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Springs News

XRAY ‘Hard’ silver clutch springs


Are you sitting down ? Good, prepare to be excited by XRAY’s new ‘high-torque’ hard silver clutch springs – OK they’re not actually made from silver sadly, so don’t go melting them down into rings or tiny pieces of cutlery… In all seriousness, the optional harder springs engage later, giving you more options to fine tune your buggy! [Part #358589]

XRAY ‘medium-hard’ shock springs


New MEDIUM-HARD progressive springs have medium firmness at the beginning of the compression but become firmer as the spring is compressed more in the middle, with hard firmness at the end. Marked with FOUR stripes for easy identification. Set of 2. Fit XB808, XB9, XB8, and XT9.

These racing springs were designed and precision-crafted to have a more progressive rate than standard XRAY racing springs. As the car enters the corner, the spring has medium firmness to generate medium grip, but as soon the car inclines the springs achieve a hard firmness to achieve a higher cornering speed.

xb9 Long Progressive Springs TAB update 01-2014

Serpent springs the Spyder for astro

serpent springs

Serpent has just released their new ‘Astro Springs’ for the Spyder SRX2 series vehicles. These new springs are shorter, providing the option to run a lower ride height than the standard size springs. A lower ride height is preferred for high traction conditions such as astro-turf, as the car will be less likely to traction roll. The new springs are made of high quality spring steel, selected individually, matched, paired, and color coded.

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MP9 lower arms & servo saver spring


Kyosho Japan’s ‘man behind the MP9’ Yuichi Kanai unveiled a couple of new options for his beloved buggy on Facebook, first up are some new front lower suspension arms which are from a harder plastic material, Kanai says that they improve the MP9’s stability and neutral feeling of the car.

Secondly is a harder spring for the servo saver which he says should be used with caution as it places additional stress on your servo, the result is a more direct feel to the steering, however even World Champion pitman Paul King said in a Facebook comment that he had struggled installing it due to the stiffness.

Frank Lemke of Kyosho Germany shared the following with us, “Kanai’s aiming the parts for the Worlds and the expected high traction conditions. The outer hingepin on the front lower wishbone is already screwable by using the part from the ST-RR Evo Truggy. I think they should be available by end of this month.”

10555410_331918756968259_1523278025_o 10558454_331879523638849_1269933809_o 10545285_331879426972192_679708257_o 10531492_331879493638852_1563978030_o

New Kyosho MP9 F&R springs


After his summer break visiting the Euro Bs, Kyosho Masters and Italy, head Kyosho honcho Yuichi Kanai has wasted no time in announcing four new types of shock springs for the Inferno MP9 buggy.

Kanai talks us through the new springs: 1 type of shock springs for rear, it is a harder spring than existing IS106-814 Big Shock Spring (M/Light Blue/8-1.4/L=84).

IS106-7514 Big Shock Spring(M/Gray/7.5-1.4/L=84)

The other 3 types spring are medium length in between which we called Short (IF350-xxx) and Medium (IS106-xxx), and can be used both in the front AND rear:

IFW457-7514 Big Shock Spring(Gray/7.5-1.4/L=78)
IFW457-814 Big Shock Spring(Light Blue/8-1.4/L=78)
IFW457-8514 Big Shock Spring(Orange/8.5-1.4/L=78)

10306233_325418240951644_2853870675692811122_n 10368393_325418170951651_3170781832456445342_n 10524368_325418154284986_8146301672159900247_n 10492398_325418207618314_5519163476185710318_n

New Linear Springs for Xray XB4

New Linear Springs for Xray XB4

Xray introduce their new linear springs for the XB4 platform which have been specifically designed to complement the big-bore shocks. The linear spring rate is constant throughout the entire compression and the springs are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

O’Donnell on RB’s ‘bypass shocks’


O’Donnell originally tested the concept back in 2003

A few days ago, RB Products caused quite the worldwide stir with news of their innovative ‘Automatic Damping System‘ – developed in tandem with Fioroni and a product they have resounding confidence in, not least because of them being adopted by several non factory RB drivers in their shocks. RB’s innovation however isn’t quite as ‘not seen before‘ as some readers might think, with rumblings on popular forum RC Tech of previously CAD drawn ‘by pass shocks’ – however it came as a surprise when an email arrived in our inbox from O’Donnell Racing’s original founder and figurehead Steve O’Donnell.


Back in the early-mid 2000s O’Donnell was working not only with fuel and engine development but also released the Z01B car – memorably driven by star O’Donnell racer Jared Tebo to an impressive 4th at the 2008 World Championships before his return to Kyosho.

Steve stressed that he doesn’t want to take anything away from RB’s release – given the different slot shapes, 2003 was the first time they came up with the idea and tested with mixed results – in the right conditions the inserts were really good, they even tried multiple slot shape configurations and different numbers of slots, altering pack and rebound throughout the motion length for the particular track conditions.

The biggest challenge with the system was it’s sensitivity to temperature and weather; the system not being user friendly to the racer – requiring too much fine tuning in the end, Steve also tells us that throughout the process they also tested different types of dampening fluids, but again finding the system too sensitive for comfort.

See RB’s Automatic Damping system here

XRAY XB4 Spring sets


New optional XRAY XB4 spring sets; the main advantage and benefit of progressive springs is that as the car initially enters the corner they work like soft springs to provide maximum traction. At the same time, when the chassis begins to roll, in the middle of the corner, the spring rate progressively increases until they work like a hard springs which allows the car to maintain maximum cornering speed.

Like all the other XRAY springs, these springs are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

#368174 Front Spring Set Progressive – 2 Stripes (2) | #368184 Front Spring Set – 2 Dots (2) – Standard | #368185 Front Spring Set – 3 Dots (2)

#368273 Rear Spring Set Progressive – 2 Stripes (2) | #368284 Rear Spring Set – 1 Dot (2) | #368285 Rear Spring Set – 2 Dots (2) – Standard | #368286 Rear Spring Set – 3 Dots (2)

See www.TeamXRAY.com