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HotRace Tyres introduce new revised sidewalls

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Our friends at HotRace tyres have introduced new outer sidewalls for their line of 1/8 buggy tyres. The new sidewalls are more reinforced than before, and the new structure allows to have a great performance and less tire wear also in super hot conditions. The tyres with new sidewalls will be available already from this week.

6MIK 2017 tyres chart

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6MIK have publised a chart for their line-up of 2017 tyres. The chart will help you to chose easily the best tyre and the best compound according to the track conditions thanks to a coding system for easy identification.

6MIK 1/8 Tyre Glue Bands

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6MIK have introduced new glue bands for 1/8 tyres. These stretchy bands were specifically designed for holding tyres down during the gluing process. 6MIK tyre glue bands come yellow in color with a red 6MIK logo and available in set of eight.

6mik Barracuda 1/8 tyre

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6mik have introduced their new Barracuda 1/8th tyres. The Barracuda is the intermediate tyre between the Rapid and the Pursuit tyres. Its carcass it’s strictly identical to the Pursuit one. Its very flat profile prevents tyre ballooning and always a maximized contact to the track, means a high traction and low wearing. The Barracuda features also with the same 3 areas of pins from the race proven Rapid. As versatile tyre, it allows to the driver to drive its car more naturally, what helps to make faster and more regular laps. Packed with over 1400 pins, including the linked central pins, the Barraduca is versatile, provides accurate driving, performances and a reduced wear.

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6MIK Barracuda 1/8 tyre coming soon

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French company 6MIK have released a teaser image of the forthcoming Barracuda 1/8 buggy tyre. No details are known yet but the tires are expected to hit stores in November. We bring you more information about it as soon as they surface. 

Pro-Line tire rubber bands

Pro-Line have introduced a set of Pro-Line tire rubber bands. These bands were specifically designed for holding tires down during the gluing process while still being stretchy enough to work on multiple sizes of tires. From 1/10 buggy and truck to SC and all the way up to 1/8 buggy, Pro-Line’s new tire rubber bands perform flawlessly and look good while doing. The tire bands are Pro-Line Blue with Pro-Line logos on the side so everyone knows who you represent.

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HB Racing 1/8 buggy closed cell foam inserts

HB Racing have introduced closed cell foam inserts for 1/8 buggy. The black closed cell foam is formulated for durability and consistency. They are medium density, perfect for a wide variety of racing conditions. These inserts make the tire contour slightly more round than HB’s red inserts for improved grip. And, the inner surface is now laterally slit for increased shock absorption on bumpy tracks. Sold in packs of 4, or individually (bulk).

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Pro-Line Fugitive 1/5 Truck tires

Pro-Line have introduced the Fugitive 1/5 Truck tire. Based on the tire that Ty Tessmann used to win the 1/8 Buggy World Championships, the Fugitive tire was developed to be the longest lasting race tire ever produced while still being quick and agile. In the past, the prevailing knowledge for creating a new tire that lasted throughout the long A-Mains in extreme wear conditions was to design a big and tall tire tread that was spaced out. 

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