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VP Pro B6.1 carbon fibre battery holder


VP Pro have introduced the new carbon fibre battery holder for the Team Associated B6 and B6.1. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the battery holder features a design increasing the rigidity and also allowing to adjust the flex.

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T-Work’s MP9e Evo ball bearing & collar set

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T-Work’s have introduced a set of 14 pieces of sealed ball bearings and collars for the Kyosho Inferno MP9e Evo. The set consists high quality bearings that feature a rubber seal to protect against the dust and facilitate maintenance that will increase the overall bearing life.

Answer-RC HB 1-piece carbon fibre wing brace

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Answer-RC have introduced a 1-piece carbon fibre wing brace for HB Racing buggy and truggy. Cut from from lightweight 5mm carbon fibre, this 1-piece brace links the wing attachments and offers more stiffen. The 1-piece carbon fibre wing brace comes with 2 x M3 countersunk washers and 2 x M3 x 12mm coungtersunk screws.

Team Associated FT titanium turnbuckle sets

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Team Associated have added to their range of Factory Team option parts new sets of titanium turnbuckles. These silver titanium turnbuckles bring strength, light weight to your links and a a factory look. They are available for for B6 and B6.1 series including 6 turnbuckles (3x48mm), for T6.1 including 6 turnbuckles (2 3x58mm and 4 3×67.31mm) and for ProSC10 including 6 turnbuckles (3x67mm).

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Team Associated RC8B3 carbon fibre arm stiffeners & IFMAR wing

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Team Associated have introduced new carbon fibre arm stiffeners and IFMAR-legal wing for the RC8B3.1, RC8B3.1e, T3.1 and T3.1e. First up are the arm stiffeners made from high quality carbon fibre to increase the rigidity of the suspension arms for improved consistency and stability, especially in warm climates. Rear stiffener plates increase rigidity around the outer hinge pin, a critical area when improving the overall effectiveness of an arm stiffener. The Buggy stiffeners are available in 1.0mm graphite while the Truggy stiffeners come in 1.5mm graphite, both with mounting hardware, 1.6mm pilot hole drill bit, and instruction sheet. Also new, the wings have been updated to meet IFMAR specs and are available in black or white colors.

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XRAY XB2/4 graphite composite rear upright


XRAY have introduced new composite graphite rear upright for the XB2, XB4 and XT2. The super-compact rear upright made from specially-formulated graphite composite material features multiple set-up options for upper and lower roll centers. The upper roll center is adjustable via camber linkage and shims, up/down and in/out. The lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts in 9 different positions, up/down & in/out.

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Raceform ET410 V2 HIM polycarbonate shock towers

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Raceform have introduced new V2 polycarbonate shock towers for the Tekno ET410. The rear and front shock towers are precisely machined from new High Impact Modified polycarbonate. The new material and design have been tested and race proven. The V2 rear shock tower is suitable with the rear shock (Front Position) conversion with multiple camber locations. M3 threaded camber holes eliminate the use of nut to save weight while the calculated flex at critical area to save gear boxes and shock standoffs. The rear shock tower features an extra shock hole position at the top and weighs 17g while the front shock tower weighs 11g.

Team Associated RC8B3.1 FT cross pins

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Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team cross pins for RC8B3.1 and RC8T3.1. Use this cross pin and insert set on RC8 V3 differentials will increase consistency, performance, and lifespan of the diff. Steel cross pin inserts reduce diff case deformation by increasing the contact area with the diff case, improving the internal gear mesh. The hard anodized aluminum cross pins are light and durable.

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