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Yuichi Kanai talks about aeration caps

During the Kyosho Masters Japan, Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai showed how to properly assemble MP9’s shock absorbers equipped with the new aeration caps. Aeration caps make the car run more smoothly over the bumps, and feel like it has more grip on loose surfaces. The car also settles more quickly when landing from big jumps.

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HB Racing D817 0.8 module gears & 1/8 wing

HB Racing have introduced 0.8 module gears and a rear wing for D817, E817 and D817T. The 0.8 module gears consist of two clutch bells (16 & 17T) and two spur gears (59 & 60T) for greater overall drivetrain efficiency. The 0.8 module gears also improve acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption. Also new is the new wing developed together by World champ David Ronnefalk and HB’s designer Torrance Deguzman just after the 2016 Worlds. It is made of black, white and yellow high-quality plastic and sports two swellings in front enclosing the mounting wing when the wing is used in the rearmost position. The wing comes pre-drilled holes and with an additional wickerbill for aerodynamic fine-tuning.

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Schelle B64 aluminum steering rack

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced an aluminium steering rack for the Team Associated B64. The B64 and B64D kits come with a plastic steering rack that has tons of flex and can break the first hard hit you take at the races. The new Schelle steering rack is CNC machined from high quality aluminium, black anodized with silver edge finish and laser etched. The Schelle design reduces flex in the steering system, increases durability, and will translate to a more positive feeling in the corners. Two bearing crush tubes are included with the steering rack.

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More Team Associated’s FT parts for B64

Team Associated have introduced several Factory Team option parts for the B64 in the form of a aluminum rear hubs, steering block arms and LRC arm mount B. First up, the rear hubs are machined from aluminium and anodized in Factory Team blue and black. These symmetrical left and right hubs feature an adjustable axle height and vertical ball studs for finer roll center adjustment.

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Serpent SRX8 brake collar set

Serpent have introduced a set of brake collars for the Cobra SRX8 and also for many other cars. They are machined from aluminium and come with grubscrews. Two colors, black and orange are offered because some drivers use one colour on the front and other colour on the rear brake adjusting.

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Kyosho MP9 TKI series brake pads

Kyosho’s designer Yuichi Kanai has unveiled on Facebook new brake pads for the Inferno MP9 TKI series. These brake pads feature a new material that allow stable and consistent braking. The brake lining is glued on the pad with a special construction to ensure a perfect holding.

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

Exotek B64 aluminium wing mount

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Exotek have introduced an aluminium wing mount for the Team Associated B64. The heavy duty wing is made from 7075 alloy, polished, laser etched and anodized in factory blue and works with the stock wing spacer and hardware. Its sturdy design keeps the wing angle true for correct aero, lap after lap.

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T-Work’s XB8E’17 option parts

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Coming from T-Work’s is a range of optional parts for the XRAY XB8E 2017. T-Work’s offers two set of screws, a gold plated steel screw set including120pcs and a titanium “UFO” screw set including 118pcs. Also new is the titanium turnbuckle set, aluminum wing mount posts orange anodised, hard coated aluminium ball set including 20pcs, spring steel shock standoffs, POM shock shaft liners including 12pcs, POM shock bushing and spacer including 4pcs and hard coated aluminium shock bushing set With POM bushing.

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