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Landen Lewis wins at JC Super Cup Rd2


This past weekend was held the second round of the JC Super Cup Series at the Lake Park R/C track in Lutz, Florida. The large, open, 1/10 track was extremely slick from practice day, and it continued into the mains. The track featured small jumps and an easier, less technical layout.
 In Mod Stadium Truck XRAY’s Landen Lewis took the win from Jader Lopez in second and JR Mitch in third. 

Team XRAY support at The DIRT


XRAY have announced that they will support all XRAY customers attending the 2017 The DIRT race from 22nd till 26th February 2017 at Fear Farm RC Raceway in Phoenix, US.

 XRAY off-road manager Gord Tessmann will be there to provide service. Team support will be provided by Ty Tessmann, Martin Bayer and XRAY chief designer Juraj Hudy. If you need any help do not hesitate and to contact anyone from the XRAY team or just stop by for a chat. 

Gomes & Ramos win at Indoor RC Oeste race


This past weekend was held a club race at the Indoor RC Oeste track in Torres Vedras, Portugal. For his first race with his new XRAY buggies, Pedro Gomes was able to win 3 out of the 4 qualifying rounds meaning the overall TQ. In the finals Pedro will continues its momentum and won the 3 finals in front of Rodolfo Maia in second and Filipe Miranda in third. In 4WD Pedro was on pace but he had a few problems on the first 2 qualifying rounds. In the final Fabio Ramos took the win in front of Hugo Miguel in second and Pedro in third.

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24h race 2017 announcement

The WMW-Fehring club based in Austria, which has hosted 1/6th, 1/8th and 1/10th Euros, have announced the second 24h race since 2008. The 24h race will take place at the  WMW-Fehring track  from the 9th to 10th of September. The rules are simple: only one car per team (team consists of 1-6 drivers) and the team with the most laps at the end of the 24 hours wins. This race offers a good opportunity for manufacturers to show the durability, speed and maintenance friendliness of their cars/engines/products. You can find information about the registration and rules here and here.

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Phair & LeMin win at Winter Wars race 


This past weekend took place the Winter Wars race at the Barnstormers R/C Race Way in Chester, New York. The track was all dirt and is looser than most other tracks. In 4wd XRAY’s Jared Phair took TQ and the win of the A-main finals in front of Dave LeMin and Jack Bonhomme. In 2wd LeMin took the TQ and the win after closer battles at the end of the race with Phair who took the second place and Pat “Mac & Cheese” the third place.

Christopher Acosta doubles at T&T Speedway race


Last weekend was held a club race at the T&T Speedway in Shreveport, Louisiana. Only 2 qualifying rounds and one 7 min main final was ran. Christopher Acosta took the overall TQ and the win in both classes. In 4WD Buggy Garren Lindsey finished in second and Greg StJohn in third while in 2WD Buggy it was Tim Eaves who took the second place and Chuck Hall the third place. 

Schimmel & Knight win at Debbie’s RC World race finale


Last weekend was held the last race of the Debbie’s RC World Series
 in Chesapeake, Virginia
. The track was hardpacked clay with medium traction but the traction did pick up a little more after blowing off the track. In 4wd Buggy Brennan Schimmel took the overall TQ despite he having broke the aluminum servo horn in half and the win after a race made without any mistakes. Dalton Hanbury in second and Jacob Hatala in third rounded out the top 3. In 2WD Buggy it was Josh Knight who grabbed the win in front of Scott Thomas
 in second and 4WD’s winner Brennan Schimmel.

2wd podium here

Ben John wins at Saturday Night Carpet Series


A round of the Saturday Night Carpet Series was held at a indoor track in Idaho. In 2WD XRAY’s Ben John took the overall TQ after only two rounds. Off the start John and Gary Ovitt in second position managed to separate from the pack and set down a blistering pace. After only a few laps they started dealing with lapped traffic and started trading positions due to line choice. They battled for 4:45 of the 5 minuter main and at the end Ovitt made a mistake and John was able to cruise to the win for the last 3 laps. Ovitt in second and Patchez in third completed the top 3.