2014 IFMAR Worlds News

The Worlds: An afterthought


I write this post Worlds blog after surviving the longest race we’ve ever attended and covered, some of the pre-event concerns turned out to be the best thing about the event whilst others proved controversial.

Despite hearsay that NeoBuggy weren’t entirely welcome at the Worlds, we set off undaunted, boarding the flight to Catania on the beautiful island of Sicily, still basking in the late summer sunshine that departed Northern Europe many weeks ago. As is usual practice, in the build up to past Worlds, any news concerning the host track is always of general interest to our worldwide viewer-base and we duly obliged when some photos arrived of the track facility back in June – looking a bit unloved and not quite fit to host a race of Worlds stature.

How that would change however, as organising mastermind Salvatore Schepis and his dedicated team put in countless manhours to transform the Giardini Naxos track into a truly worldclass RC racing facility. The concrete track was overlaid with a dirt and resin mixture which given 10 days of pretty intense racing, held up astoundingly well, they did a wonderful job there, delivering a surface that was consistent, and raceable despite a couple of night’s troublesome weather. Credit to them.

EUR_3897 EUR_3998 italy EUR_0698

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Orion announce Maifield nitro deal


8 months since the news of Maifield opting for Novarossi power in 2014, comes the sudden announcement from Team Orion that the TLR star will also be running their nitro line as of 2015, having signed for the electric side back in June.

Orion’s timing of the news is no coincidence, the news coming just a couple of days after Maifield lined up on pole for the IFMAR Worlds final, many tipping him for victory in a tense showdown with nationals rival Tessmann, it wasn’t to be however. The news comes as a slight surprise given Adam Drake’s influence in the TLR team and masterful knowledge when it comes to engine tuning and mileage, Maifield joins the likes of Phend, former team mate Cavalieri & Tebo running the CRF nitro powerplants.

 Adrien Bertin said, “Drivers of the caliber of Ryan Maifield have their choice of engines to run. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Ryan in our team and admire his decision to run with Team Orion CRF engines. It is another confirmation of our successful product and team strategy.”

Is a reshuffle on the way for Team Orion with Maifield going 100% with the Swiss company ? Watch this space.

2014 IFMAR Worlds Final video

ty header


Its finally here, the full length 60 minute IFMAR Worlds final video with full commentary provided by in-house MC Tony Truman, enjoy!


Top 25 RC post Worlds rankings

Top 25 Worlds Header

Ty Tessmann again proves why he is the #1 ranked driver in the world according to Top 25 RC, as he went on to dominate the IFMAR World Championships like he has pretty much every other event he has attended in the last 2 years.

Ty Tessmann

Top 25 RC has released an updated ranking list after the exciting Worlds event today. Surprisingly no  ranking changes within the top 5 spots on the Top 25 list. But the middle part of the list has some major changes, with people moving all over the place. Ryan Cavalieri Moved up 8 spots, landing on the #6 spot, after a great drive to finish second at the worlds.  Carson Weinimont officially put himself on the map climbing inside the top 10 settling in at the #8 spot after a podium finish at his first IFMAR World Championships.

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REDS Racing new carb at the Worlds


Italian engine firm REDS Racing have come on leaps & bounds in recent years with the likes of Elliott Boots & Cody King running the mini powerhouses, Mario Rossi & son Marco run the business together and have been present all week at the Worlds supporting team drivers as well as non-team racers.

New from the Worlds this past week is a new carb which features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down.

Master engine tuner Mario said the revised location allows for significantly improved top end as well as a more stable idle and overall engine tune. The new top end needle is also now ‘in line’ with the low end needle – although on opposite sides of the carb, Rossi says this makes for more precise tuning.

AT4_9442 AT4_9449 AT4_9445 AT4_9447

The new carb will be available next month in October on its own as well as bolted on the REDS R7 engine in limited quantities.

Ty Tessmann: 14th IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Champion


Worlds Saturday Photos


ifmar champions

Under the World Champ’s Hood


Ty Tessmann (Canada), 21

Chassis: HB D812
Engine: OS B2101
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: Nitrotane
Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12, Savox
Body: Pro-Line ‘Type R’
Event: 2014 IFMAR World Championships – Giardini Naxos, Italy
Notes: Running a lot of new parts on the D812 for this event which will be available afterwards, one of the major changes is the Pro-Line lexan wing developed by Ty & Gord with Pro-Line as well as the new lighter weight wing mount from Torrance Deguzman. New rear gear box, new radio tray with larger receiver battery box & rear hubs with new geometry.

Ty is also running very trick wheel hubs with magnetic wheel nuts developed by family company 110% Racing, when used with the wheel wrench the nut won’t fall out of the wrench, see separate post. In the 2nd round of free practice on Saturday Ty also tried a slightly longer chassis. Gord also told us that they are running bone stock shocks, however the lower threads have been sanded down and removed and then polished.


AT4_1553 AT4_1567 AT4_1568 AT4_1569AT4_1570 AT4_1571 AT4_1572 AT4_1573 AT4_1574 AT4_1551 AT4_1552 AT4_1554 AT4_1555 AT4_1556 AT4_1558 AT4_1559 AT4_1560 AT4_1561 AT4_1562 AT4_1563 AT4_1564

Ty Tessmann: World Champion!!


Ty Tessmann overcame a terrible start to the 60 minute final which saw the challenges from Ryan Maifield and Robert Batlle fade, Maifield with receiver issues and Batlle with a flame out on his in lap. Tessmann lapped the field in absolute dominating fashion and Carson Wernimont taking 3rd after a late challenge from Kyle McBride.

AT4_1546 AT4_1355 AT4_1360 AT4_1362

The final started out with Tessmann getting hung up on the first corner first lap pipe, which allowed Ryan Maifield to sail off into the distance and establish a commanding lead from Robert Batlle. Maifield looked in control of things as Tessmann worked his way from 11th to 4th speedily, his nerves settling down after a disastrous start from P2. Maifield himself had a few errors and eventually a bad receiver steering servo would put him out, this left Robert Batlle to take up the charge however disaster struck the ever-reliable Batlle as he flamed out on his in-lap giving Tessmann a massive lead. Tessmann kept his cool and nerve and deservedly took the Worlds victory he so yearned for. Congrats to Ty and his family as well as Torrance, HB, Pro-Line and OS on the victories!

AT4_1380 AT4_1392 AT4_1401 AT4_1448

A deserved TQ and World Championship win from one of the hardest working drivers and teams in RC Racing, elation also from Team Associated with Ryan Cavalieri taking 2nd overall and the biggest smile on Carson Wernimont’s face as he took the final podium spot, “it still hasn’t sunk in” was how the Mugen driver described his 3rd place finish. All the while Ty Tessmann must now be the most photographed RC Racer after throngs of selfies with the IFMAR World Champion not to mention photo ops.

ifmar worldsworlds_coverage

 2014 1/8th Offroad Worlds

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Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st: 11 rounds of Practice
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