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Mugen MBX8 suspension refresh kit

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Mugen Seiki have introduced a new suspension refresh kit for the MBX8 and MBX8 Eco. Ideal to rebuild and refresh your MBX8 before the opening of the 2020 outdoor season, the kit allows to refresh the high stress suspension components and upgrade to the optional carbon fiber arm stiffeners with a single part number. The refresh kit includes front upper suspension arms (E2132), front lower suspension arms (E2144), rear suspension arms (E2145), inline front uprights (E2146), carbon fiber front arm stiffeners (E2154) and carbon fiber rear arm stiffeners (E2156).

Hong Nor X3 GT/S gear boxes conversion kit

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Hong Nor have introduced new front and rear gear boxes conversion kit for the X3 GT and X3 GTS. Available for the front and rear, the gear boxes improve the suspension’s performance and make the car more stable in cornering as well as eases the maintenance. The conversion kit comes with the following parts:

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Kyosho MP10 steel diff bevel gear sets

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai has announced on social media the release of option parts for the Inferno MP10 in the form new steel diff bevel gear sets. Made from high-quality steel, the diff bevel gears come hard coated for wear. The gears use another gear ratio as the IFW403 TCD gear set for MP9 in order to provide a smooth movement making it ideal for low grip and bumpy tracks. Available for the front, rear and center diff, the sets will be available soon.

XRAY XB2/4’20 -2mm aluminium shock spring retainers


XRAY have introduced the new -2mm aluminium shock spring retainers for the XB2 and XB4 2020 as well as the XT2 and XT4. These stylish and lightweight collars are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, are strategically lightened and come black coated for wear. 2mm lower, they allow to decrease the ride height for lower CG and also increase reliability. Available in set of 4-piece.

Team Associated B6-series FT precision ground diff drive rings

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Associated Electrics have added to their range of Factory Team options parts new precision ground diff drive rings for the Team Associated B6-series of 2WD buggy, SC5M and SC6.1, RC10T4.1 to T6.1 series, and all SC10s using ball diffs. The precision ground diff drive rings are a great option part for those who want the best ball diff possible. The precision comes from a flatter, tighter tolerance diff ring that will result in smoother diff operation and longer life, therefore increasing time between rebuilds.

Kyosho RB7 aluminum battery post set

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Kyosho have introduced a new set of aluminum battery posts for the Ultima RB7. Machined from high-quality aluminium for maximum durability, the parts come gun metal anodized and allow the use of O-ring hold downs for increased chassis flex and improved traction.

Willspeed B6.1/2 & RF2 TakeOne D arm mount

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Willspeed have introduced the new “TakeOne” D arm mount for the Team Associated B6.1 and B6.2 as well as their RF2 platform. Specially designed designed to be use on carpet tracks, the “TakeOne” D hanger does exactly as it says on the tin. Removing 1 degree of inboard Toe In allowing you now achieve 0.5 and even 0 degrees inboard Toe. Capable inboard toe in range 0-3 degrees (standard D hanger 1-4) no change to anti squat adjustment. Removing toe allows the rear axle to act more efficiently, reducing tyre scrub, increasing mid corner rotation and increased on power steering. The “TakeOne” D arm mount comes machined from high-quality aluminium and anodised clear. XB2’20 and YZ2 CAL3 versions will become available soon.

XRAY XB4’20 large volume center differential


XRAY have introduced new large volume composite graphite center differential case and cover only designed for the XB4’20. The large volume rubber-sealed differential case is made from specially-formulated graphite composite material. Thanks to his lighter and tougher material with higher temperature and wear resistance, also holds the screws better secured in place.

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