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Reedy HV Digital servos


Reedy’s HV Digital Competition Servos are race-proven and feature numerous enhancements including precision metal gears for added strength and smooth operation, and an advanced microprocessor that improves vehicle control and on-track performance. Its state-of-the-art aluminum mid case lowers operating temperatures for fade-free operation.

High voltage compatibility means that LiPo RX batteries or increased ESC BEC output voltage can be used without fear of damaging sensitive internal components. Powerful motors, reliable electronics, and high voltage versatility, and a choice of hi-torque and hi-speed models  make Reedy’s HV Digital Competition Servos the logical choice for a variety of racing classes and skill levels.

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Core RC delivers new servo range

Core RC Servos

Schumacher Racing has introduced an all-new range of servos from Core RC. The new line includes 5 new servos ranging from high performance titanium digital to budget friendly plastic geared servos. Each is available now.

CR496_1000 CR495_1000 CR494_1000 cr493_1000

CLICK HERE to see Core RC Servo Specs!

Carlos Fonseca joins MKS Servos


The Taiwanese servo manufacturer, MKS Servos, has announced today that Portuguese offroad racer Carlos Fonseca has joined the factory MKS team for 2015. Carlos says, “I’m very happy and pleased to join MKS Servos from Taiwan and be part of the official factory team for 2015. MKS Servos have great quality and finishing just look stanishing! I’ve already test the new X6 series servos that will be out soon in 2015! Ultra power and ultra speed with great Brusless Motor, High Voltage System and all aluminim CNC case are just a few features found in this servos.”

Source: MKS

Reedy to release competition servo?

Reedy Servo

The Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions is fast approaching. The event not only gathers many of the world’s best 1/10 offroad racers, it also gathers some of the newest prototypes and products on the market. Reedy team manager, Rick Hohwart, is among the racers preparing for the event by putting the finishing touches on their rides. Hohwart shared a pic of his Team Associated B5M buggy as it is nearly ready for the event. At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the norm, but upon closer examination it appears as though there is a little something new steering Hohwart’s buggy for this race…



ProTek’s new 160T low profile servo

ProTek LP Servo

ProTek R/C’s has released their all-new 160T Low Profile Digital “High Torque” Servo. This bad boy is ready to meet the demands of the serious 1/10 and 1/12-scale racer. Featuring a robust 274 oz-in of torque at a lighting quick .06 transit speed at 7.4V, the 160T’s small profile belies its power within. The metal drivetrain of the 160T glides on a full set of ball bearings and the entire unit is protected by an all-aluminum case. The gray-anodized case not only looks sharp and speaks to the servo’s quality but it also effectively dissipates heat. With over 17 pounds of torque it was essential to ship the 160T with a blue-anodized aluminum servo horn, and aluminum servo ear guides. The new servo is available now!


160T01 160T02

Xpert’s ‘WR’ waterproof servos


Play in a stream? Puddle jumping? Get muddy? Spin in the Snow?

No, us neither really, we prefer playing battleships in the bathtub, but for those who do enjoy the odd nautical-related pursuit, Xpert has a new line of waterproof servos which should suit you like a custom-made Savile Row.. uhm suit!

Designed to work with everything from a 1/10 crawler to a 1/5 monster these servos have been designed to function completely submerged in water.

Features include the waterproof case design, firmware to stop buzzing sounds, slow idle to neutral, lower operating temp, high amp and high temp protection features, hardened metal gears.

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Futaba brings S.Bus2 to the ground

Futaba Servos

Now R/C cars and trucks can enjoy the many advantages of Futaba S.Bus2 servo technology (first seen in the aircraft world). Because they’re brushless, these servos last much longer than brushed servos, with much faster response times. They stand up to jolts and vibration better, offer smoother operation, and programmable capability allows drivers to fine-tune performance to meet specific applications.

Source: Futaba

Power Star’s trio of servos


VP Pro’s servo brand ‘Power Star’ have released three new types of digital brushless servos, (even though the image shows 4?!), count your lucky stars then!

They all feature plastic shell and are fitted with stainless steel and titanium gears throughout for strength, the three types are available in a choice of four rather ‘loud’ colours – EasyJet orange, naval blue, baby blue and TestaRossa red. No details on the speed/strength of the servos but here are a few part numbers; PL-2211, PL-1610, PL-1408.

See VP Pro

New Power Star PM-1207LV Servo

New Power Star PM-1207LV Servo

Power Star introduce their latest low-profile digital servo, the PM-1207LV. The aluminium heat sink case houses a mixed stainless steel and titanium gear set and a powerful brushless motor which can achieve speeds of 0.085sec and 0.074sec at 4.8v and 6.0v respectively as well as torque of 10kg/cm and 12kg/cm.


New Thunder Innovation Servo Arm

Thunder Innovation Steering Servo Arm

Thunder Innovation have announced the release of their new precision CNC adjustable steering servo horn which has been machined from a solid block of aluminium for increased rigidity and durability. 

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