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RUDDOG High Voltage standard size servos

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RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their new line of High Voltage standard size servos. First up are the RCL1608 HV Coreless High Speed (0.08s/18kg-cm) and RCL2210 HV Coreless High Torque (0.10s/22kg-cm) servos, both of which feature heavy duty composite material upper and lower cases combined with a machined heatsink design centre section. The result are exceptionally strong yet lightweight cases as titanium gear trains add to the overall durability while offering a very low weight. Other features include a coreless motor for speed and strength, 25T spline output gears as well as 180mm all-black receiver wires.

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Hitec DB777WP brushless low profile servo

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Hitec have introduced the new addition to their D-Series servo line, the high-performance, ultra-efficient brushless DB777WP. Designed with a full metal, IP-67 rated waterproof case, this advanced, programmable servo is the fastest, low profile option for 1/10th buggy and touring car drivers. The DB777WP is powered by Hitec’s 32-bit MCU (Microcontroller Unit) and 12-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), bringing high resolution, rapid response, and patented Smart Sense technology to kick your ride into top gear.

Futaba S-U300 programmable servo

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Futaba have introduced the new S-U300 programmable servo. Featuring a wireless assembly technology, the servo has a high vibration resistance and long lifetime. The servo produces up to 4,1kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0,19s when operated with 6V input. The S-U300 features a 6-way potentiometer with indirect drive while the S.BUS2 technology making it programmable with many adjustable parameter settings.

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Power HD Storm S-series HV brushless servos

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Power HD have added to their range of servos the new Storm S15, S25 and S35 HV brushless servos, featuring a brand new design. The Storm servos feature a full CNC machined aluminium case with twice oxidation and come in a new black case design with middle heatsink section and top case sporting gold, red and silver details. The servos utilise 7075 aluminum gears and 303 steel gears, Japanese-made Noble potentiometer, an upgraded PCB supporting SSR and SUR modes. The S15 is a low-profile servo while the S25 and S35 are standard size servos.

Hitec D956WP high-torque waterproof servo

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Hitec have introduced the new D956WP high-torque, waterproof servo. Based off the D954SW servo, the IP-67 rated version is the true waterproof, dust resistant upgrade for 1/10th-scale Rock Crawlers and Trucks. As with the entire “D” line, this technologically-advanced servo is powered by Hitec’s 32-bit MCU (Microcontroller Unit) and 12-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) industrial science and possesses Smart Sense engineering with rapid, high-resolution response. The unprecedented programmability and wide-voltage capabilities deliver the most progressive, leading-edge performance for all radio control needs. With incredibly durable steel gears, dual ball bearing and hardened steel output shaft, the high-end performing D956WP produces the mighty torque and reliability required to take bashers to the next level.

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HRC Racing HRC68132DHV high voltage servo

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HRC Racing have introduced the new HRC68132DHV high voltage servo. Designed for the 1/8 vehicles or crawler, the high voltage servo features a waterproof durable fiber plastic housing and strong metal gears. His high torque and high speed makes this servo a great choice and it is also used by HRC team drivers.

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Mugen adjustable servo horn

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Mugen have introduced a new adjustable aluminium servo horn for vehicles such as the MBX8. The arm is machined from high-quality aluminium and comes grey anodized. It come laser-engraved with the steering link pivot ball mounting locations ranging from 18mm to 20mm and it features a clamping design to provide additional security and reliability when accidentally loosing the main servo horn screw. The adjustable servo horn is available for 23T and 25T spline servos.

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PowerStar PL-6213 HV digital servo

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PowerStar have introduced the new PL-6213 HV high-voltage digital servo for 1/5 vehicles. Offering a torque of up to 48kg-cm and 62kg-cm at 6.0V and 7.4V respectively as well as a speed of up to 0.15s and 0.13s, the PL-6213 servo measures 65.8x30x57.4mm.

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