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Video: Final lap of truck final

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Tessmann clinches buggy thriller


After such an epic truck final, we were treated to a scintillating thriller which more than lived up to the billing and hype, however it wasn’t part ‘deux’ of the Tessmann vs. Phend finale but rather a Maifield vs. Tessmann masterclass.

The final started out with Phend leading Maifield and Tessmann round with Wernimont trailing in 4th, that was until a catastrophic title-ending crash from Phend on the left hander onto the back straight, his TLR buggy landed end over and flew upside down off the track past the berm, it took an adventurous marshall a while to recover the car, at which time Phend came out towards the back of the pack and seemingly out of contention.

AT4_1272 AT4_1282 AT4_1303 AT4_1337

This left Maifield and Tessmann pulling away from the pack, and a 50 min battle ensued, both drivers pitting on the same lap, again and again, the pair super tight shadowing each other waiting for mistakes. And so it eventually came from the leader Maifield, crashing in the far side double double, losing a chunk of time and his lead, did this signal an immediate Tessmann cruise-to-victory ? not at all, as Tessmann also made a bad mistake, hooking the hairpin inside pipe and getting all caught up, losing all his lead but just managing to keep the lead.


The pair traded blows with Maifield eventually getting past and opening up a sizeable gap, which looked stable, Maifield making no mistakes and looking very fast, however Tessmann found some extra speed and began to slooooowly reel him in lap after lap, Tessmann would get past and a last 5mins tussle came to life as Maifield desperately tried to rescue his awesome title challenge. The pair of them both deserving of the big prize, yet only one of them coming home with the #1 spot.

AT4_1401 AT4_1439 AT4_1349 AT4_1360

With only a lap left, Maifield had Tessmann behind him shadowing his every move, he sent it up the inside Maifield giving him room but couldn’t find a way past until after the straight, a beautifully crafted inside pass but the pair ended up colliding on the step up, maybe more of a last ditch effort from Maifield. Despite a few squirly laps from Tessmann he would end up taking the victory as a mistake in the infield saw Maifield’s hopes fade, two amazing races, prizes should have almost been shared for the show that the drivers put on.

Finally let us not forget a stunning finish from Ryan Lutz, taking 3rd in both buggy and truck, if there ever was a prize for ‘best of the rest’ Ryan gets it!

AT4_1452 AT4_1486 AT4_1506 AT4_1633

A huge thanks to the drivers for great finals, Thornhill, ROAR and special thanks to Daniel from Pro-Line for our air conned pit setup and our sponsors Absolute Hobbyz, Alpha RC and A Main Hobbies

roar bug

Phend wins Truck final nailbiter


The truck A main produced a nail biter of a 45 min race as Dakotah Phend started on pole with his main rival Ty Tessmann just behind, Ty wasted little time early on before pouncing on the lead, the pair sailed off into the distance and left the likes of Maifield, Cavalieri and Lutz to fight for the last podium spot.

The leaders came in on the same lap for their first pit stop generating a palpable buzz around the track as the Tessmanns took on Phend’s pit crew, they would come out like for like, with Phend shadowing Tessmann’s every move. Pitstop 2 and Tessmann & Phend almost had a massive collision as Phend whilst leading due to a tiny mistake from Tessmann, pulled into the pits whilst Tessmann almost collected him.

The pair would continue to swap positions until Phend managed to open a gap, its fair to say Phend looked the faster over a lap, whilst Tessmann displayed all the consistency in the world, Phend took the lead despite a horrific pit exit crash from Tessmann and opened a gap which looked stable enough to earn him a victory.


But there would be more twists and turns as Phend crashed very badly going into the step up jumping, just managing to limp over whilst Tessmann’s truck flew into the lead overhead, script torn up, it was 6 mins to go until the finish and it would prove to be a thriller.

By now most of the watching audience were simply in awe at how these two young superstars could maintain such an extreme level of consistent pace for such a long period of time, and still have the mental ability to take the title down to the wire.

Tessmann had around a 1.5 sec gap down to Phend and for a couple of laps it looked stable, until all of a sudden Phend lit his afterburners, perhaps fortified by lasting memories of Championships lost, he closed up and managed to slide his way past in the pass of his life, with only a few corners to go until the title decided Tessmann drove fairly with a hint of a nudge here and there going into the last corner he launched his HB truck slightly wildly and ended up spinning out Phend, Tessmann showed great sportsmanship and courtesy and waited, allowing Phend time to face the right way and take his deserved victory.

A huge amount of respect to both drivers who drove out of this world, putting on an absolute masterclass of classy driving and a lesson to any aspiring racer. Whilst the final did turn out to be a case of Phend vs. Tessmann, a nod to Ryan Lutz as well for coming home ‘best of the rest’ in 3rd.

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Day 3 ROAR Nats Photos


Day 3 ROAR Nats Photo Gallery


Q3 Video: Buggy & Truck

Day 3 Photo Gallery


Under the Hood: Mike Truhe


Mike Truhe (31, USA) – 2014 ROAR Nats

Chassis: Serpent Cobra 2.1
Engine: Top Plus 7C
Fuel: Byrons
Tyres: Pro-Line
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4pksr, Futaba

AT4_0004 AT4_0007 AT4_0014 AT4_0017AT4_0020 AT4_0023 AT4_0025 AT4_0029 AT4_0030 AT4_0032

Phend dominates ROAR Nats Quali


 Overall Qualifying Standings

roar buggy q


roar truck q

Phend’s Double Nats TQ as Tessmann looms


The showdown and once again Q4 belonged to Ty Tessmann but it was far from an easy fight, both frontrunners Tessmann and Phend got off to sluggish starts, but it was Phend who put the peddle to the TLR metal and started to nail down laptimes, he was looking imperiously fast clicking off 45s in the middle of his run until with his car looking a little grabby on the difficult Texan track he looked a touch ragged. On laps 8 and 9 the mistakes came as Phend hooked the same part of track piping each time, losing a huge chunk of time and his shot at TQ’ing Q4.

EUR_7774 EUR_7820 EUR_7674

However, Phend would probably have known that going into Q4, he was locked into TQ, with Tessmann’s Q1 9 lapper TQ, even with Ty taking round 4 Phend had a double TQ in the bag, not a bad result for the 17 year old Michigan raised TLR driver. The ROAR Nats use 2/4 rounds and add the total laps / time together, hence Phend’s locking in.

Perhaps in an effort to signal intent for tomorrow, Tessmann clicked off a final fastest lap on his last lap coming home 2 secs ahead of an increasingly impressive Ryan Maifield, Phend ended up 3rd overall in Q4 but won’t care given his dominance at the Nationals.

EUR_7619 EUR_7610 EUR_7644EUR_7664

Ultimately the script continues as planned, Tessmann vs. Phend, two young guns both at the peak of their world class abilities – a pair that only seem to get faster and faster each time we see them. Both Ty and Dakotah can boast of bulging trophy cabinets and both are smart enough to know that qualifying is one thing, but anything can happen in a main final.

Q4 Buggy:
1) Ty Tessmann 10/7:41.608 (R4)
2) Ryan Maifield 10/7:43.819 (R4)
3) Dakotah Phend 10/7:44.125 (R4)
4) Ryan Lutz 9/7:00.262 (R4)
5) Joshua Wheeler 9/7:01.307 (R4)
6) Carson Wernimont 9/7:02.059 (R4)
7) Cody King 9/7:04.190 (R4)
8) Jared Tebo 9/7:04.298 (R4)
9) Adam Drake 9/7:05.916 (R4)
10) Billy Fischer 9/7:09.781 (R4)
11) Dylan Rodriguez 9/7:09.807 (R4)
12) Tyler Vik 9/7:10.069 (R4)
13) Michael Truhe 9/7:10.454 (R4)
14) Barry Pettit 9/7:11.927 (R4)
15) Cody Smith 9/7:11.940 (R4)
16) Ryan Cavalieri 9/7:11.987 (R4)
17) Mathew Schreffler 9/7:12.240 (R4)
18) Mark Pavidis 9/7:12.406 (R4)
19) Jeremy Kortz 9/7:12.579 (R4)
20) Ryan Lopez 9/7:13.004 (R4)

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