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1up Racing Pro Pit iron

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Coming soon from 1up Racing is the Pro Pit iron. Small but mighty is the best way to describe this feature-packed tool. With it’s included 24v power source, the Pro Pit iron heats and is ready to use in under 10 seconds! An easy-to-read LCD display offers accurate adjustment of the 100-400°C (200-750°F) temperature range. 1up Boost mode offers a nearly instant temperature increase to 450°C (850°F) at the press of a button, making easy work of thick gauge wires. The Pro Pit Iron automatically cools to 200°C after 2 minutes of inactivity to prolong the life of the tip, and shuts down completely after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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VSR Products ride height gauge handle

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VSR Products have introduced a ride height gauge handle. Cylindrical ride height gauges offered by companies like GHEA provide a small, easy to adjust solution to a vital part of vehicle set-up. However, it is often difficult to put underneath a vehicles’ chassis and remove it without bumping the car with your hand. Any contact with the vehicle when trying to measure ride height will ruin the accuracy of your measurement. The VSR Products ride height gauge handle has a opening where the GHEA gauge can press into from the top, providing a handle that makes it easy to consistently check your ride height.

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RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App updated

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The RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App has been updated to version 1.2. The 1.2 update allows to choose the make and model of your car among more than 20 models available. Also the setup interface has been substantially changed to make it more intuitive and more complete with front, top and back views.

VSR Products ballcup tool

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VSR Products have introduced the new ballcup tool. Designed with the latest in CAD software and produced on industry leading 3D printers, the VSR ballcup tool can be used in multiple ways: you can twist it by hand using the ribbed surface, or use a 7mm wrench for ultimate ease and speed. The ballcup tool is available for TLR HD closed, Team Associated B5, and Team Associated B6 Ballcups. More brands coming soon.

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TWT 1/8 car stand

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TWT have introduced a new car stand for 1/8 vehicles. Made from high quality acrylic material, it features a reversible design. In one side it features four parts trays while the other side includes holes to hold your shocks and differentials, each marked with position designations. Adhesive foam strips help to keep your car stand from sliding off and help to prevent scratches.The car stand is available in blue, red, black and gray colour.

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HUDY 3/4mm & 3.5mm turnbuckle wrenches


HUDY have introduced two new turnbuckle wrenches. The turnbuckle wrenches are precision machined from special self-developed HUDY spring steel to ensure maximum strength, durability, and long life. These turnbuckle wrenches are additionally hardened to provide unmatched life span and available in dual 3mm and 4mm and single 3.5mm.

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HRC Racing V2 shock shaft pliers

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HRC Distribution have introduced new HRC Racing V2 shock shaft pliers. The shock shaft pliers make it easy to grip shock shafts while screwing on the shock ends, leaving the shaft clear of scratches in the process. The Shock Shaft Plier’s large clamping surface and long handle provide plenty of leverage for gripping shafts with minimal effort. This new version perfectly fit the shock shafts of all the popular shock brands.

VRP 1/10 & 1/8 V2 shock stand

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VRP have introduced their new V2 shock stand for both 1/10 and 1/8 off-road vehicles. This is a 3 piece shock stand like the previous stand and features a carbon fibre top and base, along with an aluminum center post. The new carbon top features slots to hang your shocks upside down to drain, as well as small pegs to hang your shock caps from to keep them clean. The carbon base features cutout pockets with felt pads and a small magnet on the front to hold items like your shock nuts. On the rear section of the base features a holographic VRP logo embedded within the carbon. The logo has a neat effect to it as it changes color at different angles, providing the ultimate bling.

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