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HRC Racing 68128HVBL High Voltage brushless servo

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing 68128HVBL high voltage and high torque brushless servo. The High Voltage servo offers up to 28kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.07s. The 68128HVBL servo features metal gears, double ball bearings and it comes with heavy duty servo arms, a heavy-duty 22AWG receiver wire and a JR plug.

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1up Racing servo mounting screws

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Coming soon from 1up Racing are the new servo mounting screws. Precision machined from ultra-strong U.S. 7075-T6 aluminium, the M3 screw comes deep black anodised and a mirror-like chamfer. The 7.8mm diameter of the head provides greater strength and help to create a more secure mounting surface. The servo mounting screws fit most popular servos used with 1/10 vehicles.

Reedy introduces new HV digital brushless servos

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Team Associated have introduced four new Reedy HV digital brushless servos in the form of two Low-Profile servo, the RS1306 and RT1709 and also two standard size servos, the RT2406 and R2706A. The Reedy HV digital brushless servos are High Voltage compatible and feature powerful brushless motors to create incredible torque and speed while an advanced microprocessor provides precision vehicle control. The precision gear set is designed for strength and durability while the integrated aluminum mid-case reduces operating temperatures for fade-free operation. The RT2706A features an all-aluminum case to stand up to the performance demands of 1/8 racing.

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Highest D1000 Pro HV servo

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Korean brand Highest have introduced the new D1000 Pro HV servo. The High Voltage compatible servo pulls up to 15.1kg-cm (7.4V) of torque at as speed down to 0.08s and features a machined all-aluminium case with a heatsink design. It measures 39.5x20x38.7 and weighs 75.3g.

HRC Racing all black servo extension & Y cables

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HRC Racing have introduced new all black servo extension cables for any RC usage that need smart and effective servo connection. These servo extension cables and Y cables are made of 3 black insulated wires, and standard Futaba or JR servo plug and socket and available in 10cm, 30cm and 60cm long.

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PowerStar PC-600, PC-900 & PC-1600 HV servos

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PowerStar have introduced three new digital servos, the PC-600, the PC-900 HV and the PC-1600 HV. Specially designed to be use with RTR vehicles, these servos feature a plastic case and a digital cordless motor.

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ProTek 155T/S high-voltage servos

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ProTek RC have introduced two powerful high-voltage, metal gear digital servos in the form of the 155T and 155S. The ProTek 155T High Voltage Hi-Torque servo delivers an incredible 360 oz-in of torque and 0.10 transit speed at 6.0V, and when you bump the voltage to 7.4 the spec’s increase to 453 oz-in and 0.08. Spec’s like these make this servo an excellent choice for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application. Other features include a full aluminum case that provides bomb proof durability and improved heat dissipation, a metal gear train that is supported by dual ball bearings, a 200mm long 22awg connector wire with gold plated connectors, a coreless motor and Conformal Coated circuit board for excellent vibration absorption and element protection (not waterproof).

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PowerStar PM-3015W ultra-high torque digital servo

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PowerStar have introduced the new PM-3015W ultra-high torque digital servo. Enclosed with a CNC finished aluminum casing, this mighty 30KG ultra-high torque servo will steer anything it been installed in, and the waterproof full metal case (of cause metal gears as well) will allow it to operate in extreme working conditions. Comes as a standard size servo, PM-3015W is designed for Crawlers, Buggies and Monster Trucks. It Will work up to 8.4v as its input voltage and can provide 30KG-cm torque while running at 0.1 sec/60°. Despite its high performance, it can be used in even larger applications such as 1/5 or 1/4 vehicles. A 25T servo horn is included in this package as well as all the fasteners for mounting.