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VP-PRO 6.5″ 1/10th buggy rear wing


VP-PRO have introduced new 6.5″ rear wing for 1/10 buggy. Made from 1mm lightweight polycarbonate making the wing more durable, it sports an unique appearance style. His aerodynamics shape reduces wind resistance coefficient and provides more stability, more steering response and cornering speed. The wing also reduces traction rolling issues on very high-traction surfaces and improves aerodynamic drag.

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RVK UFO wing washers

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RVK rc have introduced new UFO wing washers for 1/8 nitro/electric buggies and truggy. The lightweight washers are made out of black nylon plastic and sport a “flying saucer” style. These large diameter washers (20mm) prevent the wings from excessive bending under high loads and thus improve aerodynamic efficiency. The set includes two UFO wing washers, without screws.

VP-PRO aluminium 1/10 wing buttons


Following the introduction of the aluminium 1/8 wing buttons, VP-PRO have introduced aluminium wing washers for 1/10 buggies. Machined from high quality aluminum, these lightweight wing buttons come black anodised. They reinforce wing mounting and prevent the wing from pulling off the mounting screws. Available in set of two pieces.

VP-PRO aluminium 1/8 wing buttons


VP-PRO have introduced new aluminium wing buttons for 1/8 buggy, E-buggy and truggy. Machined from high quality aluminum,and coming black anodised, these lightweight wing buttons reinforce wing mounting and prevent the wing from pulling off the mounting screws. Available in set of two pieces.

JC Racing Products vintage 1/10 wings

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JC Racing Products UK have extended the colour range of their popular rear wing suitable for various 1/10 vintage cars from the classic 90s era. These compliment a range of 1/10 wheels for the Schumacher Cat / Cougar, Team Associated RC10, Yokomo YZ10 and many more, all designed and manufactured in-house.

Answer RC 1/8 polycarbonate wing

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Answer RC have introduced their new polycarbonate wing for 1/8 buggy and truggy. Manufactured from high quality 1.0mm thick polycarbonate, the wing is lightweight and strength. The wing is untrimmed and must be cut before use. The polycarbonate wing comes with plastic moulded gurney flap, mounting hardware and centre dam section.

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New AVID Triad wing buttons

AVID have added two new colors to their Triad wing buttons, Dual Black / Gold and Dual Black / Blue. Triad Wing Buttons were designed after the success of the other 8th and 10th scale lineup from AVID. Coming in at 0.3g each, they are easily the lightest metal button on the market. But AVID didn’t stop there because they dual color anodized and laser etched their logo to make them even more desirable. When it comes to accessories such as wing buttons and wheel nuts, AVID know racers like to customize for their personal paint schemes so they are offering these in black/blue, black/gold, black, blue, red, green, pink, orange, hard anodize, purple, silver, and gold.


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SWORKz S35-3 Formula Lexan wing set

SWORKz have introduced the Formula wing set for the S35-3. The set is made up of three Lexan front wings; the Formula wing fits to the front bulkhead and provide lower CG and makes landing easier and faster during jumps. The towo other wings feature the same design as the composite carbon front upper down force wings now made in Lexan material. Thanks to the Lexan, you can cut the wings to ajust the down force level you need.

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