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Pro-Line Brawler 2.6″ wheels & black gear covers


Pro-Line have introduced a new scale Monster Truck wheel for solid axle Monster Trucks: the Brawler 2.6” white wheel. The Brawler wheel is a perfect match for Pro-Line’s Destroyer 2.6” tyres and has all of the scale detail you would expect out of a Scale Monster Truck wheel. The Brawler is a white 12mm hex glue up style wheel with a black hub cap that completely covers up the non-scale looking wheel nut, giving your truck the ultimate scale look.

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Hot Race Tyres Etere 1/8 rims


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Hot Race have introduced new rims for 1/8 buggies, the Etere. Greek philosophy believed it was weightless and transparent: this has been the guideline in the development that led to a reduction of 6gr for each rim. With revolutionary flex characteristic and dept studies about the amplitude of vertical load due to the weight of unsprung mass (De Carbon theory), Etere gives impressive smothness and traction in all condition.

JConcepts ‘Slims’ down with new 12mm 1/10 2wd buggy wheels

Slim Wheels

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In preparation for the IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships on astroturf, JConcepts has released their new 12mm ‘Slim’ 2wd buggy front wheels. For years racers have relied on JConcepts wheels for performance, durability and all important looks. The Mono wheel, made popular in 1/10th scale offroad racing has always delivered in competition and in prestigious fashion. The Slim front wheel by JConcepts completes a wheel lineup for the narrow carpet and Astroturf front tires routinely used around the world. The light-weight, one-piece wheels are precision molded for concentricity, produced in a durable, high-impact material and available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.

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Sweep Racing’s new rims & inserts

24 Wheel 1

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After a slight news hiatus Sweep Racing are back and better than ever as they announce the release of their new 61mm 1/10 Offroad buggy rims.

Sweep’s all new 61mm wheels are packed with strong hex, true spin characteristic and much more! The wheel is made from perfect mixture of nylon composite to ensure flexibility but also stiffness, thus ensuring maximum traction while making it easier to drive over rough terrain without cracking.

In addition to Sweep’s new rims are their specially made 2.4″ closed cells inserts. The (iconic pink) foam has been carefully crafted for a perfect fit – filling every part of 2.4″ wheels and tires to maximize the potential of  low profile tires technology.

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24 Wheel 2 sweep inserts

Avid offers up Limited Black Satellite B5/B5M wheels

Black Avid Wheels

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Avid once again kicks traditional design to the side by offering up Limited Black (as opposed to the standard white and yellow) Satellite Buggy 2.2″ Wheels for the Team Associated B5/B5M.

“Buggy racers around the world will appreciate the engineering, looks, and performance of the new Satellite buggy wheel lineup from AVID. (* requires knurled low-profile nut).”

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T-Pro release new ‘XR’ series rims


T-Pro have released their brand new ‘XR Race’ 1/8 buggy rim – the rims available in white and yellow feature a brand new design and are made from new materials making them incredibly solid and strong yet lightweight. With a set of 4 rims only weighing 37 grams, they are available now!

TP-100005WH Offroad XR Race Wheel

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ProCircuit PCX rims & new inserts


Modelix is pleased to present the new Procircuit PCX Wheels for 1:8 Buggies. This new wheel represents a great step forward in terms of performance. Procircuit development team wanted to create a lightweight wheel without compromising strength to give your buggy the lowest rotating mass and the fastest acceleration ever achieved, and this is exactly what the all-new PCX wheel represents. It is 20% lighter, a little wider than previous version and also has a slightly higher level of flex which results in more traction in loose track conditions and better performance when landing from jumps as well as on bumpy tracks.

Additional features include the innovative easy glue system, a grooved bead area to help guide the glue easily into place. The wheels also incorporate radial ribs that lock the wheel and foam insert together eliminating the vague inconsistencies that come from an insert that is free to move around on its wheel. Procircuit wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure durability. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.

PCX0103-W-White-wheel-blister grooved PCT wheel PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert-blister

Next up are new Procircuit Closed Cell Inserts intended for use with the new PCX wheels. This orange closed cell insert has been designed to boost and maximise Procircuit tire and wheel performance. Inserts have grooved lines on the outside and have the right size to perfectly fit the tire inner carcass providing a better response and feel. The inside has larger grooves to better absorb impacts and bumps without sacrifying stability or forward traction. Testing has shown great results with a more predictable handling and easier to drive car.

The inserts are light-weight, water resistant, made of durable material that can be reused and fits the majority of 1:8 buggy tires you can find on the market.

DE Racing at the DNC ’15: Rims galore


Southern California accessory company DE Racing has released a new line of buggy and truggy wheels, in a wide variety of colors.

New to the lineup are the Speedline Plus wheels, which feature DE’s “Sure Lock” center channel grooves that are designed to keep the tire’s foam insert in once place. They’re light weight too, at 38g for the buggy wheel and 58g for the larger truggy wheel.  And if white or yellow isn’t loud enough for your fashion plate, DE offers the Speedline Plus wheels in black, orange, green, pink, and red hues as well.

See Deracing.net

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