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2015 IFMAR Worlds News

Serpent statement on Japan Worlds


See Serpent Facebook | Serpent
Going into the 2015 IFMAR Worlds, many had tipped their star driver Jorn Neumann to excel – a specialist on high grip indoor carpet/astro races of recent years having dominated EOS events for years it would seem. That proved not to be the case however in Japan as Serpent hit stumbling blocks in their Worlds preparations and turned up with a selection of different cars to run.

Team principle Ronald Baar posted up the following statement on the Serpent Facebook page, addressing the speculation, finger-pointing in an effort to set the record straight:

Worlds Japan, statement on Team Serpent cars

There have been a number of remarks and questions about the cars the Serpent Team ran at the worlds. We understand that we have explain the reasons to Serpent fans and others why we decided to run the cars we did.

The reasons are simple, but we understand it created lots of questions, rumours and sceptical reactions in some cases. We do sincerely apologize for that.

Continue reading here

Team Associated’s Worlds-winning modded B5M 2WD


We kicked off our reporting of the 2015 Worlds with a very popular ‘Spy Shots’ story, it would prove the only opportunity to get an inside look on Team Associated’s well-hidden 2WD cars. Having dominated the 2WD final with 4 of 10 cars in the final, not to mention Spencer Rivkin racing to a deserved victory, unfortunately press were denied the request to shoot the ‘winning 2WD buggy’ bodyshell off.

Longterm rivals TLR took the bold and proactive move after the posting of our story to release their own pictures of their 2WD prototype, showing the world what was ‘under the hood’ for this special race – the first 1/10 Worlds not on dirt in it’s history. Thats not to say we didn’t thoroughly enjoy using Yatabe Arena’s unique balcony view vantage to full effect, allowing those sneaky paparazzi style photos!

We thought we’d give viewers another look at the car that ended up winning 2WD, with photos shot earlier in the week.

ECSA1236 ECSA1221 ECSA1219 ECSA1217

“Team Associated are sporting a heavily modified B5M with a 3 gear laydown handmade gearbox which has been updated since the pre worlds, the rear shock tower has been moved forward over the top of the gearbox and thus the shocks are mounted to the front of the rear arms à la Yokomo. Rear hubs and front caster blocks appear to be different/new – leading us to believe a roll center change in the car”

ECSA2393 ECSA4447 ECSA4541 ECSA3517

Under the Hood: Top 3 – Coelho, Naoto, Ronnefalk

4wd top


Click here to see the Top 3 cars

Bruno Coelho takes dominant 4WD Worlds title victory


Worlds Coverage Links:
Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery 
Overall Finals Results | Final Standings (4WD) | Video: A1, A2, A3

Those readers who haven’t followed our 4WD Worlds coverage may be a little unfamiliar with the name Bruno Coelho, better known for his touring car prowess, it’s fair to say that the 2015 IFMAR Worlds have produced two new ‘surprise’ World Champions – few would have picked them as favourites prior to the events, but during them, they came to be dominant forces.

ECSA9066 ECSA9068 ECSA9073 ECSA9087

More Photos here

Coelho’s march to the top was evident as he was immediately setting the pace already from early practice, going onto TQ 4/5 rounds of qualifying and take A finals one and two, the first slightly controversial with Coelho misjudging the blind table top up ramp, landing on the wrong side of the track, waiting for just long enough to satisfy himself and the head referee, rivals called for justice and blood after the final, a protest was lodged, later withdrawn and the A1 result made official.

Watch Videos of: A1, A2, A3

ECSA9093 ECSA9155 ECSA9187 ECSA9206

All this only served to fire up the quiet 22 year old Portuguese star, rare to show emotion, he went onto crush the field in A2, an anticlimax of a final but only goes to show how Coelho had everyone beat on the day. The 3rd A final going to warm up winner and 4x World Champion Naoto Matsukura securing himself the runner up spot and David Ronnefalk taking the final spot on the 4WD Worlds Podium. Disappointment for 2nd placed qualifier Michal Orlowski, at only 14-years old suffered nerves in A1, he was out driven and out muscled by those around him.

Watch Videos of: A1, A2, A3

ECSA9214 ECSA9225 ECSA9255 ECSA9259

To sum up Yatabe Arena put on a brilliantly professional event, we thank Hiroshi Suzuki, his staff, IFMAR, Masami Hirosaka and Miura-san for their kindness, hospitality and hosting us. The astroturf surface provided a completely different challenge to drivers compared with past ‘dirt’ World Championships and perhaps different Champions as well, they are however both very worthy Champions – the right guys won in the end Spencer & Bruno.


4wd overall

Naoto wins final 4WD A final


Worlds Coverage Links:
Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery | Watch Live 
Results: A1 | A2 | A3

With a World Championship already decided, Bruno Coelho heeded advice to sit out A3 and allowed his fellow finalists to determine the rest of the final positions and all important podium. With Michal Orlowski starting infront he led round until the triple and 180 corner, where Naoto got a bit of an opening and expertly set him up to switch back and claim the inside line into the rumble strips corner, Orlowski caught napping slightly by the aggressive Naoto who was making sure he was going to start lap 2 out front. Orlowski’s unfortunate showing in the finals continued as a repeat of A1 saw him land on the bott dot infront of the drivers stand and clip the corner, allowing Ronnefalk to sweep past as well as the yet-again fast starting Ryan Maifield.

ECSA9032 ECSA8963 ECSA8953 ECSA8950

The order out front would stay the same until Naoto made a mistake and allowed Ronnefalk to close, however he would go onto take the win in A3 ensuring himself 2nd and Ronnefalk claiming 2nd in A3 and 3rd overall.

a3 4wd


Bruno Coelho cruises to A2 win & 4WD World Championship


Worlds Coverage Links:
Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery | Watch Live 
Results: A1 | A2 | A3

The anticipated fireworks and tears that we were expecting and somewhat morbidly looking forward to in the A finals didn’t materialise as A2 proved to be a bit of a display of cruise control for A1 winner Bruno Coelho. Not repeating any kind of mistakes from A1, the XRAY driver simply opened himself up a gap which Michal Orlowski had no answer for, rather than chipping away at it, it opened from 1 sec, to two to three, simply put, Coelho in a league of his own.

705Y8807 ECSA8899 ECSA8908 705Y8605

Ryan Maifield turned out to be the star of A2, coming from 9th on the grid to a storming drive to 3rd, disappointment for Naoto Matsukura, lasting only 12 laps before retiring, his title hopes dashed, he was beaten to the first corner by a punchy move from David Ronnefalk.

The rest of the final action came from the fights in the midpack, not at the front sadly, it was clear with already half the final gone Coelho would have to face disaster if he were to miss out on the victory, however an anticlimactic an A2 it was, Coelho’s Worlds win is still a fully deserved one as Bruno has pretty much been the man to beat throughout all of 4WD. He overcame controversy in A1, kept his head and drove a robotic A2.

4wd a2

Video: 2015 IFMAR Worlds: 4WD A1

worlds header


Bruno Coelho claims A1 – Drama


Worlds Coverage Links:
Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery | Watch Live 
Results: A1 | A2 | A3

2nd Update: A1 Results are now Official and unchanged. The protest from Team Japan was also withdrawn.

There were rumours in the pits of a possible protest, however upon asking we were informed that there was a 15 minute window to protest a result, and that lapsed before anything materialised.

The first 4WD A final delivered on controversy on only the 2nd lap as Bruno Coelho pulled away cleanly from pole, only to get the table top blind up ramp wrong and land on his wheels but on the wrong side of the track, he waited just enough not to be passed by 2nd placed Michal Orlowski and the rest of the pack, however the post-race reaction from some rivals and spectators was pretty heated to say the least. One outspoken driver calling it “Maximum IFMAR BullS**T”.


ECSA8695 ECSA8720 705Y8768 ECSA8684

As the final progressed, only on the next lap Orlowski’s chances went tumbling as his Schumacher buggy cartwheeled having landed badly on the bott dots, Naoto promoted to 2nd and Ronnefalk 3rd.

Naoto set off to try and hunt and haunt Coelho, but the poleman stayed cool under pressure having had his ‘off’ moment and got away with it, Naoto stayed with Coelho however Ronnefalk fell back after a mistake but would stay 3rd. Halfway into the final Naoto clipped the middle of the chicane sending his car sideways but right way up – time lost. Further errors would see him unable to ever really close down Coelho for serious pressure.


a1 4wd

 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad EP Worlds

Saturday 3rd: Arrival, Registration, Opening Ceremony
Sunday 4th: Practice (10 rounds)
Monday 5th: Controlled Practice (1 round), Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Tuesday 6th: Morning Practice, Q5, Mains

Wednesday 7th: Registration
Thursday 8th: Practice (10 rounds)
Friday 9th: Controlled Practice (1 round), Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Saturday 10th: Morning Practice, Q5, Mains

Videos | Photos | Results

Defending IFMAR Champions:
2WD - Jared Tebo - USA - Kyosho/Orion/Orion/Orion
4WD - Steven Hartson - USA - Associated/LRP/LRP/Reedy