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6MIK Magma 2.0 1/8th buggy tire

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6MIK have introduced the new Magma 2.0 tire for 1/8th Buggies and E-buggies. Design for hard packed, low traction tracks in mind, the Magma 2.0 tire features 3320 pins to offer a great driving precision with a gain of steering without losing rear-end stability. The new carcass is based on the Barracuda tire but Improved to insure a great precision, a limited centrifugation effect and provide better cornering ability. The pins are triangle-shaped while their size and space between each other is optimized to provide the best ground surface as well as clearance compromise. In the middle features perpendicular free space lines to assure maximum traction while the pins en the sidewalls offer more grip in corners. The X inter-pins design provides more control and traction even if if track is a bit dusty. 

6MIK Magma 2.0 coming soon

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Coming soon from the French company 6MIK led by Sebastien Leonard is the Magma 2.0 tyre. No information about the new tyre for 1/8th buggies have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about it should become available very soon.

Pro-Line Prism 2.0 2.2” 4WD carpet front tyre

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Pro-Line have introduced the new Prism 2.0 2.2” carpet front tyre for 4WD Buggy. The Prism 2.0 features a new carcass shape that provides more steering in low speed corners and more forgiveness and stability at high speeds. The second-generation Prism features the same iconic hook shaped pins that you have come to know, and love combined with Prism shaped pins for incredible forward grip. Pro-Line engineers have perfected the carpet compound options of Z3 (Medium) and Z4 (Soft), which have been developed specifically for the needs of Indoor Carpet racing. The Prism 2.0 4WD Front tire perfectly pairs with Pro-Line’s Prism Rear tire for ideal carpet racing performance.

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Pro-Line Resistor & Wedge Gen 3 1/10 buggy tires

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Pro-Line Racing have introduced the all-new Resistor 2.2” rear buggy tire and the Wedge Gen 3 2.2” Carpet front tire. Based on the ground breaking carcass shape and futuristic directional tread design of the Positron, the Resistor takes performance up another level with improved side bite and balanced traction on indoor clay tracks. The tread design of the new Resistor tire pays homage to the Positron for a familiar Pro-Line signature look and each bar has been positioned and angled for maximum race performance. The Resistor is directional, which adds another tuning option for the racers always looking for that extra edge since it will perform differently depending on which direction it is run. Available in MC clay and M4 Super Soft compounds, the Resistor tires come including closed cell foams.

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Pro-Line Resistor 1/10th buggy tire coming soon

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Coming soon from Pro-Line is the Resistor tire for 1/10th buggy. The low-profile tire features an unique centre tread who should, according to his name ‘Resistor’ provide great wear on even the most abrasive tracks. More information should become available next week.

Raw Speed Radar 2.2” buggy rear tire

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Raw Speed Inc have introduced the new Radar 2.2” rear tire for 1/10th buggy. Designed as a directional tires, the radar was designed on a new lower profile flatter carcass. Raw Speed Inc went “no holds barred” with our high density tread pattern to make sure the tire creates maximum side bite and so that it would last longer. The Radar tire is available in Soft, Soft Long Wear, Super Soft and Clay compounds and come with closed cell inserts.

Sweep Sweeper 1/8th buggy tyre

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Sweep Racing have introduced the new Sweeper tyre for 1/8th buggy. The Sweeper tyre features a specially designed tread for high grip dirt surface with mini pins in the middle of the tyre combined with rounded side pins in order to have smooth felling around the corners and easy driving on high grip conditions. The wide center pins extended running time while the newly designed V6 carcass provides smooth feeling on the track. The Sweeper is available in Gold, Yellow, Silver, Blue, and red and also X compounds.

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Performa Racing pre-glued 1/8th buggy tires

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Performa Racing have added new pre-glued tires at their range of tires for Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. They’re available in 4 tread patterns and 4 compounds: Pink compound (Super Soft), Yellow compound (Medium Soft), Red compound (Soft) and White compound (Medium). The tires are mounted on Performa Racing Carbon wheels that feature high quality nylon reinforced with carbon graphite to increase stiffness and consistency throughout the race. Testing and race results have shown a significant improvement in grip and better corner speed. The Carbon wheels are black, and yellow and white stickers are available separately as option parts to change the look. Closed cell inserts are standard equipment. Careful attention is focused on the mounting process for a strong and long lasting glue seal. These are the easy way to bolt on a fresh set of tires, just open the package and you’re ready to go racing.

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