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Arrowmax Black & Golden 10mm droop gauge

Arrowmax have extended their Black-Golden treatment to their popular 10mm chassis droop gauge. Made from a solid aluminium block, the droop gauge feature golden edges with laser engrave marking in gold color to match. Capable to measure from -3mm to 10mm and are design to use with 10mm chassis block, it is suitable for all 10th scale application.

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Ultimate Special turnbuckle tool

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Modelix Racing have added to the Ultimate Racing range of tools a special turnbuckles tool. This all-in-one tool is small, lighweight and made of steel to ensure its durability. It features 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 7 and 8mm openings, allowing adjustment on a wide variety of turnbuckles.

6mik driveshaft pin replacement tool

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French company 6mik have introduced their new driveshaft pin replacement tool. This must have tool will press in and remove any pins from the head of the drive shafts on all 1/8 buggies and truggies and even some 1/10 vehicles. Now instead of replacing the expensive drive shaft a simple replacement of the pin is quickly done with this pin replacement tool. By using the appropriate length pin, and the driveshaft pin replacement tool, you can dramatically extend the useful life of your drivetrain parts. Pins, 7mm wrench and wheel wrench are required to use the tool.

T-Work’s 5mm & 7mm short nut drivers

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T-Work’s have introduced two short nut drivers in 5mm and 7mm. Lightweight and compact in size, both nut drivers are machined from black anodised aluminium and T-Work’s logo and size are engraved on the tools. The 7mm tool has holes to slide a screwdriver rod to have more strength to tighten and loosen.. These tools are ideal for pistons nuts, wheel nuts or any other 5mm or 7mm nut and thanks to and the knurled surface, installing and removing are easy.

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Arrowmax silicone anti-slip tool jackets

Arrowmax have introduced three silicone anti-slip tool jackets for their line of hand tools. They come in 14mm, 18mm and 22mm sizes and they are design to fit on the handles to avoid slippy grip due to silicone oil or any other means of chemicals. Each pack contain 4pcs.

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RDRP Ultra Gripper R2 tool


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the Ultra Gripper R2 tool. The Ultra Gripper R2 is designed to hold 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm shock shafts to make shock building as easy as 1-2-3. The tool allows to securely hold the shafts without damaging the surface or even the whole shaft as it can occur when using standard pliers. Like the other Ultra series tools the Ultra Gripper is precision CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and sports a shiny black anodising that improves the surface of the notches for a more secure grip. The grip notches for the shock shafts sport laser-engraved size markings and the tool is usable for most 1/10th and 1/8th scale vehicles. The R2 variant sports an updated design that makes applying pressure even easier, ensuring less stress on the mechanic’s skin while also being available in range of colours including black, orange, red, blue and light blue.

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Arrowmax 17pcs Ultra pinion holder

Arrowmax have added a newest product to their Black-Golden line-up in the form of a Ultra pinion holder. Using high quality aluminium with detail CNC machining, the cylindrical design pinion holder are very light in way and can hold up to 28pcs 48p or 64p pinion. It comes with the Arrowmax signature honey-comb design with CNC engraved Arrowmax logo in gold colour. This combo set come with 17pcs 48p aluminium pinions ranging from 15T to 31T, ideal for off-road application.

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HB Racing multi function tool

Coming from HB Racing is the multi function tool. The multi function tool is an essential pit tool that punches perfect vent holes in tires (1/10 and 1/8 punch sizes included), securely holds shock shafts without scratching the finish (3/4/5mm shafts), holds 1/8 shock bodies and caps for maintenance, and allows the assembly and disassembly of uniballs. The multi function tool is precision machined from aluminum and anodized black. And, it’s spring loaded and can be locked with a body clip.

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