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MCD Two Way Internal By-Pass Shock System

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MCD Racing have introduced the new Two Way Internal By-Pass Shock System for their range of large scale off-road category. During compression the main piston moves all amount of oil to the transfer tunnel, the oil than moves through the compression needle valve and recirculates between the two cylinders and move back behind the piston. The particular piston only allows oil flow through the shim during high speed compression. This allows precise control over damping. During rebound the main piston moves all amount of oil to the transfer tunnel, the oil than moves through the rebound needle valve and recirculates between the two cylinders and move back above the piston. The compression and rebound circuit feature auto-adaptive dual-way check valves that allow the oil to by-pass freely on each other independently.

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Agama A215 SV emulsion shock caps & carbon wishbone stiffeners

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Nemo Racing have introduced new emulsion shock caps and carbon wishbone stiffeners for the Agama A215 SV. First up, the emulsion shock caps and seals allow for the use of emulsion-style shocks. Well suited to tracks with big jumps and heavy landings, in addition to tracks with looser surfaces. Thoroughly tested for over 6 months on various track types and surfaces, including the 2017 Euro A’s and used on the Junior Euro B winning buggy. These emulsion shock caps allow you to run the cap in 3 different styles:

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RDRP EB410 carbon fibre option parts


Revolution Design Racing Products have added new carbon fibre option parts to their range for the Tekno EB410. First up is the 5mm carbon fibre wing riser to resolve the original – and too low – wing position. By moving the wing 5mm up jumping will be greatly improved while the higher wing position will increase the tyre/wing clearance at the same time. The item is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and thus it hardly adds any weight while giving a more sturdy base for the wing.

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RDRP ultra vented slipper pads


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new ultra vented slipper pads. The ultra vented slipper pads are made of high-quality fibreglass and their updated design with a smaller inner diameter makes for more precise slipper action adjustment and exceptional durability. In addition the slipper stays more consistent over the whole run for less performance fading and more confidence in modified racing. The plates come in a set of two and they are available in three variants for standard Team Associated and Yokomo-style slippers, for the Team Associated VCS slipper clutch and also as variants for XRAY and Kyosho buggies.

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MIP EB410 Pro4mance chassis bundle kit

MIP have introduced their new Pro4mance chassis bundle kit for the Tekno RC EB410. The next generation 13.5 performance bundle rebalances the car and give a stable smooth drive. The new chassis re-configures the battery to the back of the chassis and lays the servo down. The end result is a more balanced weight between the front of the chassis and back resulting in a smoother drive and allows the car to rotate through corners better, break faster, and accelerate quicker than your typical Tekno EB410. The kit also features new carbon spine braces, new servo mounts and front and rear center bones which come standard with MIP 1.5 Pucks. The Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit is available in Pre-Order.

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Exotek EB410 rear brass weight set

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Exotek have introduced rear brass weight set for the Tekno EB410. Made of brass and black coated to reduce corrosion, this weight set is designed to easily bolt on to the rear of the EB410 with an extra low profile. The main weight is 40gr and included are two add on 8gr weights (16gr total add on plus the 40gr main weight) so that you can tune the rear weight of your buggy as needed. The weight set is also slightly angled off of the chassis to maintain chassis flex. Sold separately are additional 8gr weights so that you can easily add extra grams if needed.

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T-Work’s B6 steel rear CVD set

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Coming from T-Work’s and made for the Team Associated B6 is the steel rear CVD set. Made from high quality steel, the CVD driveshafts delive durability and strength and a smoother running drivetrain compared to the kit’s standard parts.

SWORKz S12 Series aluminum rear hub set

SWORKz have introduced new aluminum rear hub set for S12 series of 2WD buggies. Machined from high quality aluminium and grey anodised, the parts come with six new camber link mounting holes. The option parts come with smaller 6x12x4mm outside ball bearings for a lower weight.


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