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2014 Cactus Classic News

Come Drive With Us – Cactus Classic


Together Pro-Line Racing and 5150 Productions conclude their 2014 theme of “bucket list races” as they found themselves at 28th running of “Pro-Line Cactus Classic” in beautiful Scottsdale,  Arizona! With nearly 400 entries, this is one of the worlds most attended outdoor electric R/C races. Sadly, this year’s event would be the last time that the Cactus Classic will be held outdoors. This episode of “Come Drive With Us” focuses on Dakotah Phend, one of the fastest drivers in the world, and narrated by Adam Drake, one the most legendary racers in the world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy “Come Drive With Us – Cactus Classic 2014″!

Ty Tessmann: The Cactus Catch


Not only is he the #1 ranked driver currently in the world but it turns out Ty Tessmann has a pair of hands! Watch ‘The Catch‘ as Tessmann  catches Travis Amexcua’s short course truck like an absolute boss, saving someones’ face from being mutilated to a pulp!

Tebo wins Cactus mod truck


The 28th Annual Cactus Classic was held March 12th-16th at HobbyTown USA SRS in Scottsdale, Arizona. This years event would once again bring in many of the top drivers from around the country as well as a few international drivers. The race program was run perfectly by World Famous Race Announcer Scotty Ernst who kept the race program running smooth all week.  Like in years past, the weather was absolutely perfect with temperatures in the lower 80’s. The total race entries for this years event reached over 350!

Kyosho’s Star Driver, Jared Tebo was on another level in qualifying where he would TQ all 4 rounds to take the overall TQ.

After a rough A-Main #1 going to Jorn Neumann, Tebo rebounded nicely in A-Main #2 to take the win. The victory would come down to the 3rd and final A-Main. Tebo and Neumann would battle it out early in the race before Neumann was forced to retire early. This gave Tebo a big gap on the field where he could cruise home for the Win and take the overall Modified Truck Championship with his Team Orion powered RT6!

EUR_8028 EUR_8021 EUR_8045 EUR_8054

Under the Hood: Ryan Maifield


Ryan Maifield (27) – USA

Chassis: Team Associated RC10 B5M
Motor: Reedy Sonic Mach 2 7.5T
ESC: Reedy Black box
Batteries: Reedy SQ 5500
Tyres: JConcepts Dirt Webs (orange compound)
Radio & Servos: Airtronics M12, Airtronics 1313
Notes: Finished 2nd at the Cactus Classic. B5M setup available here

B5M_AT4_8984 B5M_AT4_8985 B5M_AT4_8986 B5M_AT4_8987 B5M_AT4_8988 B5M_AT4_8989 B5M_AT4_8990 B5M_AT4_8991



Chassis: Team Associated RC10 B44.2
Motor: Reedy Sonic Mach 2 6.0T
ESC: Reedy Black box
Batteries: Reedy 4800 Wolf pack
Tyres: JConcepts Dirt Webs (orange compound)
Radio & Servos: Airtronics M12, Airtronics 1313
Notes: Won 2014 Cactus Classic.

B44-2_9023 B44-2_9024 B44-2_9025 B44-2_9026 B44-2_9027 B44-2_9028 B44-2_9029 B44-2_9030

Cactus Setups: B5M, 22-2, 22-4, Centro


Second & 3rd places for a brand new car at the Cactus Classic ain’t too bad a result regardless of whether you’re Ryan Maifield, Cavalieri or Ryan Seacrest – two cars on a podium when the 2WD was utterly dominated by Dakotah Phend was a great result,thankfully we have a whole host of setups for you:

Team Associated’s B5M Cactus Setup


Dakotah Phend’s TLR 22-2 & 22-4 setups

22-2_1 22-4_1

Billy Fischer’s modded Centro setup

– he excelled himself at the Cactus in our eyes!






2WD Short Course A3 fun


One of the classes we didn’t quite get enough time to cover along with the mod buggy classes was 2WD short course where the two Ryans put on some sweet driving and beautiful battles, well worth a watch! We selected A3 of the three A finals as the one to watch as Maifield and Cavalieri go toe to toe down to the wire! Great Racin’ boys!


Cactus Classic in photos


EUR_8668 EUR_8631 EUR_8469 EUR_8404


EUR_8384 EUR_8381 AT4_8026 EUR_9467 EUR_9395 EUR_9387 EUR_9383 EUR_9380

Continue viewing Cactus Classic in Photos

2014 Cactus mod buggy A Main videos


4WD mod buggy A2

We’re delighted to bring you all 6 A mains from the 2014 Cactus Classic mod buggy classes, click below to watch em all, however we’ve gone with the most intense and dramatic of them all 4WD A2, its a classic, have a watch of all the drama that unfolds!

2014 Cactus Classic videos

Click to watch all the mod buggy A Main videos

 Cactus Classic 2014

Cactus Classic Schedule:

Thursday 13th: Controlled Practice
Friday 14th:
Qualifying (2 rounds)
Saturday 15th: Qualifying (2 rounds), lower mains, LCQ for mod classes
Sunday 16th: Main events

Videos | Photos

Race results: