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Wings News

Penguin Custom Bodyshells Rockhopper & Procat/Cougar 1/10th wings

Source: Schumacher Racing

Penguin Custom Bodyshells have introduced two new 1/10th wings in the form of the Rockhopper and a vintage and retro wing for buggies such as the Schumacher Procat and Cougar. Firstly for competition use, the Rockhopper. The wing features a more traditional style wing that compliments the Penguin range of wings. The Rockhopper sits between the King and Emperor wings in terms of downforce. It’s made from 1mm Lexan and has multiple cut lines on the gurney. Secondly for vintage and retro racers a Procat or Cougar wing, with side plates, again made with 1mm Lexan.

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Penguin Custom Bodyshells 1/10th King Penguin wing

See: Schumacher Racing

Penguin Custom Bodyshells have introduced the new King Penguin wing for 1/10th Off-road vehicles. Overall slightly smaller than the Penguin Emperor wing, having raised ridges either side to add durability, and stability on the straights, the King Penguin wing has a flat profile across most its length, to aid in down force, and has trim lines on the gurney to enable you to tune for different surfaces.

WRC Racing 1/8th rear plastic wing

See: WRC Racing Team

WRC Racing Team have introduced a new rear plastic wing for the SBX.1 or any 1/8th Off-road vehicles. The black rear wing features a wickerbill design that provides improved air flow allowing to increase the downforce following various track conditions. The wing has no mounting holes and comes with one wickerbill and mounting hardware.

RUDDOG MBX8 carbon fibre front wing set

See: Ruddog Distribution

Made for the Mugen Seiki MBX8 is RUDDOG’s new carbon fibre front wing set that attaches right to the front upper arms. The set includes moulded carbon fiber wings as well as lightweight mounting brackets that fit right on top of the upper arms, making for a sturdy yet lightweight base for the wings. Using these aerodynamic aids will improve front end grip and traction at higher speeds while optimising the buggy’s balance when being airborne. In addition they are looking pretty slick and offer additional space for sponsor stickers.

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RC Carbon Cavalieri glossy carbon fibre front scoops

See: RC Cars Cavalieri

German company RC Carbon Cavalieri have introduced two new glossy carbon front scoops, one version dedicated for Mugen Seiki, Team Associated, SWORKz, Hobao, and Serpent buggies and another version designed for HB Racing, Team Losi Racing, JQRacing, XRAY and Agama buggies. Also made of high-quality carbon fibre such as the former version, the updated version features a glossy varnish offering a more attractive look as well as greater durability. The scoops include a mounting screw and a drill bit for the mounting hole.

Another photo here

Penguin Emperor 1/10th buggy rear wing

See: Schumacher Racing

Penguin Custom Bodyshells have introduced the new Emperor rear wing for 1/10th buggy. Moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan, the rear of the wing is sectioned, to allow it to be cut differently, for different conditions and aero effects. The Emperor wing features full trim lines for easy cutting.

Rickside Design 1/8th Nylon front wing

See: Rickside Design

Japanese company Rickside Design have introduced a new Nylon front wing for the HB Racing D817/9, Team Associated RC8B3.1/2 and Mugen Seiki MBX7/8. The 3D-printed wing is made of high-quality and durable Nylon material offering more flexibility and better impact resistance than the materials used in conventional 3D-printer products. The wing offers pre–drilled mounting locations for each buggy.

JC Racing Products 1/8th buggy wing brace

See: JC Racing Products

JC Racing Products have introduced the new wing brace with center fin for 1/8th buggy wings. The 3D-printed part is made of high-quality fibre, the 1-piece design offers more durability and strength during hard impacts while a shark fin increases stiffness and adds better aerodynamic performance.