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New layout, bridge at ’12 Worlds track


2012 witnessed the Speed Paradise track in Buenos Aires, Argentina host the IFMAR Worlds, whilst the event itself had it’s fair share of controversy in terms of scale and magnitude, it will be remembered for launching Elliott Boots onto the world stage having swept to TQ, only to suffer heartbreak in the semis and the fairy tale almost pre-ordained victory from Robert Batlle – it was meant to be.


Fast forwad a couple of years and we stumbled across this fresh track pics of the Speed Paradise track which will be hosting the SudAmericanos – S.America’s equivalent to a Euros/ROAR Nats/Femcas, just not quite as big yet, however the track has seen some dramatic changes! One of the less popular features was the metal bridge before the straight at the Worlds, Speed Paradise have now gone one, two – three times better with a full on suspension bridge in the track!!! Pretty gnarly construction there, looks like someone’s been playing bridge building on the iPhone a bit too much!

Wet Panorama


Tebo’s Psycho Nitro report


Jared Tebo had one of his strongest races for many a year, sweeping to a trifecta of victories at the 2015 Psycho Nitro Blast in Georgia – here the PNB Champ shares his story of the event.

The PNB is a race I have wanted to attend, but just never did. In 2015, I made sure I could go. The track is why I’ve wanted to go; super rough track with big wooden jumps, it has always intrigued me. This trip was a little unique also with JLAME coming to help and pit. We flew into Atlanta and got our rental car for the two hour drive down south to Unadilla, GA. We were pleasantly surprised with our rental ride, and we were excited for our race adventure.

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Video: 2015 ASIA Contest, A1, A2 Final



NeilBuggy: Rd 2 BRCA Nats, Deerdale


So we had the season opener this past weekend up at Deerdale. A little different from the last couple of years is that (due to so few dirt tracks I think?) we kicked off the season on an AstroTurf track. This decision had been very much love/hate from the drivers point of view, a lot of them like racing on Astro, a lot of them hate the stuff with a passion! I do tend to lean slightly towards the hate side myself, when it’s dry it’s like racing on velcro, plus landing from jumps and the bumpy nature of these tracks proved to be a real pain when trying to find a good setup.

I understand 100% the need for Astro tracks in England though, they can be raced on pretty much all year round regardless of the weather, and that’s what keeps these clubs going. It’s also really nice to bring just two sets of tires to an event, one for dry, one for wet, as apposed to the 500 sets I’ll no doubt be lugging up and down the country for the rest of the year! Although having to cut a combined 14 rows of pins off my tires took its toll on my hands and my sanity!

The track looked in good nick with a few minor changes since I was last there a month ago. The weather was to be kind to us, a little windy and cold, but sunny and dry which is all that matters.

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Under the Hood: Boy Witsarut R.


Boy Witsarut R. (Thailand), 28

Chassis: Agama A215
Engine: Mx (Maxima)
Tyres: Beta VMax Medium
Fuel:  Rapicon
Radio & Servos: Futaba, Futaba  S9353HV (steering & throttle)
Notes & more: 2nd place qualifier, Thai vs. Foreign race Champion @ ASIA Contest. Just received the new A215 car, having previously run the earlier Agama, no special mods apart from front and rear chassis skid plates to save the chassis. Hardened up the suspension. Diffs (F,C,R – 10K, 8K, 2K)

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Lebron wins Fajardo E-Buggy Cup


This past weekend hosted the Fajardo RC Track Cup race. TLR’s Orlando “Gury” Lebron set the pace in qualifying by setting the overall TQ time in the 1/8 E-Buggy class. Lebron went on to cruise his way to victory in A1 and A2, securing the overall 1/8 E-Buggy Cup title!

Honigl sweeps Austrian Nats Rd.1


Round 1 of the Austrian 1/10 Offroad Nationals took place recently at SMRC Vienna. Racers were greeted with a slippery, bumpy, dusty, and tricky track layout to maneuver. Serpent’s Hupo Honigl set himself on top the field in both 2wd and 4wd buggy classes throughout qualifying, scoring a double TQ. Local racer, Christian Lanzl, showed Honigl a wheel or two in the finals, however, was unable to defeat him. Hupo walked away the winner of both 2wd and 4wd buggy classes, kicking off the National Series with the points lead.

Source: Serpent

Jorn Neumann sweeps Int’l Warm Up


This past weekend hosted the 10th Edition of the International Warm Up Race in Bischofsheim, Germany. The event gathers many of Europe’s top offroad racers, including Serpent’s Jorn Neumann, NEMO Racing’s Darren Bloomfield, and more. Darren Bloomfield would find his way to TQ in Nitro Buggy, however, it was Jorn Neumann who would turn up the heat to finish out the event. Jorn brought home impressive overall victories in Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truggy, and E-Buggy classes for Serpent.

Source: Serpent

Boots wins BRCA E-Buggy Nats Rd2

Elliott Boots

Round 2 of the BRCA E-Buggy Nationals was held at the Kent Model Rallycross Club. Carrying on from his dominating performances in 2014, Kyosho/Tekin driver Elliott Boots secured yet another TQ and overall win, continuing his 2015 championship title hunt. Mugen’s Jack Embling and TLR’s Matt Lewis would cross the line in 2nd and 3rd. Boots now prepares for next weekend’s Euro’s B Warmup race at HNMC.

Source: Tekin


Under the Hood: Atsushi Hara


Atsushi Hara (Japan), 35

Chassis: SWORKz S350 EVO II
Engine: OS Speed Spec II
Fuel: Cosmo RC
Tyres: Pro-Line Blockades
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PX, Futaba BLS371SV (steering), Futaba BLS471SV (Throttle)
Event: 2015 ASIA Contest, Pattaya
Notes: 2015 ASIA Contest Champion, Using stock kit.

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