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HRC Racing TSW precision camber & ride height gauge

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HRC Racing have added to the ‘Team Secret Weapons’ range a new precision camber and ride height gauge designed for 1/10 Buggy. The gauge comes in black with clear markings make the gauge easy to read and use. This 2-in-1 tool allows you to measure your setup in an easy and quick way without having to use two tools.

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HRC 1/8 adjustable tyre warmer set

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HRC Racing have introduced a set of tyre warmers. The tyre warmers improve tyre performance by optimizing their temperature to be ready when the start signal tone sounds. The size-adjustable tyre warmers feature a strong Velcro makes it compatible with 1/8 buggy and any other cars using similar tyre diameter. It measures 45cm in length and 6cm in width and can be set in a range of 30°C to 80°C using a dial knob on the control unit.

6MIK introduce new V2 tyres jig

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6MIK have introduced an updated version of the jig for their 1/8 buggy tyre gluing tool. The optional part allows to put the C.A. glue deeper, and keep the tyre insert in order. The V2 tyres jig is available now and comes including mounting hardware.

Rotor Ron 720 Spin set-up stations now available in USA

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Rotor Ron have announced that the 720 Spin set-up stations are available in USA. The 720 gauge is made to adjust quickly and easily toe and camber all both 2wd and 4wd buggies and Short Course with 12mm hexes. This setup gauge has no moving parts making alignment easy and super accurate.

RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App version 1.3 update

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GarMan App have updated their RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App to the the 1.3 version. The new version includes more than thirty new Nitro Buggy, Truggies and E-buggies, specific views for Nitro and Electric vehicles and the possibility of copy a previosly saved setup.

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Vision Racing slipper puck

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Vision Racing have introduced the new slipper puck for Schumacher, Team Associated and TLR vehicles. The tool is machined from aluminium and comes black anodised. The slipper puck gives a simply and effective way of removing unwanted glazes off the slipper pads returning them to like new performance. Vision Racing advise using paper 3M fine drywall sanding screen as the perfect scuffing material.

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Arrowmax 20-30mm adjustable ride height gauge

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Arrowmax have introduced a new 20-30mm adjustable ride height gauge. Offering a compact design, the gauge has an adjustment range from 20mm to 30mm with 1mm increments, which is suitable for 1/10 and 1/8 vehicles. It is very easy to use thanks to the laser-etched height markings and the screw-type design that allows to adjust the required ground clearance by unscrewing the upper cap and aligning the markings of the required ride height. The gauge is made of high quality aluminum features Arrowmax’s signature black and golden surface treatment.

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BSRC 36mm carbon fibre droop blocks


BSRC Products have introduced a 36mm carbon fiber droop blocks. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre, these were designed to work in conjunction with the HB Racing ride height/droop gauge. The droop blocks can also be used to measure your droop with a vernier caliper. You can measure from the height of your axle is 100% even left to right compared to the conventional way of measuring shock lengths. They collapse down to fit perfectly in most tool cases.

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