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Pro-Line RB7/B6 Velocity 2.2″ narrow front wheels

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Pro-Line have introduced new Velocity 2.2″ narrow carpet front wheels for the Kyosho RB7 and Team Associated B6 and B6D. These narrow wheels are designed to fit Pro-Line’s narrow carpet front tires like the Wedge Squared and the Prism without needing to cut the wheel. Just like Pro-Line’s other Velocity wheels, they feature the latest in style and performance with a reversed dish design that protects the nut and axle from damage during collisions. The lightweight and durable front carpet racing wheels are available as pair in white and yellow colors.

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SWORKz S35-3/S350 clamping servo saver nut


SWORKz have introduced a new clamping servo saver nut for the S35-3, S350, Apollo and ZEUS. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the part is specially designed with a clamping design to make it easier to tighten the servo saver and make sure the spring adjustment will not change including when in high stress situations.

XRAY XB8 “Zero Rebound” shock absorbers


XRAY have introduced new “Zero Rebound” shock absorbers for the XB8 and XB8E. “Zero Rebound” shocks can be set to allow less rebound than standard shock absorbers, decreasing responsiveness and improving bump absorption on bumpy tracks. The special design of the shock body and upper cap allows the installation of a ribbed shock membrane on the top of the shock body instead of traditional installation into the upper cap. The installation of the ribbed membrane on the shock body allows excess oil to leak out, and along with a shock cap vent hole and adjusting screw allows the adjustment of the amount of air (rebound) until the desired zero rebound is achieved. The oversized big-bore shocks feature 18.5mm O.D. shock bodies, externally threaded with an adjustable collar for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The shock bodies are coated in a titanium color and feature a 1-piece alu shock cap with vent hole.

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T-Work’s MP10 brass C-hub insert sets

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T-Work’s have introduced seven sets of brass front C-hub inserts for the Kyosho Inferno MP10 and MP9. Machined from brass material, the inserts come laser-etched for easy identification and they are a replacement for the standard composite parts. The heavy brass inserts will help to add unsprung weight to the suspension in order to provide better traction in low-bite track conditions as well as on bumpy tracks. The C-hub inserts are available in set of two in 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 degrees.

SWORKz 1/10 & 1/8 rubber-sealed ball bearing sets


SWORKz have introduced three new sets of rubber-sealed ball bearings for 1/10 and 1/8 buggies. These sets of high performance and yet reasonable priced rubber-sealed ball bearings feature red rubber seals for proper protection against dust, dirt and wet. The range includes 8x16x5mm, 5x13x4mm and 6x12x4mm ball bearings.

T-Work’s MP10 1-piece engine mount plate

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T-Work’s have introduced a new 1-piece engine mount plate for the Kyosho Inferno MP10. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, the mount plate comes black anodised and sports machined silver edge details. The mounting plate increases the chassis rigidity in the clutch bell area, reducing the chance of a clutch bell strike on the chassis, while still maintaining the correct amount of chassis flex.

BF Materials RC8B3.1/e carbon fibre rear shock towers

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BF Materials have introduced two new carbon fibre rear shock towers for the Team Associated RC8B3.1 and B3.1e. machined from high-quality carbon fibre, the rear shock towers are available in two versions, standard and the “tall” version. The tall version features raised top shock mounting holes, that will increase the suspension up travel.

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Exotek EB410 aluminium wide hex sets

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Exotek Racing have introduced two new sets of front and rear wide hexes for the Tekno RC EB410 and ET410. Precision machined from 7075 aluminium, the hexes come polished, anodized in navy color and feature clamping design for extra security. The front 6.5mm wide hex is +2mm (per hex) and the rear 7.5mm wide hex is +3mm (per hex) compared to the stock hexes to allows you to fine tune the width of your buggy. The 6.5mm wide hexes can be used with the front or rear axles while the 7.5 hexes are for use the rear axles only. The wide hexes are available in set of 2 and come with M2 hardware.

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