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Nats: Last year’s 1/8 Buggy Final


Enjoy last year’s ROAR Nationals Buggy A Main as this year’s event gets underway back in Texas!

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2014 1/8 ROAR Nats back in Texas


roarWith little to no delay after hosting a World Championship in their territory, ROAR have announced the successful candidates who have been awarded the privelage of hosting a ROAR National. The 1/8th Offroad Gas Offroad nats returns to Texas, this time to the much-anticipated Thornhill RC Raceway located in Leander Texas, just north of Austin – Home of Forumula 1 in the USA.

The return to Texas comes as a slight surprise with the 2013 Nats hosted in Porter, Texas, however having first heard about ‘The Dirt’-built track and sheer size and scale of Thornhill we applaud ROAR for the choice, its clearly one of the largest tracks in the United States, even the World?!

Fuel Off Road June 18th – June 22nd
Thornhill Racing Circuit
881 County Road 180
Leander TX 78641

1/10th Electric Off Road Aug 20th – Aug 24th
Space Coast R/C
3095 Grissom Parkway
Cocoa Fl 32926

1/8 Electric Off Road April 30th – May 4th
Gulf Coast Raceway
21768 E Knox Dr
Porter TX 77365

JC takes 3 classes at the ROAR Nats

The ROAR Off-Road Nationals, always one of the largest events on the calendar tour, made its way to Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA. The annual event allowed drivers another opportunity to test out Silver Dollar raceway before the IFMAR World Championships later this year. Kevin Jelich, long time racer and expert track builder, was brought into the A-main family to manage the National race, track condition and prep for the upcoming World Championships. The JConcepts racing team was out in full force with Jason Ruona and John Piant on hand to support the event. The Striker pop-up tent was set next to the track itself and it was a busy place all weekend long. Qualifying started on Friday with the JConcepts team getting off to a great start with Ryan Maifield taking the Round 1 TQ followed by Dustin Evans in the modified SCT class.

JC takes 3 classes at ROAR Nats

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1/10 ROAR Nats in photos


AT4_4523 AT4_4469 AT4_4497 AT4_4673 AT4_5823 AT4_5846 AT4_6097 AT4_5795

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Phend & Tessmann win Nationals


A headline that on paper is nothing special, but behind the surface it tells a story, looking back at the Gas Offroad Nats in June we were again writing about the same guys – Dakotah Phend and Ty Tessmann, the two youngsters have been displacing the ‘old guard’ in recent times and its no coincidence that they find themselves drawn to the top step of podiums.

LiveRC & Eric Swanson helps us out a bit with his report; in 2WD, World Championship collector Ryan Cavalieri TQ’d, things appeared to be nice and rosy for Team Associated up until the last minute of A1. Both Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield had a sizable lead over the rest of the pack until they ended up getting a little too racy with each other, flipped, and allowed TLR’s Dakotah Phend to slip by for the win.

AT4_5766 AT4_6115 AT4_6117 AT4_6123

Mid-way through A2 — with the Ryans battling yet again — Dakotah Phend was able to capitalize on Cavalieri and Maifield’s errors yet again by cruising past them as they collided after a triple. Phend led from there on out despite a late charge from Ryan Maifield. Cavalieri would go onto win A3 and take 2nd whilst Dustin Evans took 3rd.

Result: 1. Dakotah Phend, 2. Ryan Cavalieri, 3. Dustin Evans, 4. Ryan Maifield, 5. Ty Tessmann, 6. Ryan Lutz, 7. Kody Numedahl, 8. Jared Tebo, 9. Steven Hartson, 10. Billy Fischer


LiveRC & Eric Swanson write, 4WD was the class with the most drama today. While it appeared that Dakotah Phend might be able to mount a charge on TQ Ty Tessmann after seeing his speed in Q3 yesterday, no challenge ever materialized from Phend as he ended up getting punted off the track in A1 and had consistency problems in A2. He ended up 5th overall.

AT4_5994 AT4_5795 AT4_5982 AT4_5988

Racing wise, Hot Bodies Ty Tessmann cruised to a relatively easy victory. Where the drama begins is after the race when an unnamed manufacturer filed a protest on behalf of one of their drivers whom was not in the A-main. The protest involved whether or not Ty’s car met ROAR specifications for battery fitment. The rules claim that a chassis must be configured to accept either a full-size battery or a saddle-pack. It is rumored that Ty was using a shorty pack — which is legal, however, not if the chassis will only accept the length of a shorty pack.

Regardless of the validity of their concerns, the protest was thrown out due to it being illegal for a driver to protest a race that they weren’t in.

Result: 1. Ty Tessmann, 2. Ryan Cavalieri, 3. Ryan Lutz, 4. Jared Tebo, 5. Dakotah Phend, 6. Carson Wernimont, 7. Dustin Evans, 8. Tyler Vik, 9. Barry Baker, 10. Ryan Maifield


HB D413 details revealed


Whilst Ty Tessmann impressively leads qualifying in 4WD with the HB D413, we caught up with it’s designer, Torrance Deguzman who shared a few titbits of information on the car that everyone wants to sneak a cheeky peak at… First off testing initially started back in April, however significant changes meant that the current prototype Ty is running was actually raced for the first time (run in a private test the day after) only at the Hot Rod Hobbies shootout a few weeks ago, we hear the car is planned for general release at the end of the year, perhaps with a World title behind it to boost potential sales? Hopefully we didn’t jinx it…

AT4_4792 AT4_4849 AT4_4964 AT4_4986

The suspension arms are carried over from the D413’s overgrown cousin, 1/8 scale off road D812 with the carbon fiber stiffeners. The target is to be able to drive at 110% while not having to worry about breaking anything, which is often the case with 1/10 scale cars when driven on or past the limit. The car comes with metal diff gears.

If you look closely at the pictures you’ll notice 3 screws on each side (visible at the top of the side pods, by the Pro-Line & Much More stickers). This is actually due to the body being split into four separate pieces –  the nose, the cockpit or cab and the sidepods. Due to the undercut shape of the sidepods the body cannot be moulded as one piece as it would be impossible to remove it from the body mould – how long before we might see more of this on other cars and classes?

The undercut is a result of the chassis being narrower than the upper outer edges of the sidepods. That allows the chassis to be narrow which is great for corners as the chassis doesn’t bottom out, while the body is still wide which helps in the air when jumping.

AT4_5153 AT4_5342 AT4_4792 AT4_4800

Tessmann’s 1/10 Nats Q1 TQ video

Video of 4WD pacesetter Ty Tessmann on his way to TQ’ing round 1 of 4WD Mod buggy at the 1/10 ROAR EL Offroad Nats at Silver Dollar RC Raceway

1/10 ROAR EL Nats Quali update


Courtesy of LiveRC.com & Eric Swanson:

Half of the qualifying program was run today and in nearly all of the classes we already have people who have secured a share of TQ. That isn’t exactly what we were expecting to see given the difficulty drivers seemed to have yesterday. Going into today, clean runs seemed like they would be kept to a minimum.

In the prestigious 2WD Modified division, Ty Tessmann stuck first by crashing the least. Tessmann — who is extremely good at getting consistent during racing conditions — looked much smoother than he did in practice yesterday. Meanwhile, Ryan Cavalieri appeared to have lost a little of the consistency that he showcased yesterday.

In Q2, the Associated team came surging back to the front with Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalieri finishing one-two respectively- only a fraction of a second apart.

AT4_5201 AT4_5153 AT4_5156 AT4_5166

2WD Mod buggy Top 15 after Q2:
1. Ryan Maifield, 2. Ty Tessmann, 3. Ryan Cavalieri, 4. Dustin Evans, 5. Dakotah Phend, 6. Steven Hartson, 7. Jared Tebo, 8. Mike Truhe, 9. Kody Numedahl, 10. Billy Fischer, 11. Barry Baker, 12. JR Mitch, 13. Drew Moller, 14. Cody King, 15. Tyler Vik

4WD, Ty Tessmann rode his new D413 buggy right through the field in both rounds of qualifying today to put the prototype car in at least a share of the TQ position for the weekend. The car looked every bit as good as it did yesterday and looks to be hard to beat if he can stay clean. Ryan Maifield’s Associated B44.2 is the strongest looking contender to Tessmann at this point.

4WD Mod buggy Top 15 after Q2:
1. Ty Tessmann, 2. Ryan Maifield, 3. Jared Tebo, 4. Carson Wernimont, 5. Dakotah Phend, 6. Barry Baker, 7. Ryan Lutz, 8. Rick Hohwart, 9. Cody King, 10. Chris Jarosz, 11. Curtis Door, 12. Travis Amezcua, 13. Brian Strange, 14. Tanner Denney, 15. Tyler Vik

AT4_5214 AT4_5258 AT4_5261 AT4_5274 AT4_5295 AT4_5298 AT4_5312 AT4_5313

Dakotah Phend won both “A” heats of truck handily, and has locked himself into the front row of the grid on Sunday.Noticeably absent from the truck class are both Ryan Maifield and Dustin Evans, whom chose to run Mod SCT instead. This is most likely the result of ROAR’s rule that drivers can only run three classes at the event. In my opinion, this is hurting both Mod Truck and Mod SCT and should be done away with, but I’ll save that rant for another time.

Speaking of Mod SCT and Ryan Maifield, the Associated/Reedy/JConcepts driver showed why he is the poster boy for all things short course that get released by Associated and JConcepts. After battling with Dustin Evans in Q1 and Q2, Maifield captured both the zeros and a share of TQ with his SC10.2. Again, kind of a watered down field, unfortunately. But, like Mod Truck, I have a feeling that the TQ’s results would not have been affected by the influx of missing drivers had the “three classes only” rule not been in place.

Text – LiveRC.com & Eric Swanson | More Photos here

AT4_5504 AT4_5518 AT4_5362 AT4_5443


Thursday Practice at 1/10 ROAR Nats


Thursday practice update from the 1/10 ROAR Nats in Chico, CA, a few more photos of the ‘batmobile’ D413 – Ty Tessmann’s weapon of choice going into this event in 4WD, it appears to have a carbon chassis, flat arms with carbon reinforcing plates like it’s bigger brother the D812.

And with a little help from Eric Swanson & Live RC, their report on Thursday’s proceedings;

Most everyone has chosen the mid-motor configuration for their 2WD cars. The lone exception amongst the top contenders is Dakotah Phend. Phend had ran a mid-motor car during the morning practice session but quickly abandoned the effort and switched back to the rear-motor car. Phend said the main reason for choosing the rear motor car was familiarity and lack of time to get used to the mid-motor car.

AT4_4871 AT4_4872 AT4_4879 AT4_4882

From what I have seen here this week, the mid-motor cars do not look like they suite aggressive driving styles whatsoever. They look like they require an extra amount of precision in comparison to the traditional configuration. One thing I noticed while watching Phend today was that he was instantly able to attack the track much harder with the rear-motor car. If the car got out of shape he was able to correct it much easier than the drivers using the mid-motor cars. The down side was that he had to drive more “point-to-point,” which — on this type of surface — is extremely hard to do cleanly due to the car’s desire to tip and grip the high-bite surface in an unusual manner during corner transitions. Even still, Phend is showing more than enough pace to contend. Word is he is still making changes to his car to make it less aggressive and more easy to drive. Keep an eye on his ability to stay consistent tomorrow… that will be the key to his success or failure.

AT4_4964 AT4_4985 AT4_4986 AT4_5023

One person who apparently is plenty familiar with the mid-motor configuration is Ryan Cavalieri. The defending national and world champion looks (in my opinion) to be the best car on the track.

Cavalieri’s teammate Ryan Maifield also looks quick, however his car just doesn’t look as “rooted” in the racing grove as Cavalieri’s. Perhaps Maifield — one of the most aggressive drivers in the history of the sport — would look more comfortable with a rear-motor car? But then again, this is Ryan Maifield- and when have we ever seen him run smooth and precise in practice?

AT4_5061 AT4_5094 AT4_5114 AT4_5117

TLR’s Dustin Evans looks fast, but not nearly as comfortable as Cavalieri. Same with Jared Tebo.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the mid-motor cars is that they have a tendency to be very skatey going into corners and when landing jumps. Every single mid-motor car I watched had these characteristics. However, I think some were better at hiding these tendencies than others. (see: Cavalieri)
In the 4WD division, the only real thing of note I have for you is that Ty Tessmann‘s new car looks dialed. I saw it pull two wheelies today. Also, it broke during one of his runs and I swear there were shocks and towers hanging broken. Low and behold, Ty pulls it in, Gord starts snapping things together and just like that he was back on the track. Could the car be made out of Legos? (For the reading impaired, that was a joke)

We also talked with Torrence Deguzman (Hot Bodies engineer) about the car and he said that the main thing they had in mind when building it was to make it more durable than a typical 4WD buggy. It will be interesting to see what type of things they have built into the new car to adhere to this ideology.
Text & ideas: LiveRC.com / Eric Swanson

AT4_5119 AT4_5121 AT4_5137 AT4_5143 DSC_0824 AT4_4912 AT4_4916 AT4_4926

Makin’ Noise – Cody Smith


Author: Sean Gaffney | Images: Rugspin Graphix & NeoBuggy
This is a feature meant to highlight drivers who have been Makin’ Noise in the nitro and electric offroad RC racing scene.  If you’re ‘Makin’ Noise‘, you’re an up-and-comer that’s shown great talent, dialed driving, and smokin’ fast lap times.  So if you’ve been dominating around your club, finishing well at national and international events, send us your info and you just might be Makin’ Noise soon.


Cody Smith – USA

Cody’s a SoCal local out of Apple Valley, CA who calls Coyote Hobbies his home track.  All that 2wd practice has made Smith exponentially faster over the last two years, but he’s really hit his groove in 2013 with his Kyosho MP9 TKI3.  Smith is fresh off a great 2nd place finish just behind Drake at Round 5 of the Grass Roots Series put on by Thunder Alley, Palm Desert, and Pro-Line – three premier SoCal tracks.

This gave Smith a lot of confidence just 2 weeks before he flew out to Porter, TX, his sights set on the top 20.  Smith spoke about his ROAR Nationals event:

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Cody Smith - in the pits

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 2013 ROAR Offroad Nats

2013 Gas Offroad ROAR Nats

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2012 Defending Champions:
Truck - Ty Tessmann - HB / OS / Pro-Line
Buggy - Ty Tessmann - HB / OS / Pro-Line

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