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VP-PRO 1/8 plastic wing


VP-PRO have introduced their new plastic wing for 1/8 buggies and truggies. This wing is the perfect combination of performance, style and durability and its overall dimensions are fully comply with the rules of the EFRA European Championships. It features vertical stability vanes that help keep the rear of the car planted in high speed corners. As well it has a wickerbill design that provides improved air flow and allows to increase the downforce. This plastic wing is available in yellow, whit and black colors, features mounting holes for quick installation and mounting hardware is also included.

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XRAY 1/8 Lexan rear wing

XRAY have introduced a super lighweight 1/8 Lexan rear wing designed for a perfect fit to XB8 and working in conjuction with the XRAY off-road bodies. The wing is produced from high-quality original Lexan material and is completely pre-cut for maximum comfort. The wing has an adjustable position and consists from two pieces, the main wing and the center fin that adds more stability and increases strength of the wing around the mounting area.


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Team Azarashi HD Magna rear wing

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Team Azarashi have introduced a new version of the Magna wing, the HD Magna wing which is made from 20% thicker lexan plate for higher durability. Also the increased weight means more rear roll, hence more rear traction on low-grip terrain.

ProStar RC8B3 & MBX7R “Outlaw” 1/8 front wing

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ProStar have introduced new “Outlaw” front wing for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7R and Eco buggies. ProStar have spent 5 months to test prototypes in different materials. The “Outlaw” front wing makes the airflow aerodynamically channeled smoothly over your front shock tower of your car producing more front end bite especially on larger high speed European and American type tracks. Also included is the optional skid plate that further protects your chassis and the “Outlaw” wing from damage. Available in black, blue, red, orange and white.

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Raw Speed 1/10 fully pre-cut wing

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Jason Snyder’s Raw Speed have just introduced the first generation of their 1/10 wing. This durable wing is made from high quality lexan and it comes fully pre-cut. These wings are available in packages of two and are actually laser cut to the first line on the gurney lip. For Mid Motor buggies with shocks on front of rear tower, racers only need to add mounting holes. These wings are available now.

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Pro-Line B6 Elite bodyshells & Pre-cut Air Force 6.5” wing

Pro-Line have introduced two new Elite bodyshells for the Team Associated B6 and a pre-cut Air Force 6.5” rear wing for 1/10 vehicles. First up is the Elite bodyshell, designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Elite features an overall low-slung design with sweeping lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track. A cab-forward design with rails extending up the hood and A-pillar provides enhanced steering feeling while a sloped center fin balances out the rear of the car with superior side-bite. The rear of the side pods feature outer ridges designed to lead air up to the included Air Force rear wing, maximizing rear grip.

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Serpent Spyder SDX4 0 degree C-hubs & front wing

Serpent have introduced an aluminium 0 degree C-hubs and a front wing for the Spyder SDX4. First up are the 0 degree C-hubs, CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminium with clear anodising, they are an alternative of the standard 2 degree aluminium C-hubs. They will give more aggressive directivity and will be an additional adjustment option usable depending on the track conditions.

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Team Azarashi Magna 1/10 rear wing

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Team Azarashi have introduced the Magna, a new-generation 1/10 rear wing most suitable for high speed tracks requiring higher turning performance. The Magna wing gives higher handling response thanks to an unique round form, which enables to mount the wing nearer position to the axle than existing wings and an unique rib designs, which controls the wing distortions while the vehicle is moving. The Magna wing also enables the toughness by the best material choice and the optimization of the detail designs.

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