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Buggyland 4.0 announcement

Buggyland’s organizers have announced the Buggyland 4.0. For 2017, the Buggyland race will be held at Madrid, Spain from 15th to 17th September, securing more sunlight! For sure, there will be a complete new layout for everyone, as you can beat any World top driver in equal conditions and practice time. Entries are already open, so do not waste the time and secure your presence at this amazing event.

Apart from the race, the Buggyland staff is preparing different games and surprises, all coverage by the wonderful Buggyland girls!

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XRAY Support at 1/8 Euro B


XRAY have announced the Team Support at 1/8 Euro B Championship. XRAY Team Driver Yannick Aigoin will be available at the race to provide any help, tips or tricks with setting up your XRAY car.

Bradley Baird sweeps Irish Nats Rd2

This past weekend saw round two of the 1/8 off-road Irish Nationals roll into the sunny Cork radio control car club. TLR driver Bradley Baird took the win in the 45 minute main followed by a hard charging Andrew McLean and Kyosho’s Alan Scroggie in second and third respectively. In E-buggy again Bradley crossed the line in first with William White in second and Gary Baird in third.

E-buggy podium here

Riccardo Berton sweeps Italian Nats Rd3

See: Novarossi

The third round the Italian National Championship was held in Rosignano over the weekend. Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton would sweep the race by TQing and by taking a commanding victory in the 45 minute nitro buggy final by three laps from TLR driver Mattia Polito and his teammate Fabrizio Teghesi in second and third respectively.

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Neil Cragg wins BRCA Nationals Rd3

Source: BRCA (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the third round of the BRCA Nitro Buggy Nationals at the famous HNMC track in Westmill. Qualifying rounds was dominated by Kyosho’s Elliott Boots who took all rounds meaning the overall TQ but in the 45 minute A Main final it was Team Associated driver Neil Cragg who managed to took the win in front of Nemo’s Darren Bloomfield in second and Infinity’s Lee Martin in third.

Jonathan Yeung wins at Asia Fever Race

This past weekend was held the Asia Fever nitro off-road race held at the Orange RC Circuit in Changhua, Taiwan. This track with its completely new layout was just release for practice one day before race. Over 120 drivers from South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan attended the race in both Buggy and Truggy classes. Many national Champions/A-main finalist also attended this race and make this competition as one of the most demanding race in Asia.

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Bayer & Novotny win at Czech Nats Rd3


The third round of Czech 1/8 Nationals was held last weekend in Dolni Bukovsko. The track was huge and it was a real challenge for electronics/engines in 30+ °C temperatures. In 1/8 E-buggy qualifications, Top 3 was super close. Serpent’s Jiri Mara took TQ in Q1, while XRAY’s Martin Bayer dominated Q2, but then his teammate Kaja Novotny TQed 3rd and 4th round to take the overall TQ ahead of Jiri and Martin. In 1/8 nitro buggy again the same three drivers fought for the overall TQ. Kaja took the TQ in Q1 and Q3, with Martin in second and Jiri in third.

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Marius Kristensen wins Norway Nats Rd3

See: Serpent

The third round of the Norwegian 1/10 Buggy Nationals was held over the weekend. After 3 rounds of qualifying in 4WD it was Team Associated Øystein Døler who took the TQ in front of Serpent’s Marius Kristensen and XRAY’s Thorbjørn Døler. In the first A Main Øystein and Marius open a small gap and drived away from the rest of the field . After a close fight between Øystein and Marius, Øystein took the win from Marius and Schumacher Roy Djemble. In the second Main Øystein makes an early mistake on the wierd bump on the straight and Marius drives away and stay on the first spot for the hole Main and win with one lap on the field. In the third and last Main, Øystein makes again a mistake after the first lap. Marius took the lead and the win from Øystien and Roy.

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