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HUDY Air Vac vacuum pump aluminium tray


HUDY have introduced a new aluminium tray for the popular Air Vac vacuum pump for 1/10th Off-road and On-road vehicles. the professional, ultra-compact work tray is CNC-machined from extremely durable and wear resistant aircraft aluminum and comes black coated for wear. The purpose designed Air Vac Tray allows to integrate the Air Vac pump to create a perfect work station while rebuilding the shocks and differentials. The aluminum tray features 4 different compartments for accessories & hardware, compartment for the HUDY Air Vac and machined holes for shock absorber stand and differential holders. The tray features machined pockets with super-thin walls for light weight while stylish chamfered edges and laser-engraved HUDY graphics makes your tray stand out on your pit table.

XRAY XB8 & XT8 composite forward position wing mount


XRAY have introduced the new composite forward position wing mount for the XB8, XB8E, XT8 and XT8E. The fully redesigned rear wing holder allows to set wing more frontwards which helps to create downforce more on rear wheels to increase rear traction. The mount is super-slim, factoring a 1-piece design for reduced weight and increased strength. The forward position wing mount gives maximum stability while still allowing flex during impacts.

KO ProPo EX-2 ST2 2.4GHz radio

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KO ProPo have introduced the new EX-2 ST2 2.4GHz radio. Based on the high-end EX-RR radio, the EX-2 ST2 features a new sensor for both steering and throttle offering excellent durability and operation feeling. It prevents decrease of durability and operation feeling due to wear, a common feature on this type of sensor. The new sensor achieves a smooth operation feeling while the durability much more higher than conventional products. In addition, the new sensor outputs a more linear signal with respect to the operation amount. The steering shaft uses now two ball bearings instead of one and associated with a double-sided support, the steering provides a more precise operation feeling and reliability. The spring of the extension unit has been changed to a soft type. The tension of the conventional spring becomes stronger as it is tilted, but with this soft spring, it can be operated with almost constant force even if tilted. In addition, the tension can be adjusted, so you can adjust the spring tightly and change the strength of the “overcoming feeling” when passing through neutral. The EX-2 ST2 2.4GHz radio works with the latest V2.12 software and comes with the KR-241FH receiver. Its availability is expected in August.

T-Work’s 1/8 Off-road carbon fiber 1-piece wing buttons

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T-Work’s have introduced a new carbon fiber one-piece wing button for HB Racing, SWORKz, Team Associated, Tekno RC, Mugen Seiki, Kyosho and Agama 1/8th buggies. Machined from high-quality carbon fiber, the lightweight and strong part will add strength and secure the rear wing in style.

HRC Racing R4D10 3-channel transmitter

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing R4D10 transmitter. The 3-channel transmitter features the settings needed by racers such as the EPA (Servo End Point Adjustment), Dual Rate, ABS, Subtrims, expo and 10-model memory with editable name, all easily editable via a large LCD display and user-friendly menu system. The R4D10 transmitter comes with the R3C31V3R splash proof receiver featuring an integrated Fail-Safe.

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Muchmore lightweight Factory Team setup boards V4

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the fourth version of the lightweight Factory Team setup boards for 1/10th and 1/8th Of-road vehicles as well as 1/12th, 1/10th and 1/8th On-road cars. Made with hard-wood and thin thickness to reduce the weight, the 2-side board features hard plastic surface covered can be easily cleaned of dirt while the board sports a sturdy and resistant sticker to protect it. The board are available in 420x320x12mm for 1/12th and 1/10th classes and 500x400x12mm for the 1/8th classes.

RUDDOG RC215 500W Dual channel LiPo battery DC charger

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RUDDOG Distribution have introduced the new RC215 500W Dual channel LiPo battery DC charger. The RC215 500W Dual Channel LiPo Battery DC Charger is a compact and powerful device that allows to charge up to two battery packs simultaneously with up to 15A of charge current. When used in the combined ASYNC mode, a maximum of 25A of charge current is possible. The DC charger can be used with 1S to 6S LiHV/LiPo, 1 to 16 cell NiMH or 1S to 10S batteries and it works with 7VDC to 28VDC input. A powerful discharge function allows for up to 3A of discharge current or 15A when used in the Recycle mode. A 320×240 pixel 2.4 inch LC display allows to monitor the charger?s and batteries? vital signs with the compact 98x69x35mm dimensions making it easy to store and transport the charger for weekly racing or traveling abroad.

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XRAY XB2 & XT2 aluminium wide front roll-center holder


XRAY have introduced the new aluminium wide front roll-center holder for the XB2 and XT2. The front roll-center holder is CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. The part with wider design and roll center positions moved more outside increases strength, reliability and makes the handling more precise and more forgiving. Featuring three-roll center positions, the holder allows to use front anti-roll bar.

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