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Arrowmax black & golden 1/10 setup system

Arrowmax have introduced the new black and golden setup system for 1/10th off-road buggies. The setup system is precision machined from high-grade aluminum and features the honeycomb design to keep the tool lightweight. It comes also with a rigid acrylic toe plate precisely engraving for instant, reliable readings. The setup system is packaged in a nice box with foam inserts for comfortable and safe storage.

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T-Work’s drive shaft replacement tool

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T-Work’s have introduced their new drive shaft replacement tool for 1/8 vehicles. The tool offers a fast and easy way to replace worn drive shaft pins. It is composed of a ratchet screw driver, a replacement tool push shaft, a replacement tool out shaft and a replacement tool push shaft collar. Pins aren’t included with the tool.

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HRC Racing battery analyzer & servo tester

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HRC Racing have introduced its new battery analyzer/servo tester. The battery analyser is compatible with all kind of battery (LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH and NiCd) and also features a new servo test function. It will allows you to check your battery in a very fast and easy way, by showing you all the information about the charging status of every single cell (LiXX), the voltage and capacity of the complete battery, with the actual level of charge displayed in percentage. With the included balance function you will be able to maintain your battery. Just use the balance function before each charge to increase the performance of your batteries.

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Muchmore Quick LiPo voltage checker

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the Quick LiPo voltage checker. The Quick LiPo voltage checker makes it easy and quick to check if the battery need to be charged or not. The LiPo voltage checker feaures a screen with a blue display, a 17cm wire length equipped with 4mm Euro connectors and a reverse connect protection. The operating voltage check range is 4.5 to 36V.

MiniPRO quick swap motor holder

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MiniPRO have introduced a quick swap motor holder for 540 size motors to be use with their electric motor dyno. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, It comes black anodized. The quick swap motor holder features a knurled thumb knob screw for easy motor assembly, allows an easy belt removal and also increased belt tension range.

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Team Associated FT 4-shoe clutch gauge

Team Associated have introduced Factory Team 4-shoe clutch gauge. Worn-out clutch shoes can negatively impact the performance of the clutch and cause an engine to intermittently flame out even when tuned properly. This decreases a vehicle’s overall performance and can cause headaches at the track.

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Muchmore 4.0mm hard chrome turnbuckle wrench II

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the new 4.0mm hard chrome turnbuckle wrench II. The compact wrench measures only 54mm features a black-coated handle engraved for easy identification and a hard chrome tip to ensure limited wear.

Raceform Lazer Jig 1/10 buggy tyre gluing jig

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Raceform have added the new 1/10 Lazer Jig to their range of Lazer Jig tyre glueing station. Based on a proven design, Raceform have adapted their tire gluing jig to the 1/10 buggy class. Precisely Machined from Plexiglas to ensure a perfect and consistent gluing, the tyre gluing jig is compatible with 2wd front, 4wd front and rear thanks to stacker discs easily adjusts the deck height required for all type of wheels.

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