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2015 ROAR Nats News

Video: Come Drive With Us – The ROAR 1/8 Nationals

CDWU Header

With the 2016 IFMAR Worlds coming back to the USA for the first time since 2008, this year’s ROAR Nationals were very well attended. So much so, that registration filled up mere hours after opening up.

The competition at this year’s event was fierce to say the least. With Ryan Maifield, Jared Tebo and Ryan Cavalieri all coming into this race with a win each; would we see our first repeat winner at a Nitro Race? And what of slumping Ty Tessmann? Will luck finally be on his side? The odds are against him as both AKA & JConcepts have come to the NATS prepared with long-lasting Tire compounds.

5150 Media Productions and the voice of Mike Garrison tells the story of a very exciting ROAR Nationals!

Come Drive With Us – ROAR Nationals Teaser

5150 Productions Header

5150 Media Productions and Pro-Line Racing are at it again as they get set to release the latest segment in the Come Drive With Us documentary series. This time from the 2015 1/8 Scale Gas Nationals in Chico, California. As this year’s event was a World Championship qualifier for the 2016 Vegas Worlds, the competition and intensity was higher than ever. 5150 teases us with a short clip of what’s to come. Stay tuned for the full length ‘Come Drive With Us – ROAR Nationals 2015’ video coming soon!


VRC goes side by side with 2015 ROAR Nationals

image003 (6)

See: VRC
Virtual Racing Industries has released another HD video comparing their latest virtual track Silver Dollar 2015 and the real Silver Dollar track where AMain.com hosted the 2015 ROAR Fuel Offroad Nats at the end of June. The comparison video shows Ryan Lutz driving his Tekno NB48.3chassis and 2014 VRC SC Truck World Champion Chris Sturdy from Australia driving the Intercept NX8-R chassis.

VRC Pro is available as a free-to-play sim from www.vrcpro.com and also available on the STEAM platform. Extra tracks and cars are available from the VRC Pro e-shop. With the premium Professional license (Lifetime All-Inclusive) you have lifetime access to all content, including all future releases! VRC Pro helps R/C racing enthusiasts to get better quicker, enjoy their hobby and racing more, and more importantly, to overcome the high frustration level that so many R/C racers experience in their first years in this fantastic hobby.

View more comparison videos HERE.

Video: 2015 ROAR Offroad Buggy Final

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ROAR Coverage Links: Coverage Page | Under the Hoods | Videos | Photos | History

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Tessmann remains on top after stunning performance at ROAR Nats

TOP 25 Nitro Buggy ROAR 2015

See: Top25RC
After putting on a clinic at the 2015 ROAR Nationals, it’s no surprise that Ty Tessmann remains at the top in the Top25RC world drivers rankings. Ryan Cavalieri and Jared Tebo continue to put in top 3 results and keeping them in the Top 3 for the Top 25 Ranking. The big moves came from Carson Wernimont moving up to the 8th spot, who has had a great year following his podium at the IFMAR Worlds. On the other end of the spectrum is Ryan Maifield who dropped 5 spots as he continues to have a rough year in buggy with mechanical failures plaguing him. Austin Blair finally cracked into the Top 25 after hovering just outside for the past year. Someone to watch outside of the Top 25 is Cole Ogden who has been climbing the ranks fast behind the scenes, look for him to show up on the list soon.

Under the Champion’s Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann (Canada), 22

Chassis: HB D815 Tessmann Worlds Edition
Engine: OS B2101 Tessmann World Edition, T-2090SC Pipe
Tyres: Pro-Line Electrons (X1 Fugitive in the final)
Fuel: VP Powermaster 25%
Radio & Servos: Sanwa/Airtronics M12 provided by Amain.com, Savox SB-2274 & SB-2274 servos
Body: Pro-Line ‘Type R’, Pro-Line lexan wing
Options: 110% Racing Wheel nuts, Avid wing buttons, Lunsford turnbuckles
Event: 2015 ROAR Offroad 1/8 Nationals
Notes: Tessmann is running lightened screws made by Andy Chen at the HB factory in Taiwan, reminiscent to the ones we saw years ago on Reno Savoya’s Euros-winning Mugen cars. The screws are steel rather than titanium, and not only are the countersunk heads milled out but the bodies are drilled (hollowed out) almost all the way, they are a tiny bit heavier than the titanium screws but stronger. The Tessmanns received them at the Silverstate but have waited to use them until this event.

_YB_9845 _YB_9848 _YB_9850 _YB_9853_YB_9855 _YB_9858 _YB_9859 _YB_9861 _YB_9868 _YB_9870 _YB_9882 _YB_9888 _YB_9893 _YB_9894

After the hour-long final, we borrowed Ty’s Championship-winning D815 buggy for a few more photos – to give viewers a ‘before & after’ perspective of the three-time buggy Champion’s car. Especially impressive are his Pro-Line Fugitive tyres after the 60 mins with plenty of tread left on them.

USA_6619 USA_6622 USA_6625 USA_6627USA_6629 USA_6631 USA_6633 USA_6635 USA_6639 USA_6644

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Video: 2015 ROAR Offroad Truck Final

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ROAR Coverage Links: Coverage Page | Under the Hoods | Videos | Photos | History

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Dominant Tessmann takes 2nd double ROAR Nationals victory


705Y6000 705Y6004 705Y6008 USA_6778

USA_6776 USA_6603 roar bug nat truck off

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 2015 ROAR 1/8 Offroad Nationals

2015 ROAR Nats:

Wednesday 17th: Practice
Thursday 18th: Controlled Practice
Friday 19th:
Saturday 20th: Qualifying
Sunday 21st: Main events, Final

Videos | Photos | Website

2014 1/8 Buggy Champion: Ty Tessmann
2014 1/8 Truck Champion: Dakotah Phend