Screws News

HUDY Tiny one-piece hardware box


HUDY have introduced a new tiny one-piece hardware box. This tough, durable, translucent plastic box with high-quality HUDY graphics has 8 compartments of two different sizes, each with a separate latching cover. The very handy and useful box measures 100 x 63mm and offers easy and quick-access storage for small parts.

T-Work’s introduce new titanium screw sets

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T-Work’s have introduced a new range of titanium screw sets. Available as UFO and countersink head sets, the sets include high-quality 64 grade titanium screws. The UFO head titanium screws are available in 2mm x 4mm, 2mm x 6mm and 2mm x 8mm in sets of 5-piece and 10-piece while the titanium countersink screws are also available in 2mm x 4mm, 2mm x 6mm and 2mm x 8mm but only in set of 10-piece.

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RC-Project titanium clutch bell Limited Edition retaining screw


Italian-based RC-Project have introduced their new Limited Edition titanium clutch bell retaining screw for 1/8th Buggies, Trucks and GT cars. The screw is machined from highest quality Grade 5 6Al4V titanium to avoid thermal expansion may lead to loosening of the screw. The other advantage is that the screw can be screwed in and out without additional effort, even when the motor is still hot. The retaining screw is 9mm long of which 6mm are threaded and due to its design the screw head protrudes only 3mm which allows for greater clearance towards the fuel tank, ensuring greater security in case of excessive chassis flex. The design also eliminates any rubbing issues between the bearing and the bell bearing, reducing operation temperatures and the chance of ball bearing failures. The new design allows the use of either the 5.5mm socket head or a classic hex head. The screw is numbered comes with a one-year warranty and is available individually.

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Yokomo YZ-2 Racing Performer titanium screw set

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Yokomo have added a new set of titanium screws for the YZ-2 DTM3 and CAL3 to their Racing Performer range. These high-precision cutting titanium screws are different from conventional titanium screws. Ultra-precision machined and made of high-quality titanium, the lightweight and durable screw features a precise central axis created by cutting to secure screwing and tightening.

Ultimate Racing aluminium shim sets

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Modelix Racing have introduced new sets of aluminium shims to the range of Ultimate Racing products. Measuring 3mm x 6mm and being available in 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm thickness, the shims come in sets that include 10 shims in black, orange, pink, red, purple, or blue colour. Also new are the aluminium servo washer sets. The washers provide more secure servo mounting and they preserve the structural integrity of the servo ears. The lightweight washers are available in black, orange, red, gold, purple, or blue colour in set of 8-piece.

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T-Work’s MP10T titanium turnbuckles & screw sets

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T-Work’s have introduced new titanium turnbuckle set as well as two screw sets for the Kyosho Inferno MP10T. The turnbuckles are made of high-quality 64 grade titanium. The lightweight turnbuckles consist of seven parts and they comes with 4mm and 5mm turnbuckle wrenches. Also new are two screw sets including a 150-piece UFO head titanium and a 155-piece gold-colour steel screw set. The titanium screws will reduce overall weight while the gold-colour screws will mainly add visual impact.

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T-Work’s YZ-2 CAL 3 Ti turnbuckles & screw sets

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the Yokomo YZ-2 CAL 3 in the form of sets of titanium turnbuckles and titanium and steel screws. The titanium turnbuckle set includes six lightweight yet durable turnbuckle made in high-quality 64 grade titanium. The set comes including a 4mm turnbuckle wrench. Also news are a 102-piece titanium UFO head set and a 129-piece gold-plated steel screw set. If the titanium screws will save some weight, the gold-plated steel screws will only add looks.

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Lunsford 3mm Ti custom pan head screws

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Lunsford Racing have introduced new titanium custom pan head screws. Machined from high-quality Grade 5 titanium, the screw features an ultra sleek head design combined with an over-sized diameter head that makes it ideal for mounting servos, securing motors, or any area that might need a larger surface head. The 7.8mm head size eliminates the need for a washer. Couple this with a low profile head design at just 1.2mm, the custom pan head screw brings an added elegance and minimize tool needs for 1/10 vehicles, the pan head having a 2mm broach. It’s also for use with Traxxas products as a substitute for the flat head screw.