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2013 IFMAR Worlds News

2013 IFMAR Worlds: The Video

The world’s top off-road buggy racers competed at A Main Hobbies Silver Dollar R/C Raceway for the IFMAR World Championships. See how it all went down as two new world champions were crowned.

Probably one of the best videos promoting RC Racing ever – NeoBuggy

Source: A Main Hobbies

HPI interview Ty Tessmann


Main chassis sponsor HPI Racing, took a moment with their star driver Ty Tessmann & sat him down for an interview after handing the HB D413 a 3rd place in 4WD on it’s World Championship debut last month.

HPI: First things first: the designer of the D413, Torrance Deguzman, says that he designed the car to be super-durable so that drivers can feel confident about pushing 100% without fear of breaking. How long did it take for you to get used to driving full-bore around the track? Were there any big changes to your driving style required?

Ty: I was able to drive the car like I drive my 1/8 scale so it wasn’t hard for me, when I drove my previous 4WD cars I felt that I couldn’t push the car, if I had to make a pass like taking a jump long or jumping a curb I didn’t have the confidence that the car could take it. I had to drive accordingly, if I got behind I basically had to hope for the other driver to crash I just couldn’t go any faster. With the D413 I have the confidence that no matter what I throw at it, it isn’t going to break so that if I have to step it up a bit I don’t really give the car’s durability a second thought. This is very important in mains when it comes to side by side racing.

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Under the Hood & setups 2WD Top 3


AT4_1066 AT4_1070 AT4_1072 AT4_1073 AT4_1080 AT4_1081 AT4_1083 AT4_1086 AT4_1088 AT4_1092 AT4_1098 AT4_1100


AT4_1008 AT4_0979 AT4_0981 AT4_0982 AT4_0987 AT4_0988 AT4_0990 AT4_0991 AT4_0993 AT4_1000 AT4_1002 AT4_1007


AT4_0965 AT4_0966 AT4_1053 AT4_1060 AT4_1014 AT4_1019 AT4_1025 AT4_1026 AT4_1030 AT4_1036 AT4_1040 AT4_1043

2WD Top 3: Buy what won!

2013 IFMAR World Championship hosts A Main Hobbies are celebrating the podium finishers of the 2WD leg of the event by offering special deals on the gear that Jared Tebo, Lee Martin and Ryan Maifield ran! Check it out now!



2015 IFMAR Worlds at Yatabe Arena


The World Famous indoor Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba, Japan have been announced as the host hosts of the next 10th scale Offroad electric IFMAR Worlds, the news came as IFMAR held their AGM for the electric section on September 26th while attending the Worlds last week in Chico, CA – The dates have also been set September 26th – October 3rd 2015.

Expect Yokomo and Naoto Matsukura to be strong as Jared Tebo and Steven Hartson will travel to the land of the rising sun to defending their respective titles!

See: Yatabe Arena

at4_0354 at4_0377 at4_1504 at4_0352

4WD Worlds Finals day video


IFMAR Worlds Videos


Under the Hood: Steven Hartson WC


Steven Hartson (21) – California, USA

Chassis: Team Associated B44.2
Motor: LRP X20 7.5
Batteries: Reedy Wolf Pack
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKS | XP1015
Notes: AVID RC Chassis & Gear Diffs. 2013 IFMAR 1/10th Offroad 4WD World Champion


AT4_3488 AT4_3490 AT4_3495 AT4_3496 AT4_3497 AT4_3498 AT4_3499 AT4_3501 AT4_3504 AT4_3507 AT4_3508 AT4_3509

Hartson wins A3 Thriller: World Champion


After two slightly unusual A Mains, the Thriller landed in our laps as three of the Worlds hopefuls ended up blasting it out in the closing stages.

Another clean start led away by Jorn Neumann as he looked to lock down a World title however a massive mistake cost him as he landed badly off the small table top allowing Cavalieri to pass – Cav not in with a chance to win overall but this setup an interesting dilemma, Tessmann right behind and then AE team mate Steven Hartson in 3rd from 6th on the grid.


The trio raced lap after lap with Tessmann shadowing Cav whilst also holding off Hartson right behind snapping up any scraps should the leading pair tangle. The big moment happened  3 mins in as Cavalieri got the step up corner infront of the drivers stand wrong allowing Tessmann and Hartson to duel it out for a World Championship, a collective gasp of excitement from the crowd ensued. Tessmann looked to soak up Hartson’s pressure like a sponge, however with 1:20 left on the clock it happened: Tessmann got a bad entry to the triple double went wide and landed on the top of a jump, Hartson inch perfect swept by on the inside, able to smell a World Championship, however that wasn’t the end of the drama as Tessmann desperate to atone for the mistake forced his D413 into top gear to pressure Hartson. For the penultimate lap Hartson had the lead but again going into the flat DTM section he rolled it, landing luckily on his wheels but losing ground to Tessmann who now had a World title in sight, at this point Naoto had caught up to 4th just behind Cav in P3, Cav showed great sporting driving pulling aside to let Naoto through, setting up an 30 second EPIC showdown for a World Title.


AT4_3298 AT4_3331 AT4_3276 EUR_3052 EUR_3083 EUR_3099 EUR_2989 EUR_2993

As Tessmann led around he had a small gap to Hartson, however a wheelie on the banked corner ended in disaster as his car grip rolled and overturned, he managed to save it onto all four but lost the critical lead also allowing Naoto into 2nd. With no time left seemingly the momentum seemed to lie with Naoto, slicing his way though the field chasing down Hartson on the last lap, the pair drag raced down the straight and Naoto sent his car flying like a ballistic missile over the triple double collecting Hartson in the process. Both cars landing roof down but critically Hartson’s Associated held together whilst Naoto broke. Hartson rolled the last few corners and crossed the line as the new 4WD World Champion.



 2013 IFMAR Worlds

2013 IFMAR Worlds

Sunday 22nd:
Registration, Opening Ceremony
Monday 23rd:
Tuesday 24th:
Practice, 4 Quali rounds
Wednesday 25th: Q5, Finals

Thursday 26th: Registration
Friday 27th:
Saturday 28th:
Practice, 4 Quali rounds
Sunday 29th:
Q5, Finals

Defending IFMAR Champions:
2WD - Ryan Cavalieri - AE/Orion
4WD - Ryan Cavalieri - AE/Orion

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