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Schumacher Cougar Laydown alloy diff conversion

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Schumacher Racing have introduced a new aluminium diff conversion for the Cougar Laydown, KD, KR and SV2. The alloy case gives super precision and strength and has a larger oil volume for more consistency during a run. The main large shim also thicker for more reliability. The conversion comes with all parts necessary.

PR Racing SB401 S1 wing mount set

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PR Racing have introduced a new rear wing mount for the SB401 S1. The set comes with updated wing stay featuring a tilt angle to improve overall downforce.

T-Work’s introduce new Hyspin ball bearing sets

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T-Work’s have introduced a six new sets of Hyspin ball bearings for popular 1/8th buggies, E-buggies and Truggies on the market. Featuring both rubber and metal shields, the Hyspin ball bearings offer good combination between reduced drag and great durability. The Hyspin ball bearings are available in set of 24-piece for the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3/TKI4, MP10 and MP10T as well as a set of 22-piece for the Inferno MP9E, a set of of 24-piece for the Mugen Seiki MBX8/T and a set of 22-piece for the MBX8 Eco. Also available for the SWORKz S35-3 and the Team Associated RC8B3.1 are two sets of 28-piece.

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LIT R/C 8IGHT-X 5mm carbon fibre rear shock tower

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LIT R/C Products have introduced a new 5mm carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X. Machined out of LIT R/C’s matte 3k twill carbon in 5mm thickness, the geometry for the rear tower is the same as the stock kit tower, but has a thicker and stronger outer profile to be more durable. The tower also has small chamfered edges to help prevent delamination. In addition, LIT R/C added more outer camber link positions with +10mm wing mounting positions to raise the stock wing mount.

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SWORKz introduce new S35-4 & S14-3 optionals


SWORKz have introduced two new option parts from RC Carbon Cavalieri in the form of a carbon fibre front shock tower for the S35-3 as well as a carbon fibre LiPO battery brace for the S14-3. Made from high-quality carbon fibre by German’s company RC Carbon Cavalieri, the front shock tower matches the standard shock tower while the LiPO battery brace helps maintain strength while reduce weight.

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Alpha Dragon IV ‘injector’ backplate

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Alpha Plus Engines have introduced the new ‘injector’ backplate. Designed to be use with the Dragon III, IV, GT, and GT-R range of engines, the backplate helps the fuel flow from the crankcase to the combustion chamber by pulsing fuel through the backplate in a more effective way. The result is a much quicker return to idle as well as an improvement of fuel efficiency.

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Exotek introduce new D/E819 optionals

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Exotek Racing have introduced a new range of 2-color aluminium option parts for the HB Racing D819 and E819 in the form of a steering brace plate, a set of bearinged steering cranks as well as a set of centre bulkheads. The parts are machined from Heavy Duty 7075 aluminium and come polished and anodized in black with custom orange chamfers. The steering brace plate will add durability and improves the steering response compared to the stock plastic plate. The parts is compatible with the HB Racing D815, D817, D817 V2, D817T, E817 V2, E817T, D819 and E819.

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T-Work’s NB48 2.0 aluminium shock standoffs & diff cross pins

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T-Work’s have introduced new aluminium shock standoffs and diff cross pins for the Tekno NB48 2.0. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the parts come with a hard–coated surface treatment ensuring high durability. The shock standoffs are 5mm longer to fine-tune the shock angle which results in less stress on the shock and will create an overall smoother shock action with a reduced internal wear. The cross pins help reduce rotational mass and come in a set of 2 or 6-piece.

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