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Ronnefalk Overall TQ at the Euros

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David Ronnefalk bookended qualifying with his 3rd TQ, having had a bit of a duff Q4 with mistakes Ronnefalk steered his planted Kyosho MP9 buggy expertly round the low grip Reims track, overcoming a slight hearstop moment when his car donkey flipped on the log section. The result saw the order of the top 16 for the most part remain unchanged, Yannick Aigoin moving ahead of his brother Jerome; practice TQ who narrowly missed crashing into one of our on-track photographers in Q5. World Champion Robert Batlle sits 2nd overall and whilst pleased still has the vibes of a racer that isn’t quite 100% comfortable with the traction of his car. Reno Savoya – TQ of Q4 ended qualifying round 5 in 13th after an off-par performance. Martin Bayer would finish 4th in Q5 which sees him in 6th overall whilst ‘ol-timer’ Yannick Aigoin will start in P2 behind Batlle in the other semi, elsewhere standout showings for Renaud Monin – the mugen driver shadowing Batlle for many of the rounds, not so hot for Elliott Boots down in 11th, TQ of the Worlds has struggled on this unique surface but still makes the semi infront of top privateer Christoffer Svensson in 13th followed by Mr NeilBuggy Neil Cragg, Bryan Baldo and 2003’s European Champion Miguel Matias just scraping into the semis in 16th.

Link: Overall Qualifying | Friday Photos



Savoya storms to Q4 TQ

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Reno Savoya’s qualifying has gone from strength to strength, after an underperforming first round ‘the Shark’ is clearly hungry for blood as he took 3rd in Q2, 2nd in Q3 and finally TQ’d Q4, edging out provisional TQ Jorn Neumann in the process, Yannick Aigoin in the same heat as Reno just missed out despite a mistake-free run. Robert Batlle had a decent run in 4th having done a lot of overnight work on his car changing diff oils, he would have TQ’d had it not been for a 43.2 sec lap where he spun out and just managed to land his car the right way up, yesterday’s Dominant David Ronnefalk had a bit of a disaster round, already under pressure on lap 1 with a 42 sec lap the Swede then continued onto a messy run by his standards ending up in unlucky P13 – however he still sits ontop with his previous results. Along with the usual bunch, the main name that sticks out is young Davide Ongaro, putting in a stunning time, good enough for P6 – the Italian star duly impressing many onlookers with that one.

Its no surprise given the nature of the track that the racing has closed up, not getting faster but as racers improve in consistency, the details start to matter more and more; in the case of 9th-16th – the separation is 1 second, whilst at the top 3, its 1.5secs. Going into the last round we have the following situation below, bear in mind the tiebreaker is points, so the pressure is on Ronnefalk to secure a 2nd or better in Q5.

David Ronnefalk: TQ, TQ, 2nd (13th)
Reno Savoya: TQ, 2nd, 3rd (6th)
Robert Batlle: TQ, 2nd, 4th (8th)

Standings after Q4:

1. David Ronnefalk, 2. Reno Savoya, 3. Robert Batlle, 4. Yannick Aigoin, 5. Jerome Aigoin, 6. Lee Martin, 7. Martin Bayer, 8. Jorn Neumann, 9. Renaud Monin, 10. Elliott Boots, 11. Bryan Baldo, 12. Jerome Sartel, 13. Neil Cragg, 14. Miguel Matias, 15. Christoffer Svensson, 16. Joe Quagraine

Q4 Top 17:
1. SAVOYA Renaud 8/05:23.16
2. AIGOIN Yannick 8/05:24.27
3. NEUMANN Jorn 8/05:24.42
4. BATLLE Robert 8/05:24.91
5. MARTIN Lee 8/05:26.78
6. ONGARO Davide 8/05:27.85
7. AIGOIN Jerome 8/05:28.42
8. BAYER Martin 8/05:28.74
9. CRAGG Neil 8/05:29.76
10. MATHIAS Miguel 8/05:30.04
11. MONIN Renaud 8/05:30.05
12. MARCELINO Andres 8/05:30.20
13. RONNEFALK David 8/05:30.30
14. HERNANDEZ Borja 8/05:30.54
15. ZANCHETTIN Alex 8/05:30.61
16. VALTER Romain 8/05:30.77
17. BOOTS Elliot 8/05:31.54

Under the Hood: Martin Bayer

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Martin Bayer (25) – Czech Republic

Chassis: XRAY XB9
Engine: LRP
Tyres: AKA
Fuel:  LRP
Radio & Servos: Futaba

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Interview with overnight TQ Ronnefalk

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Q2 Quali laps: Boots & Batlle

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Ronnefalk in charge after Q3

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David Ronnefalk stamped his authority on the first three rounds of qualifying at the 2013 Euros as he TQ’d Q1 & Q3 and took a close 2nd place in Q2 to Robert Batlle, the Swedish youngster is no stranger to the Euros limelight having featured heavily at the sharp end in the final last year; pipped during the last minutes however, he spoke of his desire to perform and atone and so he leaves many runners scratching their hands as to where he is finding the speed. From round to round the track changed significantly, not least due to ambient changes in temperature, arguably starting out the fastest in the cool morning, look out for an interview with Ronnefalk soon.

Standings after Q3 | Thursday Photos | Ronnefalk’s Q1 TQ Video


NeilBuggy – Craggy’s Quali lowdown


Hey guy’s, Phil asked for a mid-race report, so after lengthy contract negotiations……. we settled on two beers, here it is!
First off the facilities are pretty awesome, everything you want for an international event, pretty much everything you need as a racer is catered for, big thumbs up! The track is cool if a little strange, lots of little technical jump sections topped off with very little grip which instantly makes it a lot more difficult.
So far practice and the first half of qualifying has thrown up no surprises, the fast guy’s are still fast and the slow guy’s are still slow! At the top we have a pretty dominant display from Ronnefalk, his car looks $h1t-hot going round and is defo the man to beat. Battlle started slow in practice and got faster and faster as we’ve progressed, classic Battlle, he’ll be there or thereabouts when trophies are being handed out!
A host of frenchies are looking good at the minute, Yannick, Savoya and Jerome, fast and consistent, again they’ll be there at the business end come Saturday. As for the Brits Leeroy looking good for a semi/main, Bootsies looking like Bootsie, ridiculously fast and out of control, topped off by a few crashes! He’ll be in the main though no problems. Bloomfields had a bit of a mixed bag, looked fast at times but struggled at times, not seen the spark from last year…….yet. I started off pretty crap, having the stick on my radio break in first practice always helps! Also driving a bit sh1t doesn’t help either…… We’ve improved slowly but steadily though so hopefully I’ll be competitive by finals time.
I’m backing Ronnefalk to win come Saturday, looks completely in control and way faster than everyone else, but as they say anything can happen.
Take it easy and I’ll try and do another mini update if I get time.
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Under the Hood: Elliott Boots

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Elliott Boots (20) – UK

Chassis: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3
Engine: Novarossi Keep Off 7
Tyres: ProLine Ion M4, standard Insert
Fuel:  VP Powermaster
Radio & Servos: Sanwa exzes, Sanwa SRG C2
Notes: Elliott is running the new servo saver arm and new steering servo alloy arm as well.

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 2013 1/8 Buggy European Championships



2013 1/8 Buggy European Championships

Tuesday 9th: Free Practice (3 Rnds)
Wednesday 10th:
Timed Practice (2 Rnds)
Thursday 11th:
Qualifying (Q1, Q2, Q3)
Friday 12th:
Qualifying (Q4, Q5), 2048th-128ths
Saturday 13th:
Finals, Main Final @ 16:00

Past European Champions:
2012: Darren Bloomfield - UK - TLR/Novarossi/AKA
2011: Robert Batlle - Spain - Mugen/Novarossi/ProCircuit
2010: Reno Savoya - France - Mugen/RB/Pro-Line

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