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2014 ROAR Nats News

ROAR Offroad Nats: 2014 Flashback


We tend to have a pretty short memory in RC Racing – what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday, [INSERT] is forgotten by Tuesday…?

Pessimism aside, 1/8 Offroad is actually enjoying a second ‘golden era’ especially in terms of driver talent around – names like Cavalieri, Maifield & Tebo have dominated the podium top steps for the last decade & more – the ‘next’ batch of racers is blossoming (perhaps already in bloom in Tessmann’s case) but we’re currently experiencing the slow crossover period where the next generation start to set the pace – a ‘golden age’.

Rewind 10-12 years and certainly in the US, you didn’t get bigger names than Pavidis, Kortz, Bradley in 1/8 buggy, awesomely & importantly that lot are all still racing, albeit with slightly greyer hairs (or nor hair Mark!), still having fun and showing the young guns a thing or two given the chance. They were the Big Cheeses back then, but along came Two Ryans and a Jared… And the rest as they say… was history.

So we say, whilst the ‘Original 3’Cavalieri, Maifield & Tebo are all still firing on all cylinders and faster than ever, take a step back and enjoy the moment, its a real piece of RC racing history.

AT4_0355 EUR_6642 EUR_6504 EUR_6734

Anyway, back to the topic in hand – with the 2015 ROAR Nationals upon us, we take a quick flashback to a year ago, when the ROAR Nats headed for Hutto, Texas – to Thornhill RC Racing Circuit. Scene of two epic finals, Tessmann vs. Phend in 1/8 truck and Maifield vs. Tessmann in 1/8 Buggy.

Articles: Phend wins Truck final nailbiter | Tessmann clinches buggy thriller

And who could forgot some of the iconic moments from that event, poor old Associated team manager Brent Thielke hobbling round in his leg cast, made worse due to the rocks laid down in the pits – the awesome indoor air conditioned pit tent laid on by the Thornhill crew, pure luxury! – cameo appearance by Reno Savoya, pitmanning for his mate Jerome Treignier – what would turn out to be the final race for Team Associated by Ryan Maifieldthe iconic photo of Maifield speaking with Adam Drake & subsequent breaking storyone of RC Racing’s biggest moves ever, fast forward 12 months, a lot’s happened… Maifield @ TLR and no Drake anymore  – Texas bulls with excessively large horns, they are real afterall! – Tessmann’s emotion & sportsmanship – Phend finally deservedly winning.

See: Video: Final laps of Buggy Final | Video: Final lap of truck final

EUR_7971 EUR_8111 EUR_7525 (1) EUR_7458

ROAR says “NO!” to new 1/10 wheels

No No No

ROAR has announced today that the “new style” 1/10 wheels and tires (AKA EVO Series and Pro-Line VTR Series), are in fact illegal for competition use at ROAR sanctioned events for the remainder of 2014. While the organization has not ruled them out for eternity, this ruling does rule them out for the upcoming ROAR 1/10 Offroad Nationals in Florida. The new style wheels are actually a 2.4″ design, as opposed to the traditional 2.2″ wheel, and mount up like an 1/8 scale buggy wheel and tire. Currently AKA offers a conversion to take their EVO style wheels and tires back to the old school method, however, as ROAR sees this as a modification to the wheels (which is not allowed), they have also deemed the conversions illegal for use. Read More…

Under the Hood: Dakotah Phend


Dakotah Phend (USA) – 2014 ROAR Nats

Chassis: TLR 8ight T 3.0
Engine: Team Orion CRF 321
Fuel: Nitrotane
Tyres: Pro-Line Holeshot X3 VTR (Quali), Pro-Line Blockade VTR (final)
Radio & Servos: Spektrum DX4R Pro
Body: Stock TLR 8ight-T 3.0
Notes: Running same setup (See Below) as the Dirt Nitro Challenge, TQ’d and would win the 2014 Truck national title

Apologies for missing out on posting this during the actual Nats!!

AT4_9689 AT4_9691 AT4_9693 AT4_9703AT4_9704 AT4_9707 AT4_9709 AT4_1146

Alpha’s ‘blue’ Lutz edition engine


After a highly successful ROAR nationals campaign, Ryan Lutz has celebrated in tandem with engine sponsor Alpha by announcing the release of a special ‘blue head’ edition of his popular Alpha Lutz W.E. engine.

“You say Pink isn’t your thing in racing? Well I have taken my other primary race color, Metallic Blue and am giving everyone the opportunity now to run the awesome Alpha Lutz W.E. Engine! For a limited time, (Until end of June) I am having a 10% off PRE-ORDER special on a Limited Run of Blue headed Alpha Lutz W.E. Engines ordered from www.LutzRC.com

Use coupon code BLUE10 at checkout to receive 10% off the engine purchase price. Remember this is a pre-order and engines should be available before August 1st.

Tebo reports on tough ROAR Nats


Whilst it ultimately wasn’t his weekend, respect to Jared Tebo for writing and posting a candid report from the ROAR Gas offroad nationals last weekend, his accounts are a rare honest insight into one of the most gifted and iconic drivers of the current era and in this latest one he doesn’t gloss over a difficult weekend but tells it how it is. Kudos to Jared for that.

It’s 5am and I’m all checked in at the airport and waiting to go. I really thought my mood was gonna be better this Monday morning. I came into this more prepared and ready to go than any other race this year. Holy Crap…..yesterday was a frustrating and draining day. Racing is such a Love, Hate relationship. You can work extremely hard and be 100% prepared, and nothing can go right. Then you can have weekends where your less prepared and nothing can go wrong. Here is a run through of my Sunday at the 2014 ROAR Fuel Nationals.

Source: JTPRC.com

Continue reading here

Word of Wheels: Maifield to quit AE ?


Some of our keen readers may have noticed the addition of the thoroughly talented Mike Garrison to the RCNews & NeoBuggy team, kicking things off with a bang in his new regular column ‘The Word of Wheels‘, Mike takes healthy stab at the biggest hush hush gossip that circled at ROAR Nats this weekend, is Ryan Maifield about to quit Associated and join arch-rivals TLR ?

After a mesmerising performance in the hour-long buggy final which saw Maifield in a titanic battle with eventual winner Ty Tessmann, is the Arizona superstar about to send shockwaves through the RC Racing industry as he looks to position himself in the best possible way for the Worlds in Italy in 3 months; a title he is desperate to win ?

Read the full article on RCNews.net


Video: ROAR Nats Truck Final


Video: Final laps of Buggy Final

 Day 4 ROAR Nats Photo Gallery


 2014 ROAR Gas Offroad Nats

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Thursday 19th: Controlled Practice
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Saturday 21st: Qualifying (2 rounds), lower mains
Sunday 22nd: Main events

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