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AVID EB/ET410 Ti shock standoffs V2 & TLR 22 king pin screws

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AVID have introduced new titanium shock standoffs V2 for the Tekno EB410 and ET410 and titanium king pin screws for the TLR22. The shock standoffs use the keyed shock bushings and include AVID’s FastTune feature which allows you to use a common 1.5mm Allen wrench to prevent the standoff from spinning while using a 5.5mm socket wrench on the other side. The other solutions out there require you to either take the shock completely off the standoff to reach the 7.0mm nut or to use a 7.0mm open-ended socket wrench. Don’t forget, you also get to lose some weight from the highest point on the car by switching from steel to titanium.

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XRAY XB2 aluminium shock towers


XRAY have introduced new aluminium shock towers for the XB2. Machined from high-quality 7075 aluminium, the shock towers come black coated and and laser-engraved with the XRAY logo. Both towers feature updated shock mounting positions with an extra additional shock mounting position for extra-fine tuning. The 3mm thick shock towers sport an ultra-rigid design for unsurpassed strength and long lifespan compared to the carbon fibre stock towers, making the XB2 easier to drive and more predictable.

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REDS Racing LiPo & LiHV battery packs

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REDS Racing have introduced their new line of high-performance LiPo and LiHV battery packs. The range includes a 4600mAh 7.4V 100C 2S Shorty pack and three High-Voltage packs, a 5600mAh 7.6V 100C 2S LiHV Shorty pack as well as two standard-size packs, the 6000mAh 7.6V 100C 2S LiHV pack and the 8000mAh 7.6V 100C 2S LiHV pack. The Shorty packs utilise 4mm bullet-type connectors while the standard-size packs use 5mm bullet-type connectors. The 2S battery packs are available now, the 4S batteries will be available soon.

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RC Cars Cavalieri SRX8 carbon fibre option parts

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RC Cars Cavalieri have introduced a range of carbon fibre option parts for the Serpent Cobra SRX8. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre, the range consist of front and rear shock towers, an air filter guard as well as 0.5mm an 1.0mm arm inserts.

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XRAY XT4 1/10 Truggy coming soon


XRAY have released a teaser image of the forthcoming XT4 1/10 Electric Truggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

Mugen MBX8 Eco Team Edition

See: Mugen Seiki

Mugen have introduced the new MBX8 Eco Team Edition that includes many of the same parts from the MBX8 Worlds Edition. The MBX8 Eco Team Edition includes 1mm wide offset wheel hubs increasing stability and cornering and the E2146 inline front uprights offering smoother steering compared to the stock E2147 trailing front uprights and work great in high traction conditions. Also included are the -3mm front upright arms that improve the initial steering response and make the vehicle more stable through the middle and exit of the corner. The new upright arms also reduce bump steer and make the vehicle more predictable in bumpy conditions. The front (84.5mm) and rear-center (115mm) dogbones reduce friction from the stock universal driveshafts. Less friction will give the vehicle a more efficient drivetrain, increase acceleration, and provide more traction. The dog bones are lightweight, durable, and will increase traction. Another option part included in the kit is the +15mm wing mount. It has more adjustment and will help increase mid corner rotation and be more stable in high speed conditions.

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Element RC pit mat

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Element RC have introduced their new pit mat. Designed to give your pit area or workstation a clean look, the pit mat is made from black 5mm thick yoga mat material. Measuring 24″ x 48″, it sports the Element RC logo printed in white on the narrow edge.

PR Racing S1 V3R Evo 2WD buggy

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PR Racing have introduced the new S1 V3R Evo 2WD buggy. The main focus has been to make the car smoother and easier to drive on track, and this has been achieved with a revised 2.5mm thick -5mm length 7075 aluminium chassis. In addition new insert type hangers have been introduced, and in conjunction with the chassis design allow for much lower rear roll centre, keeping the car much flatter on track with smoother rotation. New Ackerman geometry, and new CNC rear hubs with longer link positons also improve on track driveability. A new motor mount has been produced to lower the motor 2mm into a recess in the chassis, and makes a particular difference on today’s high grip tracks. In addition to all the geometry and mechanical changes, the V3R Evo has been treated to a new body, designed to look sleek and offer more steering with it’s much larger forward mounted cabin.

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