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Schelle B6.1 & T6.1 Nova slipper clutch sets

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Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced the Nova slipper clutch sets for the Team Associated B6.1 and T6.1. This 3-plate compact slipper clutch offers better driving feel, lasts longer, and has a lower mass. Weight is reduced over 6 grams and also fits into a more compact package than the kit slipper clutch.

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AVID B6.1/YZ-2 Triad direct drive & carbon parts


AVID have introduced new Triad direct drive for the Team Associated B6.1/D and the Yokomo YZ-2 and carbon fibre parts for the B6.1/D, T6.1, and SC6.1. First up is the Triad direct drive allowing stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and zero slip except from the differential is beneficial.This system is the lightest direct drive unit available today for the B6.1 coming in at 8.6g (72t), just beating out the AE direct drive at 8.8g (72t). But with the AVID Triad direct drive you get to run the full-width topshaft gear (no more stripped idler gears), you don’t have to change out the topshaft, and no screws you have to worry about falling out. AVID accomplished this by replacing the 6.4g of steel weight from the long screw and spring with a minimalist design done in aluminum. There is also an included M3 aluminum flanged locknut to remove even more weight if you are using the stock steel nut.

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VRP XV3 High Temp 1/8 pistons

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VRP have introduced the new XV3 HT (High Temp) piston for 1/8 vehicles. The reasoning behind the HT version of their popular XV3 piston is to be able to run your shock oils in the normal 30wt-40wt range during the hot summer months. By installing the new XV3 HT, you can instantly drop your oils 10wt from where you were before and tune from there. VRP will offer the new HT piston in 6×1.3, 8×1.2, and 8×1.3 versions for all the popular vehicles. Designed, Tested and Made in the USA the XV3 HT piston is CNC cut, hand drilled for accuracy and features patented valve technology by VRP.

AVID B6.1 & YZ-2 Triad EVO slipper


AVID have introduced the new Triad EVO slipper for the 6.1 Series by Team Associated (B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1) and the Yokomo YZ-2. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet it still maintains a degree of slip without overheating. The Triad EVO slipper provides smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps as well as turns and also consistent performance (jumps are the same every lap). It features a lLightweight and compact design and uses 3 CPD slipper pads to give more consistent settings with higher heat tolerance. The outer hub and inner plates are self-centering and vented for weight and cooling. AVID have also put together a Rebuild/Conversion set of parts that you will need if you already have a Triad EVO Slipper for another vehicle and just need the basics. The Triad EVO slipper comes in several prepackaged spur sets or customizable direct from AVID.

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RPM Castle Sidewinder 4 ESC cage

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RPM have introduced a cage specialely made for using the Castle Sidewinder 4 ESC in the Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 2wd LCG, Slash 4×4, Slash 4×4 LCG, Stampede 4×4 and Rally. This lightweight cage allows the ESC to be run with or without a fan. It encases the ESC body only and enhances that free-flowing air movement. Air channels along both sides of the ESC allow air movement along the sides of the case, while the low profile sides leave all of the built-in air vents on the ESC free and clear to flow air properly.

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SWORKz S12-1M MFR 36T POM idler gear

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SWORKz have introduced new MFR 36T POM idler gear for the S12-M. This optional CNC machined POM material idler gear is hard coated for durability, provides lower friction and reduces noise. The idler gear is also lighter to deliver more power at every throttle punch.

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Nemo Racing A215SV Performance Pack

See: Nemo Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced the Performance Pack for the Agama A215SV. The Performance Pack significantly increases performance and will be included in the forthcoming car. It comes with a new one-piece lightweight wing mount with adjustable height for quick and easy adjustment to the downforce being created by the wing (includes tower hardware and plastic wing buttons), a new 5mm aluminium rear shock tower with updated shape and wing mount multi-fitment holes to house the new wing mount securely to the buggy and a new A and B blocks with the same roll centre as the previous block but a new mounting position and shape allowing for the front differential to be lifted by 4mm. This gives a better balance to the front and rear of the buggy whilst now also allowing for a quick release of the front diff from the gearbox casing.

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T-Work’s YZ2/YZ4 5.5mm titanium ball ends

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T-Work’s have introduced new 5.5mm titanium ball ends for the Yokomo YZ2 and YZ4. Machined from 64 Grade titanium, the 5.5mm ball ends offer a lighter weight, lower the centre of gravity and improve looks. The ball ends are available in set of two in 5.5x6mm, 5.5x8mm, 5.5x10mm and 5.5x12mm sizes.

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