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Wings News

XRAY XB8 & XT8 IFMAR-legal composite rear wing


XRAY have introduced a new IFMAR-legal composite rear wing for the XB8 and XT8. Made from a strong special composite mixture, the wing was designed to survive severe abusive and extreme crashes while keeping its shape. The stylish and effective rear wing was designed to provide the appropriate amount of downforce and generate required stability for the car while higher sides improve high speed stability and fulfill IFMAR rules. The new composite rear wing is available in white, black and yellow colors.

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Klinik RC 1/10th 1-piece carbon fibre wing button

See: Klinik RC

Klinik RC have introduced new carbon fibre wing saver buttons for all popular 1/10th buggies. Made in house from 3mm thick, high-quality carbon fibre, the wing button features an unique 3-step and pocketed design. In addition to being super light, the wing button adds some bling and make your wing last much longer.

Pro-Line 1/10th buggy Air Force 2 HD 6.5″ pre-cut rear wing

See: Pro-Line

Pro-Line have introduced the new Air Force 2 HD 6.5″ pre-cut rear wing for 1/10th buggy. The Air Force 2 HD wing was designed with the latest in CAD technology to meet extreme performance and durability specifications. Huge radiuses on the wing corners prevent cracks from starting and allow air to flow smoothly over the wing for incredible performance. The Air Force 2 HD wing is made from medium thickness polycarbonate for maximum strength while still being lightweight. Extra tire clearance has been built into the wing to reduce tire rub as much as possible during racing. The AF2 HD wing comes pre-cut so all you must do is mount and go!

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RudeBits R2.1 lightweight wing

See:  RudeBits

RudeBits have been designing wings for some time and they are well known for their strength and durability as well as value cost. The R2.1 lightweight wing for 1/10th off-road vehicles has been designed for a much lower slick look with plenty wheel clearance and now is available in a lightweight form that comes in at only 16g. Extensively tested for better cornering ability and boast a straight rear edge allowing the air to force down evenly across making it very consistent over jumps. The R2.1 wing fits all EFRA/IFMAR, BRCA, ROAR and FEMCA rule requirements, and come in set of 4-piece.

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Bittydesign Vertigo 1/10 buggy rear wing

See: Bittydesign

Bittydesign have introduced the new Vertigo rear wing. The Vertigo wing has been designed to be universal and can fit the 1/10 off-road wing mounts of all the model cars on the market and without claims of outrageous downforce improvements – it comes out as a modern wing with fresh and modern lines. The Vertigo wing is available in 1mm and 1.5mm thickness in set of 2-pice and also pre-cut in both thickness in 1-piece.

Kyosho RB7 front wing mount set

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have introduced a set of front wing mount for the RB7. The front wing adds downforce to the front tower and gives the car more cornering speed, especially keeping the front down when jumping into turns. The wing mount in front of the tower has less leverage on the chassis and gives front downforce with a smoother steering feel, and less low-speed steering than the high tower mount. The set includes the front wing mount, 6 mounting screws and 2 washers.

RudeBits R2.1 1/10 buggy rear wing

See: RudeBits

RudeBits have added the new R2.1 rear wing for 1/10 buggies to their line of strong and long lasting wings. The R2.1 has been designed for a much lower slick look with plenty wheel clearance and to provide better cornering ability. Its straight rear edge allows the air to force down evenly across the rear. Built in 4 degrees base angle, the R2.1 is made from 1.5mm high-quality Lexan and it comes in a white protective wrap. It is also BRCA, ROAR, FEMCA, EFRA and IFMAR legal.

Another photo here

JC Racing Products 1/8 Lexan wing

See: JC Racing Products

JC Racing Products have introduced a new Lexan wing for 1/8 vehicles. The wing has side-pods which show 3 holes which introduce extra downforce. Options will be no holes or three holes with the driver being able to then cover the holes or introduce more to tune it to there liking. A centre flex reducer plate which incorporates fins for extra stability adds also more strength around the mounting holes. The set will consist of one Lexan wing and one center flex reducer.

More photos here