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MIP 3.0mm ball end hex driver wrench & Speed tip

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MIP have introduced the new 3.0mm ball end hex driver wrench and a Speed tip. They are designed to work up to 10 Degrees of angle in order to reach difficult angled screw heads. The super beefy ball end cut is designed to increase overall tool head strength while the ball end dimensions optimized to increase tool head to screw head bite force.

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HUDY Air Vac shock & diff vacuum pump


HUDY have introduced the new Air Vac vacuum pump for 1/10th shocks and differentials. The Air Vac is a handy, ultra-compact electric-powered vacuum pump developed to quickly and easily bleed unwanted air bubbles from oil-filled shock absorbers and differentials. The main platform is fully CNC-machined from aluminum, and includes exchangeable shock/diff stands and transparent plastic cover. Air Vac includes strong and effective vacuum pump that is powered by 12V power supply or 7.2V battery (not included). It includes holders for shock absorbers and differential, 600mm connecting cable with gold-plated banana plugs and comes in a premium hard case for safe storage & transport. This high-quality premium device is fully produced and assembled by HUDY in Europe and it is available in 3 different sizes for 1/10 off-road, 1/8 off-road and on-road.

Monaco RC Diff Check Plus

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Monaco RC have added the Diff Check range the new Diff Check Plus. Entirely developed in Italy to guarantee the highest quality standard, the Diff Check Plus features a compact case machined from 1-piece high-quality aluminum suitable for an internal 9V battery and provided with an input for external power supply. This versatile, small but powerful device comes with an adapters and inserts that allow measurement of differential for all scales. It is provided in a compact box making it more convenient to be carried. Francesco Martini from Monaco RC had the following to say about his product:

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HUDY 30-45mm adjustable ride height gauge


HUDY have introduced a new 30mm to 45mm adjustable ride height gauge for Truggy. CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, it comes black color coated with a laser-engraved scale. The high-quality gauge is easy to use, just twists by 1mm increments to increase or decrease the height. The gauge is also super small and lightweight, allowing for easy storage & transport.

HobbyStar multi function tool

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HobbyStar have introduced the new multi function tool. The multi tool is CNC machined from high-quality aluminium and comes anodized in a durable black finish. The ingenious design incorporates many features such as shock shaft (3.0, 3.5 and 4.0mm) pliers, markings for measuring the length of screws, fasteners and shock shafts, a section to insert or to remove ball cups, holes for holding Dean’s (T-plug) and XT60 plugs, holes from 2.0 to 7.8mm for holding a wide variety of bullet terminals during soldering and also 4.0 and 5.0mm openings on plier end to function as a wrench for turnbuckles for example.

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Ultimate Racing battery checker

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Modelix Racing have introduced the Ultimate Racing battery checker. The battery checker provides to monitor the condition of your battery packs such as Lilon (Lithium lon), LiPo (Lithium Polymer), LiFe (Lithium Ferrite), LiHV (High Voltage Lithium), NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) and NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride). The battery checker also allows to monitor the total voltage of batteries from 2 to 8 cells and testing servo operation with three test modes including manual, auto and neutral.

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T-Work’s 1/8 & 1/10 car stand

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T-Work’s have introduced the new car stand for 1/8 and 1/10 vehicles. This compact stand is machined on both sides with T-Work’s logo, comes with a hard-anodised surface to ensure maximum long life and features small foam pads bonded to the top surface provide good grip to hold the vehicle without damaging the underside of the chassis. The car stand leasures 80mm x 120mm and features holes for rebuild shocks.

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TWT 2-in-1 pit lamp & tool stand

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TWT have introduced the new 2-in-1 pit lamp and tool stand. The tool stand is made in high quality Acrylic and measures 290 x 86 x 25mm while the LED lamp features an aluminium frame and measures 356 x 22 x 22mm. The whole thing weighs 480g and it is available in black, blue, red, yellow and green colors. The tool stand offers 27 holes for different tool and pit equitment whose two comes with rubber foam for screws and nuts. The lamp uses an aluminium frame and features a high sensitivity touch dimmer allowing a stepless brightness adjustment of the LED lights powered by 100-240 Volt.

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