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Pro-Line unveils unnamed 1/8 tyres

Our friend Steve Burgess from Rugspin Graphix talked over with HB Racing’s Cody King about the forthcoming 1/8 tyre from Pro-Line at the Stateline R/C track where the ROAR Nats take place this week. You want to know more about this unnamed tyres? Just watch the video with Cody.

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MCD Rally-Xross wheels & tyres

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MCD have introduced the new Rally-Xross wheels and tyres designed for both rally cars and buggies to be driven on compact gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces. The Rally-Xross tyres can be using also on buggies with a longer gear ratio due to 160mm tyre diameter. Compared to the MCD’s Dirt-Xross which is 180mm, the new tyres offer low center of gravity which can eliminate traction roll in some circumstances.

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Pro-Line Wedge Stadium Truck 2.2″ front carpet tyres

Coming form Pro-Line and made for 2wd Stadium Truck are the Wedge T 2.2″ front carpet tyres. The Wedge T provides just the perfect amount of steering you need without being too aggressive. The Hook shaped pins of the Wedge provide all the steering you can handle without being grabby. Pro-Line’s Z compounds (Z3 Soft and Z4 Super Soft) provide unparalleled grip on a variety of surfaces used indoor (carpet, wood, cardboard, plastic, etc.) while still being long lasting. 

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Pro-Line Wide Wedge 2WD buggy front carpet tyres

Pro-Line have introduced the Wide Wedge front carpet tyres for 2WD buggy. The Wide Wedge brings the popular Wedge tread pattern to a tyre carcass that fits on standard 2wd Front Wheels, that means no more cutting wheels or needing special narrow 2wd front wheels. The extra tire width allows for an additional row of tread which the Pro-Line Engineers used to make the tire directional, meaning the tire can be mounted for either more aggressive steering or less.

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VP-PRO 2WD front carpet tyre


VP-PRO have introduced new front carpet tyre for 2WD buggy. The tyre features a new low-profile design to improve bump handling and reduce traction rolling tendencies on high-grip tracks.It offers the popular tread pattern in a 2WD Front tyre with the Hook-shaped pins provide plenty of steering without being too grabby or edgy and provide faster lap times. And it is also very user-friendly because it does not require any hand trimming of pins for optimum performance.

Pro-Line Positron & Pin Point SC 2.2″/ 3.0″ tyres

Coming from Pro-Line and made for Short Course Truck are the Positron and Pin Point SC 2.2″/3.0″ tyres. First up is the Positron designed from the ground up with a futuristic directional tread design, it improves grip and corner speed on indoor clay tracks. The tread design pays homage to the Electron and ION tire before it with the 2 center pins boxed in by connected bars for a familiar Pro-Line signature look. From there the connected bars shoot off at angles that have been specifically designed to provide maximum Forward Bite combined with unmatched corner speed all while lasting longer than the competition. The Positron is directional, which adds another tuning option for the racers always looking for that extra edge since it will perform differently depending on which direction it is run. The Positron is available in Super Soft and Clay compounds.

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TPRO Looper 1/8 tyre

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SWORKz’s brand TPRO have added the Looper to their range of 1/8 tyres. Designed with well placed and different middle size square permutation to suit many kinds of tracks, the Looper works well in both clean or dusty and loose grip track conditions. The Looper provide more steering, faster response and good acceleration with longer run time. The tyre will be available in XR compound.

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Raw Speed Rip Tide 1/10 buggy rear tyre

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Raw Speed have introduced their newest rear tyre for 1/10 buggies, the Rip Tide. The Rip Tide is is based on a totally redesigned tyre carcass that is designed to create a uniform contact patch as the chassis leans while cornering and an awesome forward and side bite, predictable corning and breaks in quickly to get you on pace as quickly as possible on race day. The Rip Tide comes with closed cell inserts.

“Our customers asked us for a tire that breaks in and comes up to pace faster. On tracks that are not abrasive or on days when you are attending larger races the rip tide will be ready to race much faster than our previous generations of tire.” – Jason Snyder