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TLR unveils the 22T 2.0 Stadium Truck


After a week of teasing, TLR has officially released their new 22T 2.0 stadium truck. The 22T 2.0 Race Kit continues to build on the championship-winning 22 platform with a host of new features that make it easy for competitors of all experience levels to drive fast.

TLR03004_a4 TLR03004_a8 TLR03004_a11 TLR03004_a10

Updates include advanced suspension geometry adapted from the 22 2.0 buggy, a new bell-crank steering system, Gen II shocks with X-ring seals and a thoroughly refined ball differential with tungsten carbide diff balls. You also get popular option parts as well as hardware for both mid- and rear-motor configurations.

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TLR’s Mystery Vehicle Unveiled?

Over the last week, TLR has posted a series of teaser photos for a new 22-based vehicle, but we have have just seen the most telling photos yet (see below).

Our best guess, based upon these 2 photos, is a 22T 2.0, with mid-motor configuration. With the tag line, “You asked for it!,” many people (myself included) were wondering if perhaps the vehicle would be a nitro 22NT gas truck…but obviously that wasn’t it!
So is this what you’ve been asking for–a new 22 2.0 stadium truck?  We will discover the full release tomorrow, but until then, let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments section below!




Associated unveil RC10T5M EL Truck

ae t5m

Since the beginning of the class, Team Associated has been the leader in 1:10 scale 2WD truck racing. Over 24 years have come and gone since the first RC10T made its debut in 1991 and created a winning legacy that continues today in a truck class which is ever evolving.

Making the perfect marriage. By taking the proven championship-winning RC10T4 platform and applying the technologies used in the B5M, the engineers of Team Associated’s Area 51 created the RC10T5M. Like the B5M, the T5M has an aluminum chassis and mid-motor configuration that are designed to take full advantage of the surface conditions and high traction levels available on today’s tracks.

The RC10T5M has been designed and built to the highest standard to give racers the performance edge over the competition.

70001_T5M-3Q-L-Body-On_lg 70001_T5M-3Q-Tire-Off_lg 70001_T5M-front-axle_lg 70001_T5M-gear-box_lg

The return of stadium truck?

wow stadium trucks

In the early 2000′s, by far one of the most popular offroad racing classes in America was 1/10 scale 2wd stadium truck (both nitro and electric). As the year’s passed, the nitro stadium truck (aka “gas truck”) was the first to lose popularity as the all-new 1/8 truck (truggy) class was introduced. Shortly after, the electric stadium truck scene began to slowly disappear as well. Factory teams pulled their top drivers in the class, and put them in the fast-growing short course truck classes instead.

Before long, stadium truck all together was exctinct at many local, regional, and national level races across the country.

Many believed that with the introduction of truggy and short course, the days of stadium truck were simply distant memories.

As it turns out, those memories may not be so distant after all.

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JConcepts Summer Sale at A Main

summer sale

Grab all of your favorite JConcepts’ accessories while they’re on sale at A Main Hobbies! Everything from JConcepts is discounted 10% with deeper discounts on select items. Stock up on tires, bodies, hauler bags, and the latest JConcepts apparel while you can save cash. A Main’s JConcepts Summer Sale starts Thursday, July 10 at 8:00 p.m. PST and ends Friday, July 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

New Hobby Pro ST1 Stadium Truck

New Hobby Pro ST1 Stadium Truck

Hobby Pro USA have announced the release of their next level in competition stadium trucks, the Hobby Pro ST1! Designed with the racer in mind their new release features an extremely versatile chassis which comes standard with mid motor and rear motor capabilities directly out of the box.


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New JConcepts 2.8″ Choppers for MT


JConcepts has an all-terrain answer for trucks utilizing the 2.8” wheel, the Choppers. After the bashing success of the JConcepts Choppers tyre, drivers have asked for an all-terrain alternative aimed toward high-end bashing performance in the 2.8” dimension. Inspired from some of the most successful JConcepts racing tyres, the Choppers have the look, fit and finish of a hard-core racing tyre on steroids. Whether you are an experienced racer or beginning driver, the Choppers in yellow and blue compound are designed to tear up surfaces ranging from grass and gravel to dirt and asphalt.

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Mugen MBX7T photos leaked


Its not often that photos of unannounced products leak out before they’re supposed to, however it seems a Mugen fan with an itchy trigger-finger pressed ‘send’ a bit too quickly and when its hit the net, it stays on the net. The product in question is of course Mugen Seiki’s much anticipated truck or truggy (your choice of name), the MBX7T which will be released in both nitro and electric versions – noteworthy and a bit surprising that Mugen have chosen to support the niche electric truck market.

Stay tuned for an official release in the near future with specs & details…

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New PR Racing ST1 Stadium Truck

New PR Racing ST1 Stadium Truck

PR Racing introduces their new ST1 which is a 10th scale competition stadium truck kit. The ST1 features the ability to run the motor in a rear motor or mid motor configuration allowing you to fine tune the kit for each track and boasts large 12.75mm PR Racing shocks which helps the truck soak up a wide variety of terrains without sacrificing speed. The ‘Gull’ wing style front arms provide increased steering and potential corner speed with the chassis itself being CNC machined from hard anodized aluminium. 

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TLR 8ight-T 3.0 truggy

TLR04001 04

Despite rather large ‘Team’ reductions ‘Team’ Losi Racing continue to pump out the product today they release the eagerly awaited truck version of the 8IGHT 3.0 – putting the ‘T’ back into TLR.

“A great truggy starts with a great buggy. The 8IGHT-T™ 3.0 truggy benefits from the same engineering and expertise that made the 8IGHT™ 3.0 buggy a ROAR National Champion. Everything from the suspension geometry to the body and wing design has been refined so it is easier for racers of all skill levels to drive faster and lower lap times. This superb handling, combined with ability to handle the most powerful engines and toughest tracks, make the 8IGHT-T 3.0 truggy a true contender for the world stage.”

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TLR04001 05 TLR04001 06 TLR04001 03j29-8ight-t-3-21 j29-8ight-t-3-08 j29-8ight-t-3-11 j29-8ight-t-3-12 j29-8ight-t-3-15j29-8ight-t-3-16 j29-8ight-t-3-19 j29-8ight-t-3-20 j29-8ight-t-3-22

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