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Reedy 0712MG & 1514MG servo gear sets

Reedy have introduced two replacement all-metal gear sets for Reedy’s 0712MG and 1514MG digital servos. These sets contain replacement gears, shafts, and ball bearing so that you can return your damaged servo to near-new condition.

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Adam Drake talks about the new Hitec HSB-9381TH brushless servo

Mugen Seiki’s driver Adam Drake continues to produce his helpful and popular video tutorials and this week he unwraps the new Hitec HSB-9381TH brushless servo.

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VP-PRO aluminium dual servo arm


VP-PRO have introduced new aluminum servo arm for gas and brake. The servo arm is made from high-strength aluminum and is strong enough to give precise, smoother and durable feeling. The servo arms are available as 23T, 24T and 25T spline.

Team Orion Vortex VDS-2HV Pro servos

Team Orion have introduced the new Vortex VDS-2HV Pro servos. Both VDS2-HV PRO 1605 HS (16kg, 0.05s) and VDS2-HV PRO 2607 HS (26kg, 0.07s) feature an aluminium case which makes them particularly suitable for nitro buggy and E-buggy classes. Both are also High Voltage compatible to operate at high voltage in an electric vehicle or with 2S LiPo receiver pack.

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SWORKz aluminium steering servo horn

SWORKz have introduced an aluminium steering servo horn for 1/8 buggies and truggies. Machined from high quality aluminium and sporting a clamp-style design and provides more streng, precision and durability. The steering servo horn is available in black anodising and for servos with 23T and 25T spline.


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Optima D817 aluminium single & dual clamping servo arms

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6mik have added to their Optima range of products new aluminium servo arms for 1/8 HB Racing buggies and truggies. The horns are machined to the exact HB specifications to provides increased precision, rigidity and durability. The horns also feature a clamping design to ensure the horn remains in place even if the retainer screw comes loose. The horns are available for 23T and 25T spline servos and in black or red anodising in single or dual arms.

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Hitec D-Series titanium servos

Hitec have introduced four new servos to their D-Series servo line, the titanium D-940TW (high speed), the titanium D-945TW (multipurpose), the titanium D-950TW (ultra torque) and the titanium D-980TW (monster torque). All Hitec D-Series servos have been designed using brand new, cutting edge, custom engineering. Combining industry leading high-resolution, state-of-the-art ultra-response technology with a 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC for unprecedented programmability and flexibility, these servos deliver significantly smoother movement. The speedy, powerful line operates on a wide 4.8 ~ 8.4 voltage range, allowing use with any common battery chemistry without the need for adapters or regulators. They featuring Hitec’s industry standard 25-tooth output spline with 3mm hex screw.

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Hitec D-Series 32-bit servos

Hitec have added three new servos to their D-Series 32-bit servo line sets. Powered by the 32-bit MCU (Microcontroller Unit) and 12-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) industrial science, these servos combine of wide voltage capabilities, high resolution, rapid response, and patented Smart Sense technology brings maximum performance to all radio control applications. The members of this particular D-Series group are all designed with extremely durable titanium gears and the D941TW, D946TW and D951TW trio boast full metal cases. 

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