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T-Work’s 4PM custom skins

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T-Work’s have introduced a full range of radio skins for the Futaba 4PM. The range consists of graphite version available in 6 colors, a mirror chrome version available in 4 colors and also one shiny graphite version. Easy to apply, the radio skins will help to customize your 4PM and keep the transmitter in good condition for a long time.

KO Propo EX-RR ST2 2.4GHz radio

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KO Propo have introduced the new EX-RR ST2 2.4GHz 4-channel radio. Based on the EX-RR radio, The EX-RR ST2 radio features a new angle sensor which was particular about the durability and the feeling of operation for both steering and throttle. It prevents deterioration of durability and operational feeling due to wear, which can be said to be the problem of contact sensors. Along with smooth operation feeling by smoother sliding, the new sensor realize high durability that is approximately 100 times compared with the prior sensor. Therefore, the best feeling of operation can be maintained for a long time and in addition, the new sensor outputs a more linear signal to the transmitter.

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T-Work’s 4PM screen protector

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a screen protector sheet for the Futaba 4PM. The clear protective sheet is a direct fit and it prevents the radio’s screen from becoming scratched or damaged. In addition it is less affected by finger prints, keeping the screen more readable.

Ruddog RR482 2.4GHz 4-channel FHSS4 receiver

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Ruddog Distribution have introduced their all-new Sanwa-compatible RR482 2.4GHz 4-channel FHSS4 receiver. FHSS4 and FHSS3 capable the receiver is usable with the latest M17 and MT-44 transmitters but also older spec M12S and RS, MT-4 and even M11X radios. The device fully supports Sanwa’s SHR and SSR technologies, offering the same features and super-fast signal transmission as the original Sanwa receivers, making them a full-fledged replacement. The compact receiver measures 23.6×18.6×28.3mm, it weighs in at 7g and it comes in a heavy-duty case that offers improved durability compared to standard Sanwa receivers. The RR482 was track-tested over several months at national and international events.

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Ko Propo EX-RR ‘carbon’ Limited Edition radios

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Ko Propo have introduced new ‘carbon’ Limited Edition of their EX-RR radios. Based on the standard EX-RR radio, the ‘carbon’ Limited Edition is characterized by his racing look and aluminium wheel. The EX-RR ‘carbon’ Limited Edition radios will be available with blue or red wheel colors and with one ou two KR-418FH receivers at end of January. Red and blue aluminum wheels will be released at the same time.

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Hiro Seiko M17 screen protectors

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Hiro Seiko have introduced new screen protectors for the Sanwa M17 transmitter. The material of these screen protectors was specially developed for M17 transmitter’s touch operation. Besides enhancing the original features such as anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof, Hiro Seiko have added functions like water and oil repellent. The screen protectors are available in a set of two parts.

Powerstar RS472E “L” shape Sanwa-compatible receiver

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Powerstar have introduced their new “L” shape Sanwa FHSS compatible receiver RS472E. Suitable for radios such as MT-4, MTS, MT-4S, MT-44, M12, M12S and M17, the receiver is compatible with 3.5-8.4v range, making it usable with LiHV as well. The full range 4-channel receiver offers a small footprint, measuring 24×18.5×28.5mm and a hidden antenna, making installation easy even in tight spots.

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Futaba T4PM 2.4GHz radio coming soon

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German Futaba distributor Ripmax have unveiled first renderings of the forthcoming T4PM 2.4GHz radio. No informations are available yet except the release date expected early 2019.

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