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2013 Euro B News

Costas Agrafiotis wins at Euro B

Costas Agrafiotis wins the Over 40 Final with JQ Products THE Car Value Edition! A great appearance from Costas proves that THE Car is fast and reliable, for all ages! Full Report to follow soon!

Costas Agrafiotis wins at Euro B

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2013 Euro-B Final video


Watch on YouTube or Vimeo

We bring you the full length 45 minute video from a damp final at the 2013 European B Championships in Sacile Italy. See Race writeup | Sunday photo Gallery | Video Playlist

Baruffolo dominates Euro-B Final


During practice and qualifying we witnessed flashes of speed from RB/RB/RB/RB/RB/RB/RB…. (you get the picture!) driver Marco Baruffolo, amongst other things claiming Q3, although it was home driver Davide Ongaro who claimed the headlines with overall TQ. Baruffolo began to show his cards in his semi as he put in a crushing cruise control drive, pulling a massive gap, this ominous sign saw him start out on pole for the final. Mother nature however had one final flurry as 15mins of rain doused the track somewhat, however the awesome Ongaroring track crew were quickly at it slinging copious amounts of sawdust on the damp patches of track soaking it up. The final got underway with drivers struggling with the tricky changeable conditions, mastering it better than most though, Baruffolo out in front in P1, Ongaro challenged early on however a bad tangle reduced him to a lowly last place – not on the script. Ongaro struggled to recover – not helped by an engine stop on lap 21 – driving robustly but making costly mistakes, he would eventually battle his way through the field and end up 5th. Out front Baruffolo had a gap, during the first and second pitstops Stocco briefly took the lead however on a different strategy but that went out the window when Stocco’s car stopped out on track. This promoted Oscar Baldo to P2, Jurgen Trieb was another that featured in the top until his engine stopped in pitlane, he was soon out again though. Brit Tony Truman finished 6th overall with a flame out, without that a P4 may have been on the cards. Coming in 12th, last year’s Euro B Champion Alessandro Magi – returning like a Jedi master to school the youngsters, however his car was consigned to the Dark Side of  retirement after only 37 laps in the final.

A worthy win for Baruffolo who excelled when the track and weather conditions changed, his all RB combo – including the special suspension system ADS doing the business in Italy. Thanks to EFRA, the Ongaro family and a great Press room!


Final Overall Results


EUR_7663 EUR_7652 EUR_7622 EUR_7616 EUR_7534 EUR_7580 EUR_7613 EUR_7319


EUR_7121 EUR_7130 EUR_7357 EUR_7370EUR_7439

Many more available in Sundays Gallery

Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo

RIC_5699 copia

Marco Baruffolo – Italy

Chassis: RB One R
Engine: RB BXR
Tyres: RB Cyclone soft / Dragon medium
Fuel:  RB Fuel
Radio & Servos: KoProPo
Notes & more: Q3 Top Qualifier, 4th overall at 2013 Euro-B
Video of Marco TQ’ing qualifying round 3

RIC_5704 copia RIC_5716 copia RIC_5715 copia RIC_5714 copia RIC_5710 copia RIC_5707 copia RIC_5705 copia ric_6263 copia


Ongaro TQ as the heavens open

ric_6278 copia


Quaifying didn’t produce the biggest of surprises with Davide Ongaro claiming the top spot early on, although the rain arriving at 18:00 was not in the script, not only rain but HEAVY rain, the type of rain you get in Africa and in MTV videos with the word ‘rain’ in the title. Cue EFRA’s majestic Media man Mat McCallum and the montage!

So back to the nitro monsters with four wheels, Q3 TQ Marco Baruffolo suffered an engine stop after the curved double double, he then gave up on that round and practiced a pitstop ahead of the finals. We’ll update later once the overalls are posted and we’ve successfully navigated our way across the various lakes in the pits towards the mudbog carpark!

Top 44 below, no online overall…



EUR_6606 EUR_6617 EUR_6618 EUR_6619

Q3 video: Baruffolo, Ongaro

Baruffolo storms to Q3 TQ

ric_6263 copia

Round three and a change at the top, with Marco Baruffolo TQ’ing by 7/10ths over Davide Ongaro, it would have been Ongaro’s round if he hadn’t have been for two crashes at the start and one late on, despite this he laid a pretty astonishing 39.357 laptime, all of 2.7secs quicker than P2 in his heat, Alessandro Stocco’s fastest lap. Capitilising on Ongaro’s mishaps was Baruffolo as he edged the top spot with a very consistent run – overcoming his Q2 problem. Once again both running the ADS system by RB, tyre wise Ongaro stuck with the medium Cyclone tyre, finding it faster but edgier, whilst Baruffolo went with the medium compound Dragon tyre – reporting back that it was comfortable and safe. Both drivers are right at home on this track, neither doing much setup change, Eric Aita of RB explained the tyre testing, likening the track to that of the Euro A in 2011 in Sand, Germany, a similar kind of surface (some may recall Marcel Guske’s heroics in the last round of quali at that event running RB tyres).

Alberto Papa recovered  after performing well in practice, taking 3rd with Jeremy Pittet 4th and Alessandro Stocco 5th, Jurgen Trieb 6th, Alessandro Magi 7th, Jimmy Weimann 8th, Andrea Giorgietti, 10th Rene Kargl.

Saturday Photos | Standings after Q3

Ongaro TQs Q2 – Euro B


Q2 and the same old story with young Mr Davide Ongaro once again showing everyone that he’s the undisputed king of his own backyard or rather field that we’re racing in. Ongaro set a time two seconds slower than his Q1 result and its hard to see how anyone could unseat him at the top unless he has issues, last year’s defending Champ Alesandro Magi rose to the occasion with a time 2 seconds shy of Ongaro, he celebrated the improvement over Q1 by inviting us to a lovely Italian ‘racing lunch’ consisting of a bit of red wine, some bread, cheeses and meats – very Euro! And sophisticated!

Standout performance of Q2 however goes to Swede David Hassel – perhaps hes one to… hassle Ongaro (apologies for terrible pun) as he claimed 2nd in the round, Oscar Baldo took P3 but missed out on 8 laps by 9/10ths, Martin Hansen once again backed up his Q1 credentials claiming 5th. Missing from the top in Q2 was Marco Baruffolo – the RB runner on a frantic pace but a flame out opposite the drivers stand cost him. This leaves Ongaro with two TQ’s and with half an eye on terrible weather expected tomorrow, sitting pretty at the top. If he nets another good result the shy youngster Ongaro should have TQ wrapped up early.

Q1 Standings | After Q2Saturday Photo Gallery

1. Davide ongaro
2. Alesssandro magi
3. David hassel
4. Oscar baldo
5. Robin Frischkopf
6. Martin Hansen
7. Giovanni del Prete
8. Robert Raphael
9. Andreas Scharinger
10. Cyrille Baldini

 2013 European-B Championships

2013 European-B Championships

Friday 7th: Practice (2x free, 2x last 5 mins timed)
Saturday 8th:
Qualifying (4 rounds), 1/512 Final A, B
Sunday 9th:
Finals, Semis @ 15:00, Final @ 16:45 (GMT+1) 

Videos | Photos | History

Race results & Timing