2014 1/8 Euros News

Martin Wollanka stars at the Euros


With headlines dominated by David Ronnefalk’s 2nd consecutive European Championship win, there was another driver on the podium with an equally big smile; Austrian racer Martin Wollanka, seemingly coming from nowhere to make his first Euros final and finish an incredible 2nd, a feat not even Martin himself could have expected. XRAY have published a report following his heroics:

The 2014 European Championship fulfilled my dream to be on the podium between the European best drivers. How did I get there?

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The semifinal was really good for me and I made no mistake and finished on 4th position. It was a great feeling for me as I was in the A-Main final at European Championship with all these pro racers. In the A-main final I started from 9th position, Bayer from 5th and Savoya from 3rd position so we had 3 XRAY cars in the final. Part of the success for me to get into the A-main final was for sure the very reliable FX engine which gave me enough power to be at the top with the best drivers. The low consumption of the engine allowed me to be on the safe side all the time and I never flamed out. So I was confident for the A-main final with both car & engine.

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Under the Hood: Joseph Quagraine


Joseph Quagraine (31) – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: JQ Products THE Car – White Edition
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke
Fuel: Nitrolux
Tyres: AKA Impact
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Savox
Body: White Edition Body
Notes: Engine all the way forward –  5×1.4/5×1.5 pistons, 600/500. Most noticeable ‘the showman’ that is JQ ran some eye-catching white coloured plastic parts – Stiffer front and rear arms in time for the Worlds (will be released in black). New shock towers using special insert making it possible to fine tune roll centres front and rear

AT4_2756 AT4_2759 AT4_2760 AT4_2765AT4_2776 AT4_2778 AT4_2766 AT4_2768 AT4_2771 AT4_2772 AT4_2774


Ronnefalk inches closer to #1


After a impressive win at the 2014 1/8 Euros this past weekend, The #2 ranked driver in the world, David Ronnefalk has slightly closed the gap on the current world #1 Ty Tessmann according to Top25RC. Ronnefalk successfully defended his 2013 European Championship by dominating the qualifying and the main. Elsewhere on the list Renaud Savoya dropped 4 spots after a sub par main event, landing at #10 on the list. Darren Bloomfield made his way back on the list after a good performance in the main event. We are looking forward to the IFMAR World Championship coming up where Top25RC points are worth more, and things will REALLY get spicy!

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2014 1/8 Buggy Euros – Final video


Rewatch the hour long final from Sand am Main which will go down as one of the most exciting first 15 mins of any final we’ve seen in the past, Ronnefalk’s various battles, Wollanka’s triumphant debut final and Bloomfield and Batlle. Courtesy of RC Racing TV.

Under the Hood: David Ronnefalk


David Ronnefalk (Sweden), 18 – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Team Orion CRF RS edition
Tyres: AKA Catapult Medium (Final)
Fuel: Runnertime
Radio & Servos: KO EX1, KO RSX2
Body: Kyosho
Notes: 4x round TQs, Overall TQ, Pole position and 2014 European Champion

AT4_2705 AT4_2707 AT4_2712 AT4_2715AT4_2718 AT4_2726 AT4_2729 AT4_2731 AT4_2736 AT4_2699 AT4_2683 AT4_2624AT4_4426 AT4_4484 IMG_2334 AT4_4571

David Ronnefalk wins 2nd Euros title


A frantic first 15 mins in the final saw David Ronnefalk defend his title and take the win in Sand am Main in front of the surprise package of the final, Martin Wollanka running XRAY whilst Darren Bloomfield took a fantastic 3rd having switched to Agama this year, suffering a slight engine cut in the pitlane having avoided a crashed car on the straight.

Ronnefalk didn’t have it all his own way however as he had to fight his way into the lead with a strong stint in the 2nd quarter of the final. Disaster for Reno Savoya running 3rd with 6mins left but for a broken clutch bearing which allowed Robert Batlle and Darren Bloomfield to race it out for 3rd, Bloomfield claiming it. Robert Batlle in 4th will leave with a feeling of what might have been, his retirement at the end of the semi meant a #10 starting grid position for the final, having shown identical pace to Ronnefalk in the other semi

Ronnefalk’s 2nd European title now firmly writes himself into the history books, putting him level with Yannick Aigoin, Davide Tortorici and Robert Batlle.




David Ronnefalk on Euros pole


An eventful end to Semi Final B saw Robert Batlle almost drop out as his battery simply failed, no steering or throttle, his car stopped dead with a lap left but made it through thanks to his fast pace. This means a comfortable pole for TQ man David Ronnefalk.


Starting Grid:
1. David Ronnefalk
2. Darren Bloomfield
3. Reno Savoya
4. Elliott Boots
5. Martin Bayer
6. Christoffer Svensson
7. Carsten Keller
8. Lee Martin
9. Martin Wollanka
10. Robert Batlle
11. Joseph Quagraine
12. Teemu Leino

Robert Batlle just makes Euros final


After running a very strong pace in the B semi final, Robert Batlle faced heartbreak as his car ground to a halt with a lap left, seemingly out of the final however as he stared in disbelief, his impressive pace meant that he would end up as being classified as 6th, thus making the final by the skin of his teeth.

We understand that his car broke as he landed hard on a track marking, mechanics Carles and Marc Ibars unable to refire the car with only seconds left.

This means David Ronnefalk will start on pole, had Batlle’s car not expired it would have been v. close, it does however mean a starting grid position of #10 towards the back for Batlle!


 2014 1/8th Offroad Euros

Monday 4th: Arrival, Registration
Tuesday 5th:
4 rounds timed practice (5mins, 9min)
Wedndesday 6th:
2 rounds timed practice (10m), Opening Ceremony
Thursday 7th:
Qualifying; Q1, Q2, Q3
Friday 8th:
Q4, Q5, Lower Finals
Saturday 9th: Higher Finals, Main Final 15:30 Local

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