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Alpha add EFRA 2130 to exhaust pipe options

IMG_9815-1.JPG See Alpha RC
After one and half years Alpha Plus is very excited to introduce their new tuned exhaust pipe; EFRA2130 -available to order from June onwards.

The new pipe’s appearance resembles Alpha’s current EFRA#2090 exhaust pipe but without interchangeable stingers can be used,#2130 fits with standard restrictor size 8mm and is said to develop good performances for  top speed and good bottom end torque.

Interested customers & stockists should contact local Alpha distributors.

TESTED: ProTek 2090 .21 Tuned Pipe



If you’ve read our reviews of the short stroke ProTek Samurai engine (here: Protek Samurai Review) and the current IFMAR World Champion OS B2101 buggy engine (here: OS B2101 Review), you probably know how I feel about the 2090 pipe design.  Manufactured by OS Engines as an OS-branded product, this pipe is now also available from ProTek (a division of A-Main) as the PTK-2090.  Priced at $169.99, the pipe set includes a long 2090 manifold, springs, two gaskets and a mounting setscrew.

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New Novarossi conical manifolds


Novarossi has just released two new conical header pipes intended for offroad 1/8 scale buggy and truck racing. The new headers are designed to generate more power at low and high RPM’s. The new 41031 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41021 manifold, while the 41032 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41019 manifold. The 41032/41019 combo is also claimed to be a good choice for GT class racers in addition to offroad buggy and truck.

Source: Novarossi

New Alpha Plus EFRA2107 Pipe

Alpha Plus in accordance with Ryan Lutz are pleased to introduce their new EFRA 2107 tuned exhaust system. This new pipe has been tested by their professional drivers who state that they are very happy with the performance that it brings. Ryan Lutz had the following to say… “This pipe was not only blessed with an extraordinarily lucky number (21 – BlackJack) (07 – Lucky number 7), it in fact has an on track performance that leaves nothing to be desired. This is the pipe designed to really wake up every .21 Alpha Plus engine available. In extensive testing of the 2107 it has shown a greater ‘feel’ on the bottom end, giving the driver more control and precision with their throttle inputs.

Buy Alpha Plus @ A Main

New Alpha Plus EFRA2107 Pipe

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BETA release 2106 Tuned pipe

beta pipe

BETA – better known for their advances in the competitive tyre market have expanded their accessories range with the release of their EFRA 2106 tuned exhaust pipe.

 Thoroughly developed by our team drivers, this affordable EFRA legal pipe set has proved to offer great all round performance, with notable bottom end punch, great for popping over those jumps with short run ups. On top of all the performance, the BETA pipe set emits a glorious sound so you can hear the power of your engine as well as feel it.”

The BETA pipe set is ready for immediate release, so if your looking for a high performance pipe set without breaking the bank.

See www.Beta-RC.eu | www.NemoRacing.com


New S-Power Exhaust Pipe

S-Power is proud to announce the release of their new exhaust pipe with the EFRA No. 2042. Each pipe has been tested and carefully selected to give your S-Power engine maximum performance and run time after being  manufactured in Italy.

New S-Power Exhaust Pipe

New RB Compact Manifold

RB has designed a new parabolic manifold which perfectly fits buggys that feature a compact/narrow chassisplates such as the RBOne R (coming soon) & Mugen MBX cars. As you can see from the images below the exhaust line perfectly fits the car without touching the fueltank and body guard. Read More…
SEE: www.rbproducts.com

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Reds Racing new Manifold

Engine specialists Reds Racing have announced the release of a new ‘double bend’ manifold, designed by their R&D department, in cooperation with REDS’ Team Drivers. The new polished mainfold doesn’t only look great, but more importantly has a function – improving fuel economy, additionally it provides a very smooth and manageable powerband which in particular suits mid to low grip tracks, the result evident in laptimes. The manifold can be used with all and any of Reds’ pipes – EFRA 2099, EFRA 2069 and the EFRA 2034. Available now, part # CL210091.
See www.RedsRacing.it

Bullitt B-2060 Pipe

The Bullitt name has in it’s young existence come to symbolise a proven quality product at a great price. And so the brand announces the release of it’s new tuned pipe – Japanese Italian made (wink wink nudge nudge) by the skilled engine manfacturers, the B-2060 is EFRA homologated and will be used by the whole team at the Euros next week in Austria. The pipe is known for producing a lovely smooth power band and great economy.
See www.Bullitt.eu

NOSRAM RR.21 Engine & Pipe

Pictured is NOSRAM’s new benchmark nitro competition engine for 1/8th buggies and truggies. Featuring raw power and improved fuel efficiency the RR.21 X-Treme has a diamond-like carbon coated crankshaft for minimum wear and lowest resistance. Furthermore, the crankshaft features a silicone insert and a precision-balance due to a pressed-in tungsten insert.Read More…


• NOSRAM factory team specification
• NOSRAM factory tuned
• ceramic ball bearing
• DLC coated, precision-balanced crankshaft with silicone insert
• low-CG engine head
• thermally protected carburetor
• aluminum carburetor inserts
• 3+1 ports
• worldwide race legal
• wt3 platinum/iridium high-performance glow plug included

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