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Tebo dominates 2WD Worlds Practice

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For the day’s last round of practice (controlled practice round 2) Tebo reverted back to his shaft’ 2WD buggy that he set his fastest lap with in Rd 3 of free practice (17.205), and he was fast from the off closely matched by Neil Cragg for pace as well as Kyosho team mate Naoto Matsukura who would go onto set the benchmark fastest lap of 17.089. Judging naively on laptime alone, it would seem we have a ‘top 3’ to watch Tebo, Naoto and Cragg.

Tebo finally made the call to go with the shaft car, we hear that he believed the laydown gear car had reached it’s potential limit (17.3 sec laptime), however the shaft car right from the off was just as fast, if not faster, and has even more pace in it.

IMG_2513 IMG_2514 ECSA1760 ECSA1766

Tebo started off his blistering run but perhaps adjusting to the character of the shaft car saw him make a few small errors including a huge off at the start of the straight, however the defending 2WD Champion recovered and raced closely with Cragg. Neil wouldn’t be so lucky as on lap 14 coming round the same corner he would clip the outside of the straight and break the rear of his car, not to worry as he will seed 3rd for tomorrow behind Naoto. That said, Tebo looked mighty quick with a car he drove only for the 2nd time round the Yatabe track…

ECSA2235 ECSA2223 ECSA2228 ECSA2229ECSA1919ECSA1809ECSA1810ECSA1939

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Climbing up from 11th after Rd1 was Ryan Cavalieri, seeding himself in 4th with Jorn Neumann just behind driving the Serpent prototype, Ryan Maifield top TLR in 6th whilst Schumacher’s hopes rest with Poland’s talented Michal Orlowski, AE designer Kody Numedahl in 8th whilst Yusuke Suguira sits 9th and Spencer Rivkin impressing by taking 10th. Best of the rest going to Kyle McBride, not a 1/10th scale regular but proving the AE car works.


What is however rather alarming first and foremost is the total lack of Yokomo cars in the top 10 – Marc Rheinard hauling the team into 12th, whilst one of the favourites going into the event Lee Martin seeded himself an unlucky 13th, we hope his fortunes improve towards Tuesday. On the flipside a great run from 1/8th nitro European Champ Elliott Boots in 16th, dialling down his unforgettable style to a more restrained 2WD pace, we’re impressed.

A bit of tough day, potential event for HB team and their D216, Ronnefalk suffering issues in both rounds of controlled practice whilst Ty Tessmann finds himself in unfamiliar territory down in 21st, however the 5 min game gets going tomorrow which is rather different to stringing 3x 17 sec laps together.

Overall Seeding after Controlled Practice [PDF]


Video: Controlled Practice Rd 1 – Top Heat

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Tebo continues practice pace mission

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Jared Tebo once again continued to top the field as Neil Cragg refound his form, with the top 3 fastest laptimes 1 Jared Tebo 17.306, 2 Neil Cragg 17.349 and 3 Jörn Neumann 17.364. However with free practice concluded we had our first taste of something a bit more serious as… Controlled Practice kicked off. Tebo showed he was a man on a mission setting the track on fire however it was Neil Cragg who would post the marginally faster time over 5 mins.

Controlled Practice Rd 1 (Top 3 fastest laps)
1. Jared Tebo – Kyosho – 52.641
2. Neil Cragg – Associated – 52.816
3. Naoto Matsukura – Kyosho – 52.835
4. Jorn Neumann – Serpent – 52.849
5. Ryan Maifield – TLR – 52.905
6. Michael Orlowski – Schumacher – 53.048
7. Kody Numedahl – Associated – 53.111
8. Spencer Rivkin – Associated – 53.179
9. Kyle McBride – Associated – 53.219
10. Marc Rheinard – Yokomo – 53.222

IMG_2509 IMG_2510 IMG_2511

Tebo sets opening 2WD practice pace


Through the first two rounds Jared Tebo’s pace shone through as he set the benchmark in practice 1 as well as practice two with a 17.499 sec laptime, however first man to dip below the 18 sec laptime was Dakotah Phend in the heat before, before Tebo stamped some authority clicking off no less than 5 17 sec laptimes, he said afterwards however he tried a different motor and found the timing of the sections a little tough… Next fastest Neil Cragg with 17.762, Naoto 17.840, Jorn 17.876 and Cavalieri with 17.889.


Round 3 and pacesetter Tebo opted to run his ‘other’ car – according to the pit grapevine – a shaft driven prototype specially built for the event, impressively he again lowered the best laptime, now to 17.205, with Dakotah Phend holding onto his time 17.422 from the previous heat, Naoto running the ‘conventional’ Kyosho laydown gear car 3rd quickest. We caught up with Tebo who was happy with his run but would likely keep playing around with the gear car and dial it in.

ECSA1669 ECSA1647 ECSA1653 ECSA1655

Cragg felt that he didn’t drive well in P3, changing a braking setup ever so slightly he would likely return to his P2 setup. Not so for pre event favourite Lee Martin who seems slightly off colour and lacking in front-running pace, the Brit not gelling with the track fully and definitely not a fan of the blind table top up ramp. Not so for Yokomo team mate Carson Wernimont who looks more at ease with a best lap of 17.7 and driving with confidence.

ECSA1503 ECSA1581 ECSA1584 ECSA1501

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Confidence and speed seems to be lacking in the HB camp, the D216 design appears to be struggling with the demands of the astroturf track, both Tessmann and Ronnefalk unable to do sub 18 sec laptimes something which is quite visible on track, changes of direction and overall pace is lagging, at this early stage in the game, they will need to up their game in order to make Tuesday’s A final.

2WD Practice Round 3:
1 Jared Tebo 17.205
2 Dakotah Phend 17.422
3 Naoto Matsukura 17.574
4 Yusuke Sugiura 17.583
5 Neil Cragg 17.626
6 Ryan Cavalieri 17.653
7 Steven Hartson 17.766
8 Ryan Maifield 17.774
9 Carson Wernimont 17.788
10 Martin Bayer 17.832
11 Marc Rheinard 17.959
12 Kody Numedahl 17.961
13 Lee Martin 18.078
14 Ty Tessman 18.103
15 Michal Orlowski 18.125
16 Jörn Neumann 18.13
17 Dustin Evans 18.224
18 Patrick Hofer 18.288
19 David Ronnefalk 18.357
20 Hupo Hnigl 18.361

Video: Practice Rd 2, Tebo, Lee, Cragg

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Ronnefalk, Tessmann with HB D216 practice video

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Video: Lee & Neil’s Worlds Track Guide

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2015 Worlds: Day 1 Done

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A quiet and chilled start to an event that promises much in the way of news – not only with racers getting their first glimpses of the novel track surface, but also getting their programs ready, glueing tyres, (sanding wheels that were too wide that failed tech… quite a lot) and glimpses of many a prototype built to handle the specific demands of this astro layout.

Expect a track guide video soon from our residents Lee Martin & Neil Cragg, discussing the ins and outs of the surface, lack of bumps, corner dots, blind take offs and sweet landers not to mention the high shelf of the drivers stand which has created a bit of a stir. Track action commences tomorrow so stay tuned till then.

ECSA1403 ECSA1404 ECSA1405 ECSA14062015_ifmar_worlds_sponsorsECSA1402 ECSA1399 ECSA1398 ECSA1391 ECSA1337 usa japan ECSA1407

Worlds preview: Yatabe Arena ready as Worlds Host

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We’ve arrived here at Yatabe Arena located on the outskirts of the mammoth city of Tokyo in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture – after a few days sightseeing its a true world metropolis and arriving at the world-renowned Yatabe Arena doesn’t disappoint either, hosting it’s 3rd World Championship (1995 EL Offroad & 2000 EL Onroad) and the 16th running of the IFMAR 1/10 EL Offroad Worlds.

ECSA1190 ECSA1172 ECSA1119 ECSA1141

As we regard our readers with the utmost respect, we take it most will know that the event has already seen some controversy – namely ‘Astrogate‘ – the decision to dispense with 30-years of history of running on dirt in favour of astroturf and carpet as the track surface. The former indoor onroad track has seen a complete makeover, with the permanent dirt track next door also ‘turfed’ serving as a useful test track for drivers, with no one having lapped the 2WD Worlds layout.

ECSA1142 ECSA1131 ECSA1128 ECSA1129More photos in Pre Event gallery

Back in December 2014 a poll saw 62% of readers voting to stick with history & dirt, however the remaining 38% accepting the astro/carpet combo…

Control tyre for the Worlds are Schumacher’s Mini Spike 2 Yellow compound with Med. Rear CAT foam insert for both 2WD and 4WD with Wide Stagger Rib Yellow compound with Med. Front CAT insert for the 4WD front.



Expect lots and lots of new bits on cars and even completely new cars, some more than likely not to be released, we’ve seen few pros running on Friday afternoon, however Ty Tessmann was one of the standouts, running for the first time (publicly) on astroturf with the new D216 buggy (which is still officially unannounced, we hear delayed), we understand the HB team have been testing significantly on home turf (pun unintended) with hopes resting on the young but broad shoulders of Tessmann & Ronnefalk.

ECSA1130 ECSA1099 ECSA1118 ECSA1186

Elsewhere are a few sneaky shots of Naoto Matsukura’s heavily modded prototype RB6, featuring a 3 gear laydown transmission, new rear hubs and chassis. Expect a lot more news and details to surface in the coming days.

ECSA1208 ECSA1196 ECSA1197 ECSA1201ECSA1212ECSA1213ECSA1211ECSA1202


More photos in Pre Event gallery

Dave Crompton wins UK Northern Regional Series finale

A Final Podium

Sunday September 27th saw the final round of the UK Northern Regional Series at the excellent Pendle facility. With 60 of the regions finest in attendance the day started cold and damp with dew for a round of timed practice. The first of three rounds of qualification and the track still being slightly damp would prove tricky, However local hero Dave Crompton taking the round TQ, Graeme Miller second and Gavin Uttley third. Onto the second round and the track had dried up nicely under the glare of the Lancashire sun(!) again with mirrored results from round one. Round three would prove a little different with Graeme Miller taking the TQ and securing second place on the grid behind overall TQ Dave Crompton with Jonathon Skidmore taking 3rd in round.

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