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6MIK Optima internal shock springs

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French company 6MIK have added to the Optima range new internal shock springs for 1/8 buggies. Specially developed by the 6MIK team, the internal shock springs allow to less prone to rolling over and reduce the pitching weight transfer, resulting in increased driving precision. The internal shock springs are available in set fo four, and come with two long and two short springs.

XRAY XB4 front & rear linear spring sets


XRAY have introduced new sets of front and rear linear springs for the XB4. Front & rear linear springs have been specifically designed for the big-bore shocks. Spring rate is constant during the entire spring compression. Both rear and front linear springs come marked with 2, 3 and 4 DOTS for easy identification. The springs, like all the other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

HB Racing D418 shock springs

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HB Racing have introduced new shock springs for the European Champion D418. These rear and front springs allows to fine tune the suspension stiffness for optimal performance. Each spring in tagged with the gF/mm for easy identification. The shock springs are available from 55gF/mm to 75gF/mm for the front and from 30gF/mm to 50gF/mm for the rear and comes as pairs.

TLR 8IGHT 16mm EVO shock springs

Team Losi Racing have introduced a new range of 16mm Evo shock springs for the Losi 8IGHT. Manufactured using the highest quality materials available, the EVO springs have been preset for high strength, consistency and long life. The 16mm Evo shock springs are available for the front and rear in different rates and are marked with a colour corresponding to the spring rate for quick and easy identification.

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XRAY XB8 5 Dots front progressive springs

XRAY have introduced new front progressive springs for their XB8. These springs are slightly progressive, but under more compression they change characteristics to become more linear. This gives an excellent feeling & feedback in all different track conditions.


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VP-PRO 1/8 shock springs


VP-PRO have introduced new front and rear shock spring for 1/8 nitro buggy and E-buggy. These springs shocks are made from high quality spring steel and can match up a lots of brand frame use such as Kyosho, Mugen, HB Racing,Tekno etc for both front and rear, each has 5 kinds of specifications to choose(1pcs/bag):

  • Front shock spring: 5.5 ring ,6 ring ,7 ring ,7.5 ring
  • Rear shock spring: 7.5 ring ,8 ring ,9 ring ,9.5 ring

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Yokomo RP 1/10 shock springs

Coming from Yokomo and made for 1/10 buggies are the Racing Performer shock springs. These RP springs provide the suitable performance on high grip surface such popular carpet and artificial turf tracks. Material and production process is different from Yatabe Spring to perform another supreme feeling on racing battle. RP springs are more actively functioned for jumping, machine control during the time of tough race. They have been tested and confirmed by Team Yokomo Factory driver in the world and they will ne available next week.

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Core RC progressive big bore spring

Core RC have introduced new Progressive Big Bore Springs for 1/10th Off-Road. These high quality precision made springs allow the car to float over bumps but not roll too much during cornering. The consistent wire diameter means that the characteristics of each spring in the range is similar, giving a consistent performance across the range. The spring stiffness increment between springs is very small, allowing fine adjustment of the suspension.

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