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6MIK D817 lexan chassis side guards

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6MIK have introduced new lexan chassis side guards for the HB Racing D817 and D817 V2. The side guards are molded from high-quality lexan and perfectly fit the chassis and seal against dirt. Using the lexan chassis side guards will save some weight and increase flex to generate more traction.

T-Work’s MBX8 aluminium servo saver shafts

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T-Work’s have introduced new aluminium servo saver shafts for the Mugen MBX8. They are machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and come hard-coated for wear. These are lighter than the steel parts but still strong.

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RDRP YZ-4 SF aluminium wing mount


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced a new aluminium wing mount for the Yokomo YZ-4 SF. The item is machined from a single piece of aluminium and its sturdy construction greatly improves the wing support especially at the high speeds experienced in modified racing. The mount is of an updated design compared to the kit’s composite part and thanks to heavy machining it is both durable and lightweight at the same time while the black anodised surface makes for a factory look.

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Gaupner introduced new Hyper VS Pro option parts

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Gaupner have introduced new option parts for the HoBao Hyper VS Pro in the form of shock pistons, aluminium upper shock mounts, aluminum steering posts, carbon fibre front shock tower and an aluminium turnbuckle set. First up are the shock pistons. They are machined from Delrin, a material solvent-resistant offrering good sliding properties. The pistons are available now in 6-hole 1.2/1.3, 8-hole 1.8 1.2/1.3 and also a blank version in sets of four pieces.

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Factory RC YZ-4 SF Slipper Lock Out Set

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New from Factory RC is the slipper lock out set for the Yokomo YZ-4 SF. This kit was specifically designed for the ever popular 13.5 4wd buggy class. Made from multiple pieces of carbon fiber plate meant to be used along with AVID or Schelle spur gear. Using AVID or Schelle spur gear along with factory hardware to drop over 8 grams over stock and also take advantage of a smaller spur gear to bring your motor closer to the cars center line for improved handling. Factory RC recommend either a 75 or 78 spur gear.

T-Work’s introduces new XB4 options

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Made for the XRAY XB4 is a range of new option parts from T-Work’s. First up are two screw sets, one with gold-plated steel screws and the other with titanium screws with UFO head design. Next up is a titanium turnbuckle set and a titanium ball end set. Also new are two hard coated universal central shaft joint, a hard coated central universal shaft and four 5.8mm hard coated universal balls and two hard coated 5.8mm aluminium pivot balls.

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Raceform EB410 polycarbonate part kit

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Raceform RC have introduced a kit with three polycarbonate option parts for the Tekno RC EB410. The parts are precision machined from new High Impact Modified Polycarbonate more durable and lightweigth compared to the previous version. The kit includes V2 rear and front polycarbonate shock towers, a rear sway bar holder for rear designed to be use with the shocks in front location and a rear side skirt to preventing dirt from entering and reducing the chances the spur to be damaged.

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HB Racing D817T 2.75° arm mount D

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HB Racing have introduced new aluminum 2.75 degree rear arm mount D for the D817T and E817T truggies. The D-mount controls the location of the rearmost end of the rear suspension hinge pins. Less toe-in at the D-Mount location frees up the rear of the truggy for more rotation through the corners. The D-mount is machined from aluminum, hard anodized black, and comes in 2.75 degrees to expand the range of adjustment in addition to the stock 3.00 degree D-mount.

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