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Novarossi EFRA 2135 tuned pipe

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Novarossi have introduced the new EFRA 2135 tuned pipe made by Hipex. This 3 chamber EFRA homologated pipe is more progressive at low speeds and offers good top speed with very low fuel consumption.

REDS Expands their manifold range

REDS Racing have expanded their manifold range by adding a new Long manifold to the current Medium, Short and Extra Short manifolds. Each manifold has been designed for different track conditions and to optimize performance.

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REDS EFRA 2143 exhaust

REDS Racing have introduced the new EFRA 2143 pipe set. The exhaust is designed to increase fuel economy and torque of REDS engines. REDS 2143 in combination with S manifold increases runtime of about 30-40 seconds depending on the track and surface grip. Enjoy up to nine minutes of run time or more per tank with the REDS R7 Evoke and Quattro 4-shoe clutch system.

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Picco EFRA 2133 pipe set

Picco EFRA 2133 pipe set

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Italian engine company Picco have introduced the new EFRA 2133 pipe set. Picco Exhausts Systems are EFRA homologated and designed to optimize the performance of Picco engines. The pipe is made with the finest materials, all Picco Exhausts Systems are ‘in-line’, where the manifold is connected to muffler with springs. All Picco engines can be supplied combined with its dedicated exhaust system in a special ‘nitro-pack’ set.

Racing Experience EFRA 2135 pipe set

Racing Experience EFRA 2135

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Racing Experience have introduced the Racing Experience pipe set EFRA 2135. The pipe is manufactured with the strongest material for more durability and has been developed as a perfect combination with O.S. based engines, but it also works very well with 5 ports Picco based engines.

Alpha add EFRA 2130 to exhaust pipe options

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After one and half years Alpha Plus is very excited to introduce their new tuned exhaust pipe; EFRA2130 -available to order from June onwards.

The new pipe’s appearance resembles Alpha’s current EFRA#2090 exhaust pipe but without interchangeable stingers can be used,#2130 fits with standard restrictor size 8mm and is said to develop good performances for  top speed and good bottom end torque.

Interested customers & stockists should contact local Alpha distributors.

TESTED: ProTek 2090 .21 Tuned Pipe



If you’ve read our reviews of the short stroke ProTek Samurai engine (here: Protek Samurai Review) and the current IFMAR World Champion OS B2101 buggy engine (here: OS B2101 Review), you probably know how I feel about the 2090 pipe design.  Manufactured by OS Engines as an OS-branded product, this pipe is now also available from ProTek (a division of A-Main) as the PTK-2090.  Priced at $169.99, the pipe set includes a long 2090 manifold, springs, two gaskets and a mounting setscrew.

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New Novarossi conical manifolds


Novarossi has just released two new conical header pipes intended for offroad 1/8 scale buggy and truck racing. The new headers are designed to generate more power at low and high RPM’s. The new 41031 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41021 manifold, while the 41032 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41019 manifold. The 41032/41019 combo is also claimed to be a good choice for GT class racers in addition to offroad buggy and truck.

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