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Servos News

Sanwa RX-481 waterproof receiver & HVS-702 servo

sanwa RX-481WP receiver

See: LRP

Sanwa through LRP Germany have introduced the RX-481 waterproof receiver and the HVS-702 servo. First up is the RX-481 waterproof (IPX4). The Sanwa RX-481 2.4GHz receiver has 4 channels and can be operated in FH-3 or FH-4 mode. It is technically the same receiver as the Sanwa RX-481 but now in a waterproof version. The main feature of the RX-481 waterproof is his antenna already integrated into the housing to avoid that the antenna cable cannot be broken without this causing any negative influence on the range and interferences.

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ProTek RC 170SBL HV brushless servo

ProTek RC 170SBL HV brushless servo 4

Website: ProTek RC

ProTek RC have introduced the new 170SBL “Black Label” high speed brushless servo. The 170SBL features a black black anodized aluminum case with aluminum and white accents give this servo a stealthy look that sets it apart from the rest.

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The aluminum upper case provides bomb proof durability and the heat sink center case offers efficient heat dissipation and helps to reduce weight. The lead wire is detachable, allowing you to easily custom tailor the servo lead to your application, and the package includes both 135mm and 285mm length servo leads. Plus, a full selection of servo arms and mounting hardware are included making installation easy.

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Powerstar PH-8012 low-profile servo

Powerstar PH-8012 low-profile servo

See: Powerstar

Powerstar have introduced the PH-8012 low-profile servo. It is special designed for the beginner in RC and adopts metal core motor, metal teeth, super aluminium radiator shell, hidden o-ring design. The PH-8012 servo is available in black, pink and light blue colour.

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Exotek 22 Series heavy duty clamping servo horns

Exotek 22 Series heavy duty clamping servo horns

See: Exotek

Exotek have introduce two heavy duty clamping servo horns for the TLR 22 series. These servo arms are machined from 7075 alloy, polished and anodized in factory black and laser etched for easy reference. They are the only clamping unit that matches the dimensions of the stock servo horn so now you have perfect fit and geometry for robust steering and performance in the TLR 22 series. Also excellent for other 1/10 brand models- just check our dimensions above for compatibility. Available  for 23T and 25T spline servos, large M2.5 clamping screw included.

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Reedy HV digital low-profile servos

Reedy Digital HV Hi-Torque Comp. Servo

Reedy have introduced two new high-voltage digital low-profile competition servos. The RS0806 LP and the RT1408LP are race-proven and engineered for use in both touring cars and the latest generation 2wd and 4wd buggies. Precision metal gears, powerful motors, and an advanced microprocessor improve vehicle control while an integrated aluminum mid-case lowers operating temperatures for fade-free operation. High voltage compatibility means that increased ESC BEC output voltage can be used without fear of damaging sensitive internal components.

Website: Reedy

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Ruddog aluminium servo arms


See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog have introduced new aluminium servo arms. The RUDDOG aluminium servo arms do not only look good, they also give you the quality you are looking for. Made out of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminium, they are strong enough to give you a precise steering feel. The servo arms feature also an additional screw to clamp to horn onto the servo for maximum security. Available in two different offset versions, they fit nearly every car.

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ProTek RC Team Associated 1/10 aluminum clamping servo horns

ProTek aluminum clamping servo horns

See: ProTek RC | Buy ProTek RC products

ProTek R/C have introduced new aluminum clamping servo horns designed for Team Associated 1/10 scale off-road vehicles. These are machined from a solid block of aluminum alloy and anodized in black or blue color. The horn has been machined to the exact specifications and dimensions of the plastic Team Associated ASC9180 servo horn, but provides the precision, rigidity and durability required for the latest generation of high-performance R/C vehicles. The horn also weighs a mere two grams while providing the insurance of the clamping design to ensure the horn remains in place even if the retainer screw comes loose.  The aluminum clamping servo horns are available for 23T, 24T and 25T spline servos.

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Power HD LW-20MG servo

Power HD LW-20MG

See: Power HD

Power HD unveiled the new LW-20MG servo. The LW-20MG servo is waterproof and its technical features make it particularly suitable for off-road vehicles. The whole servo only weights 60g, it is equipped with strong copper & aluminum gears, and it is compatible with voltage 4.8V-6.6V with a maximum torque of 20.0 kg-cm and a speed of 0.16 sec (6.6V).

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