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Motiv RC MC2 aluminum can screws


Motiv RC have introduced new aluminium can screws for MC2 brushless motors. On top of weight savings, these screws will eliminate a great portion of the eddy current brake or non-working magnetic field on your motor. The screws are of 2.5mm thread and are 42mm in length. The three combines for only 1.5grams in total weight which is less than half of its steel counterpart.

T-Work’s titanium downstop screw sets

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T-Work’s have introduced three sets of downstop screws for several scale of vehicles. Machined from high-quality titanium, the thin round side will protect the chassis done stop area, an area often damaged by standard set screws. The downstop screws are available in M3x8mm, M4x8mm and M4x10mm in set of four.

Yokomo RP titanium motor screw set

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Yokomo have introduced a set of machined titanium screws for their RP (Racing Performer) brushless motors. Precision machined from high-quality titanium, the set consists of six M2.5x8mm titanium screws for the motor cap and three M2.5 x 44.5mm titanium screws to fix the motor back plate. Using titanium swrews allows to reduce the weight of the motor and also provide more efficiency at the high performance motors.

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Twister RC V10 G3 titanium motor screws

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Twister RC have introduced new titanium motor screws for the Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3 Modified & Stock brushless motors. These 1.5mm hex socket screws are machined from 64 grade titanium. They will increase the motor power and durability.

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Team C aluminium rear wing washers

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Team C Racing have introduced new aluminium rear wing washers for 1/10 buggies. These rear wing washers are machined from high-quality aluminium and come anodized in the trademark Team C orange finish. They provide additional support to prevent wing from pulling off from mounting screws.

Mugen MBX8 titanium screw sets

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Mugen Seiki have introduced two titanium screw sets for the MBX8. Made from high quality titanium, the screws offer high durability, corrosion resistance and also a light weight. The A set includes the most upper screws while the B set includes the screws from under the chassis.

RDRP B64 & XB2/4 titanium lower shock screw set


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced three sets of titanium lower shock screws for the Team Associated B64 and the XRAY XB2 and XB4. All sets include four lower shock mount screws made from high-quality titanium. The fasteners do away with the standard steel screws and they are of a shouldered design that only has threaded sections where they are needed, while areas to which the lower shock eyelet bushings attach are of a plain design for improved durability. The screw heads are also unique in the way that they feature dual 2mm and 5.5mm hex sections that allow to use 2mm hex or 5.5mm nut drivers to fasten or loosen the screws. Included in the set are two front and two rear shock mounting screws.

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Hiro Seiko 7PX aluminium screw set

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Hiro Seiko have introduced an aluminium screw set for the Futaba 7PX transmitter. The screw set is composed of five lightweight aluminium screws to replace the standard steel screws on the steering wheel and on the case. The screws are available in seven different colors including orange, gold, purple, dark blue, light blue, red, and black to customize your transmitter.

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