloomfield but just off the top4, Juan Carlos Canas 7th overall whilst JQ will be pleased making it into 8th ahead of Martin Wollanka. Rounding out the top 10 is Neil ‘Fan of the track’ Cragg 😉 whilst the French Shark Reno Savoya is 11th ahead of fellow countryman Yannick Aigoin. In lucky P13 young Swedish driver Jessica Palsson, driving beautifully well to secure a direct spot in the semis on home turf, a real inspiration to girls (& boys) otu there. XRAY’s company man Martin Bayer in 14th whilst Portugal’s Carlos Duraes and Joao Figueiredo round out the direct semi qualifiers, a special note for young Hampus Berg in the 17th spot, starting top of the quarters tomorrow.

Overall Qualifying

Robert Batlle dominates end of Quali & TQ’s Euros

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Over five rounds of qualifying the battle has ebbed and flowed between multiple drivers, however the pre event favourites picked out shared the spoils for TQ, however Friday at the Euros belongs to Robert Batlle as he stepped up and smashed a run in some 5 secs quicker than the nearest challenger.

Heat 1 saw David Ronnefalk turn in a decent run of 8/ 5:26.176, fast but it didn’t look as rapid as his Q4 run which was cut short, up stepped Elliott Boots, if he went faster he would TQ. And he did, despite a minor rollover in the back section, Boots 1.4 secs faster than Ronnefalk – it looked like TQ was settled, going the way of the Brit.

But fastest man in Q4, Robert Batlle hadn’t read that script and caused a collective jaw drop as he set the track alight with a time of 8/5:18.801, having opted to switch from AKA impact super soft to soft clearly worked a treat as the sun came out for his heat and he found a sweet spot. Put into perspective with an average laptime of 39.850 over 8 laps simply put a most excellent display of driving, earning Robert envious praise from even his toughest competitors.

Watch the Euros Live!

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Video: Robert Batlle’s Q4 TQ

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Batlle clinches penultimate qualifier in Sweden

Euros Links: Live Video – Live Timing | Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

Robert Batlle capitalized as his rivals fell by the wayside. Up first was David Ronnefalk, who was in the process of putting together a near flawless run when just as he had started his last lap, a steering hub screw fell out upon landing. A collective gasp was audible as the watching racers understood the magnitude of the retirement as the Swede looked on for the fastest run of the week.

See More photos here

As Ronnefalk’s Q4 ended a lap early Juan Carlos Canas would set a benchmark time of 8/5:32.029, it would end up good enough for 4th overall, as it looked like an open goal for Q1 TQ Elliott Boots to take another round, however it was not to be as his car looked difficult to drive, unpredictable and a couple of mistakes saw him set a time of 8/5:30.827, however it was fellow kyosho driver Riccardo Berton who would take heat 2 beating Boots by 8/10ths. With heat 3 on track, it was now down to Robert Batlle, to see if the legend could do it… and he did… by 3/10ths! Thus hauling himself back into contention.

Going into the decider we now have 4 drivers who can TQ – David Ronnefalk, Davide Ongaro, Elliott Boots and Robert Batlle.

Q4 Ranking

2017 European Championship Manufacturer Statistics

The 2017 European Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden is well underway with 168 drivers competing for victory (up from 156 last year), special thanks to OS’ Shimazaki-san for collecting the figures and sharing them with us of all drivers taking part in this 5 day event.

In a change from last year, Kyosho are now the most popular chassis with 15.5% [26 cars] present, Mugen aren’t far behind with 24 cars (14.3%), down from almost 25% at last year’s Euros. HB Racing have taken huge leaps and bounds, no doubt helped by home driver David Ronnefalk running the car on home turf, with 23 cars (13.7%). Once again 13 chassis manufacturers are represented here this week.

In the engine stakes, OS have increased their share 23.8% [40] with almost double the next nearest rival, and a little surprisingly, Bullitt share the 2nd place spoils with REDS [22] 13.1%.

Click for full statistics

David Ronnefalk overnight TQ at Euros

Euros Links:  Results | Videos – Photos
Coverage Sponsors: Absolute Hobbyz – Agama – NettoRC

After three of five rounds of qualifying at the European Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden home nation driver David Ronnefalk sits top, equal on points with warm up event TQ Davide Ongaro. 3rd placed Elliott Boots would TQ the opening round much to his own surprise actually, whilst the Italy’s Davide Ongaro would go onto claim round 2, excelling with a larger pin tyre than his rivals. Pacesetter in practice David Ronnefalk would finally claim a round after going 2nd in both previous rounds, mistakes costing the HB driver.

With three different TQs and two further rounds tomorrow it is still all to play for at the top.

More photos here

Standings after Q3

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