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6MIK launch 6MIK Racing application

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6MIK have launched their new application called 6MIK Racing. This App allows 6MIK users to check the news of the French company but also use tools to facilitate and improve their experience with 6MIK products. The App offers the “Tyres choice tool” that provides useful informations about all 6MIK tires range by giving information such as temperature, the race duration, and track surface, advice sheets with useful technical informations with tire charts, tyres’ gluing tips, fuel tank calculation chart, tips for HB Racing stuff, set up sheets from 6MIK Team drivers and also store the main set up of your cars. The 6MIK Racing application allows to find the correspondence between CPS / WT silicone oils, the best oil grade adjustment, and calculate fuel consumption. Last but not the least, the App is provided with a race chronometer that allows to independently time 2 drivers, with all laps, best lap, overall time, re-fuel management, and even to record of the history. The 6MIK Racing is available on both iOS and Android devices.

LMR MIP T-wrench

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Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR T-wrench specially designed for the popular MIP tools. The 3D-printed T-wrench helps to provide some leverage on tough to shift nuts and bolts. It suits to 22mm handles.

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Pro-Line body grip tool

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Pro-Line have introduced the new body grip tool for painters. This stylish ergonomic Pro-Line Body grip tool helps painters like you hold the body effortlessly and comfortably. Choose to hold the body like a shifter knob for easy rotation or slide it in between your fingers at the narrow base to palm the body effortlessly like a cell phone. Either way you grip it, you can rest assured that your RC body will no longer be a pain to hold while painting. This is a custom machined tool made from Type 1 PVC and turned to match popular grip styles. The Body grip tool includes 2 suction cups to easily adapt to many body sizes and shapes. The large cup is a 2 1/2″ (60mm) rated to hold 7 lbs and best used on the roof or windshield of larger scale bodies. The medium cup is a 1 7/8″ (45mm) rated to hold 3 lbs and best used on the roof or windshield for small scale bodies or tight areas where the large cup may not fit. To finish it off the Body Grip tool has a stylish Pro-Line “Custom Paint” decal.

JC Racing liner removal tool

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JC Racing Products have introduced a liner removal tool designed to simplify removal of liners from .21 nitro engines. The tool is 3D printed in a high quality fiber impregnated nylon giving it excellent mechanical strength and durability. It features an outer tube which has a diameter of 15.80 mm with a sprung latch which locates in the exhaust port when offered into the liner, you then insert a 2nd plunger down the center of the outer tube to positively hold the latch in a closed position, this helps with removal of liners which can become tight over time compared to when the engine is new from oil residue. Once the liner is removed the center plunger can either be push out or levered carefully with a flat screwdriver. You then rotate the outer diameter which has radius-ed edges which pushes the latch into the bore and allows you to pull the tool clear or if preferred push the latch in with your finger and pull to remove. The tool has been tested on bores from 16.20 – 16.50 and will remove liners which are smaller or greater than these sizes.

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VSR Products Easy Ball Diff Builder

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VSR Products have introduced the new Easy Ball Diff Builder to all common 1/10 scale ball differential components 3/32″ or smaller. Dealing with small differential balls during a rebuild is tedious and frustrating. The tool is designed to hold all of the diff balls in the main compartment, and then allows them to “pour” out the track in a single file line. VSR Products recommend tipping the Easy Ball Diff Builder over your greased diff gear, and tapping lightly on it to allow only one ball to exit at a time.

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Corner Speed RC 1/10 turnbuckle tool

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New from Corner Speed RC is a turnbuckle tool that fits almost all 1/10 scale vehicle ball-cups on both on/off road applications. The tool is made of black anodized 7075-T6 aluminium for longer lasting and also features silver chamfered edges and laser engraved logos for a professional look. It is a set of clamp style adaptors that fits on any standard vernier calipers to help building turnbuckles more precisely in no time. Another great feature of the tool is It can help building turnbuckles evenly on both sides while measuring their lengths at the same time.

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Arrowmax Diff Checker

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Arrowmax is added the new Diff Checker to their electronic line up. The newly design, built-in battery diff checker is small, compact and powerful. It is designed to evaluate and determine the differential hardness but also it can be used as a diff run-in device with fresh diff. The device features a 5-digit decimal display to provide the most accurate value possible. The Diff Checker can be easily charge using a micro USB connector and it comes with a standard outdrive insert and a 7mm nut driver adapters while an optional adapter set for 1/8 Buggy and GT is available as option.

Smart Engine break in system

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Smart Engine have introduced the new break in system. The system will provide real break in process and handle most the job under automatically. Because the whole process is control by intelligent system, it provides more precise, stable and safer control to complete the break in process. Through the system you can program most parameter according to your own preferences while safely features will protect your engine during the break in process.

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