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2014 Cactus Classic News

Maifield takes A1 4WD


A1 of 2WD started with drama even before the sound of the tone as 2ndplace qualifier broke his car during the warm up laps, a few courtesy minutes later Tebo admitted defeat in the pit and told the organisers not to wait for him, with a big gap till Phend in 3rd this left Neumann with a clear getaway. Immediately he led for the opening stint with Maifield closing in on 2nd, Neumann would roll his car in the tight chicane section which allowed Maifield to slide into a lead that he never gave up, despite heavy pressure from Dakotah Phend in 2nd place, Phend was unable to extract a mistake from Cactus veteran Maifield as Maifield won A1 of 4WD mod.


1 Ryan Maifield 4 14 5:03.407 21.700 4 92.98% 1.52
2 Dakotah Phend 3 14 5:04.946 21.761 1.539 3 92.46% 1.64
3 Ty Tessmann 5 14 5:05.379 21.605 0.433 5 92.92% 1.54
4 Ryan Lutz 10 14 5:12.462 22.284 7.083 10 95.04% 1.11
5 Joern Neumann 1 14 5:12.674 21.437 0.212 1 90.24% 2.18
6 Billy Fischer 7 14 5:14.344 22.294 1.670 7 93.73% 1.41
7 Carson Wernimont 8 14 5:17.076 22.060 2.732 8 91.65% 1.89
8 Ryan Cavalieri 6 14 5:17.586 21.835 0.510 6 89.94% 2.28
9 Kody Numedahl 11 13 5:00.820 22.280 12 93.49% 1.51
10 Daimon Borkowicz 9 1 19.236 0.000 9 100.00% 0.00
11 Jared Tebo 2 0 0.000 0.000 2

Maifield edges Cavalieri in 2WD SC A1


Ryan Maified took advantage of a rare mistake from pole sitter and team mate Ryan Cavalieri. Cav led out A1 with a wheelie but soon settled into a rhthym that seemed water tight, that was until a few miniscule bobbles crept in and a mistake in the infield was the only invitation a hard pushing Maifield needed to steal the A1 win. A coming together on the penultimate lap saw sportsmanship from Cavalieri as he was practically glued to Maifield’s rear bumper.

1 Ryan Maifield 2 13 5:14.058 24.129 2 91.34% 2.09
2 Ryan Cavalieri 1 13 5:14.603 24.082 0.545 1 91.03% 2.17
3 Chris Wheeler 3 13 5:18.691 24.542 4.088 3 91.94% 1.98
4 spencer rivkin 5 13 5:24.910 24.254 6.219 5 91.74% 2.06
5 mike truhe 10 12 5:03.199 24.725 10 92.73% 1.84
6 Travis Amezcua 4 12 5:05.953 24.599 2.754 4 88.61% 2.90
7 Carson Wernimont 9 12 5:09.795 24.681 3.842 9 91.84% 2.11
8 Cody Turner 7 12 5:09.968 24.215 0.173 7 88.61% 2.94
9 Dustin Evans 6 7 2:55.479 24.729 6 89.50% 2.63
10 Brian Kinwald 8 0 0.000 0.000 8

Under the Hood: Dakotah Phend


Dakotah Phend (17) – USA

Chassis: TLR 22-2 & TLR 22-4
Motor: Orion VST2 7.5 | Orion VST2 5.5
ESC: Orion
Batteries: Orion
Tyres: Pro-Line X2 Rear VTR Suburbs, Front X2 Scrubs
Radio & Servos: Spektrum DX4R Pro, Spektrum 6040

AT4_8220 AT4_8222 AT4_8226 AT4_8228 AT4_8243 AT4_8247 AT4_8251

AT4_7915 AT4_7917 AT4_7930 AT4_7931 AT4_7932 AT4_7933 AT4_7934 AT4_7935

Cavalieri, Phend & Tebo TQ ‘other’ Cactus classes



Along with the attention grabbing 2WD, 4WD Mod classes, most drivers are running a single 3rd class as well here at the Cactus, although their choice varies considerably – First up is TQ of the Short Course 2wd Modified class – Ryan Cavalieri, one of the few to actually be running 4 classes, he’s also racing the Modified Stadium truck class which was TQ’d by Jared Tebo, last but not least is the Short course 4WD mod class – TQ’d by none other than Dakotah Phend!

Overall Qualifying results 

Phend TQ’s 2WD Buggy in style


Dakotah Phend made it a hat trick of TQs after he showed real promise during practice, perhaps lost his way slightly at the start of qualifying only to recapture his earlier form in absolute style as he treated onlookers to a textbook performance of recovery – two crashes in 2WD mod buggy looked to have ruled Phend out of the TQ spot for the round but the Phenom refused to be beaten, charging his way back into the hunt, taking risks but delivering big time.

EUR_0045 EUR_0068 EUR_0069 EUR_9985

The B5M debut continues to go quite well thus far, perhaps a smidge under the radar with Maifield TQ’ing round 3 and starting 2nd in the A Main, just infront of team mate Ryan Cavalieri. Whilst Phend looks to have a level of pace many will struggle to match, he’ll be wary of Maifield’s incredible winning record over the last few years, the Cactus is a race he excels at.

Q1 TQ Jared Tebo starts 4th the Kyosho racer TQ’ing in stadium truck and looking very competitive across the multiple classes, in 5th overall Billy Fischer – the smiling Arizona racer / privateer showing up with a heavily modded centro buggy, and surprising a few with how fast he is with it, kudos to him. Ty Tessmann scrapes in as 10th place qualifier whilst Spencer Rivkin mirror’s Daimon Borkowicz’ performance in 4wd with a great showing in 2WD.

Qualifying Overall Results

A stunning 4WD Bmain which saw a great drive from Kody Numedahl taking the last spot in the 4wd A Main despite an amazing last couple of laps charge from Mike Truhe, in 2WD however it was Jorn Neumann who would rescue his 2WD cause by scraping into the main!


Fantastic Phend in Q4


Qualifying came to a conclusion nice and early on Saturday evening in sunny Scottsdale Arizona as Dakotah Phend sent shivers down the spines of his rivals – despite losing around 6 secs due to crashes Phend still managed to find a laptime that no one else seems able to match, catch up and TQ.

His last two laps 22.3 sec laps which just managed to nudge him ahead of Travis Amezcua who had laid down a fantastic time from the previous heat good enough for 2nd in the round, likewise Ty Tessmann who snuck into 3rd, whilst Billy Fischer running a self-modified Centro buggy spoiled a bit of the B5M’s debut party by out qualifying them in the final round although Maifield and Cavalieri line up 2nd and 3rd in the overalls.


1             Dakotah Phend –  13/5:00.360

2             Travis Amezcua – 13/5:00.683

3             Ty Tessmann – 13/5:00.875

4             Billy Fischer – 13/5:02.461

5             Ryan Lutz – 13/5:03.511

6             Ryan Cavalieri – 13/5:03.572

7             Jared Tebo-13/5:03.985

8             spencer rivkin – 13/5:05.681

9             Cory Crosley – 13/5:07.180

10           Steven Hartson – 13/5:08.160

11           Joern Neumann – 13/5:08.412

12           Cody Turner – 13/5:09.495

13           Tanner Denney –  13/5:09.733

14           Carson Wernimont – 13/5:10.841

Neumann TQ in Cactus 4WD


Jorn Neumann TQ’d the 4WD class at the Cactus Classic after dominating the opening two rounds, Jared Tebo came close to unseating the German ace after TQ’ing round 3 and coming oh-so close in the last round hadn’t it been for Dakotah Phend’s clean and fast run. Neumann will have the headlines but he’ll be hoping that the errors are out of his system ahead of Sunday’s triple leg A Main.

Whilst Orion drivers dominate the 4WD Amain, its worth noting that the tyres column reflects the tyre sponsor for each drivers, several drivers in the top opting to run Pro-Line’s tyres ahead of their tyre sponsor’s own brand due to the high bite special nature of the track – the reality being the top 7 have been mostly using PL tyres in 4WD. Putting politics aside it’s a catch 22 situation for the tyre companies that lose out whilst event title sponsor Pro-Line are clearly riding the crest of the popularity wave amongst the top guns.

EUR_9858 EUR_9909 EUR_9964 EUR_9894

Along with the usual suspects, are strong runs for the likes of Carson Wernimont and young Daimon Borkowicz – the Associated driver will start from 9th after excelling in qualifying. Stay tuned later to see which lucky driver makes the bump up spot from the B Mains which are being run Saturday night.


Phend flys in four-wheel Q4


Dakotah Phend made it back to back TQs as he followed up his 2WD Q3 TQ by going fastest in round 4 of 4WD, the result ensures Jorn Neumann is locked into overall TQ after dominating rounds 1 and 2. Phend pieced together an expertly crafted 5 minute qualifier, leading from start to finish he rarely if ever put a foot wrong as closest competitors Jorn Neumann and Jared Tebo both had slow starts – Tebo would find an extra gear at the end as he pushed hard and regained time however it wasn’t enough as he finished a second down on Phend, thus costing him the overall 4WD TQ as well given that Neumann ended up 3rd, however come Sunday evening it won’t matter.

EUR_9894 EUR_9964 EUR_9909 EUR_9858

Behind them Ty Tessmann scored another 4th place finish, the Pro-Line driver showing good consistency but perhaps a tiny bit down on ultimate laptime, however over a three-legged A final it comes down to finishing!

1             Dakotah Phend – 14/5:06.158
2             Jared Tebo – 14/5:07.268
3             Joern Neumann – 14/5:09.329
4             Ty Tessmann – 14/5:09.767
5             Ryan Maifield – 14/5:10.133
6             Ryan Cavalieri – 14/5:11.989
7             Ryan Lutz – 14/5:13.304
8             Travis Amezcua – 14/5:13.670
9             Kody Numedahl – 14/5:15.980
10           Dustin Evans – 14/5:16.762
11           Steven Hartson – 14/5:17.313
12           Carson Wernimont – 14/5:18.996
13           Billy Fischer – 14/5:19.501
14           Cody Turner – 14/5:20.208

 Cactus Classic 2014

Cactus Classic Schedule:

Thursday 13th: Controlled Practice
Friday 14th:
Qualifying (2 rounds)
Saturday 15th: Qualifying (2 rounds), lower mains, LCQ for mod classes
Sunday 16th: Main events

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