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Pilot RC Products B6.1 Orbit ceramic hybrid bearing set

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Pilot RC Products have introduced a set of Orbit ceramic hybrid bearings for the Team Associated B6.1 ,T6.1, & SC6.1. The Orbit bearings are precision crafted and produced from highest grade materials governing them the ABEC rating grade 7. Grade 7 rated bearings provide a higher tolerance and a deviation of 5 μm. (0.000197 inch). This allows for better performance at high RPM’s. The Orbit bearings features stainless steel rings + Si3N4 ceramic balls + metal shields. These bearing come pre oiled with 1UP clear bearing oil for ultra free bearings and increased drivetrain efficiency. The 15-piece set includes three different sizes of bearings and comes with a 1UP clear bearing oil.

AVID introduce 1/10 CF option parts

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AVID have introduced new carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated, TLR, Yokomo, XRAY and Tekno 2WD and 4WD buggies in the form of carbon fibre wing buttons and carbon fibre wing mount braces. First up are the wing buttons. The wing buttons are made out of 100% carbon fibre and they are available in one-piece, a cool alternative to the commonly used wing buttons and in the usual shape for the B6.1, B64, 22 5.0, YZ-2, YZ-4, XB2, XB4, and the EB410 buggies. Also new are the carbon fibre wing mount braces. This DIY (Do It Yourself) product is a fun mod to create a carbon sandwich on your B6.1 wing mounts to keep them from permanently bending after a hard crash. The setup includes everything you need except for the drill.

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T-Work’s MP10 brass A & B rear hub inserts

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T-Work’s have introduced new brass rear hub inserts for the Kyosho MP10. Machined from high-quality brass, the parts come laser-engraved for easy identification. The heavy duty hub inserts lower the MP10’s overall centre of gravity for improved performance. The A & B rear hub inserts are available as pair.

Tekin GEN3 motor ceramic bearings

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Tekin have introduced new ceramic ball bearings to squeeze even more performance out of their GEN3 motors. Extremely low friction and precision manufacturing provides a noticeable increase in motor RPM output while lowering drag and increasing efficiency.

7075.it MP10 aluminium rear hubs

Source: 7075.it

7075.it have introduced new aluminium rear hubs for the Kyosho MP10. Machined from high-quality 7075 T6 aluminium, the parts come black anodised while a hard-coated surface treatment ensures great durability. The rear hubs are compatible with the standard eccentric inserts and bearings.

Kyosho MP10 titanium turnbuckle set

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Kyosho have introduced a set of titanium turnbuckles for the Inferno MP10. Machined from high-quality titanium, the lightweight titanium turnbuckles reduce the weight of chassis and improve steering response and suspension movement. The set includes seven parts including front and rear upper rods, steering tie rods and a steering servo rod.

RDRP B6.1 +5mm aluminium chassis

Source: RDRP

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new +5mm 7075 aluminium chassis for the ultra-popular Team Associated B6.1 2WD buggy. The main plate adds 5mm of length for an easier to drive car especially in high-bite track conditions such as carpet and astro turf, allowing to pull faster single laps while offering greater consistency at the same time. In addition the chassis will also improve handling on bumpy surfaces where the part will ensure improved stability. The main plate is machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium for strength and optimised flex characteristics while the black anodised surface ensures high durability and factory looks. Machined silver edge details and laser-etched RDRP logos make the part stand out. The main plate is compatible with the B6.1 and B6.1D kits as well as most “under servo” and “under electronics” weight kits.

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Yokomo Shorty battery balance weight

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Yokomo have introduced the new battery balance weight for vehicles using Shorty batteries. Made of 1mm thick high-quality steel, the 34g weight sports the new Yokomo Factory Team logo laser engraved on a matte black finish. Designed to fit under the battery, the balance weight allows to adjust the weight distribution whilst lowering the center of gravity.