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VSR 8IGHT-X 10mm wing shim

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Coming from VSR and made for the TLR 8IGHT-X is a 10mm wing shim. The addition of the 10mm wing shim elevates the rear wing of the ‘X’, creating more downforce and stability at high speeds, on large jumps as well as bumpy tracks. It was developed with TLR team driver Jason Frank, who had this to say about the effects of the VSR shim:

“The VSR wing shim helped generate more grip and stability from the rear of the car and without a doubt is must have on a bumpy and low bite track.”

The 10mm 3D printed shim comes with 2 metric screws to replace the stock ones.

Kyosho MP10 hard suspension arms

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Kyosho have introduced new hard suspension arms for the Inferno MP10. Made from harder material than the standard kit parts, the new parts greatly reduce flex which results in an improved consistency in high grip and high temperature conditions. The hard suspension arms are available for the front and the rear and come including arm inserts moulded in the same harder material.

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T-Work’s XB8’19 Ti turnbuckle, screw & Alu pivot ball sets

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T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the XRAY XB8 2019 in the form of sets of titanium turnbuckles, titanium and steel screws and aluminium pivot balls. The titanium turnbuckle set includes seven lightweight yet durable turnbuckle made in high-quality 64 grade titanium. The set comes including a 4mm and a 5mm turnbuckle wrenches. Also news are a 149-piece titanium UFO head set, a 149-piece gold-plated steel screw set as well as a 4-piece titanium down stop M4x8mm screw set. If the titanium screws will save some weight, the gold-plated steel screw will only add looks. The set of aluminium pivot balls consist of 22-piece that come hard-coated for wear and ensuring smooth suspension movement.

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XRAY XT2 adjustable gear box height


XRAY have introduced the new adjustable gear box height for the XT2. The adjustable gear box height features carbon fibre gear box height adjustment plates and two 7075 T6 aluminium motor mount lowered to 2mm and 4mm. To increase performance in high-traction conditions and offer less rolling in the corners, the XT2 can use a super-low ride height. To keep the drive shafts linear, the gear box can be raised by 2mm using optional carbon fibre plates. With two different ride-height adjustable plates, you can raise just the gear box or the entire rear suspension.

T-Work’s MP10 carbon fibre radio & front upper plates

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T-Work’s have introduced two new carbon fibre option parts for the Kyosho Inferno MP10 in the form of a radio plate and a front upper plate. First up is the radio plate. CNC machined from high-quality carbon fibre more stronger and lighter compared to the standard part, the radio tray is a direct replacement for the standard aluminium radio plate. Next up is the front upper plate. Also CNC machined from high-quality carbon fibre, it was designed to reduce weight, increase rigidity and reinforce the steering assembly.

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Exotek EB410 steel inner hinge pin set

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Exotek Racing have introduced a set of steel inner hinge pins for the Tekno EB410 and ET410. Made from heavy duty 3.4mm hardened steel, the inner hinge pins feature a larger center section helping to prevent bent or busted pins while keeping the stock 3mm diameter at the ends in order to fit the stock inserts and while also only slightly enlarging the arm holes to maintain arm strength. The set includes four steel inner hinge pins and a high speed drill bit to ream the arms to accept the larger hardened hinge pins.

XRAY XB2 rearward linkage aluminium steering plate


XRAY have introduced a new rearward linkage aluminium steering plate for XB2. The plate is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and comes black anodised. It allows mounting the steering linkages more rearwards which makes the steering more linear and makes the car more predictable. Ackermann is easily adjusted via steering link mounting positions on the steering plate.

Schelle TLR 22 5.0 & B6.1 Nova lockout set

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Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced the new Nova buggy lockout set for the Team Losi Racing for 22-series and Team Associated B5/B6.1-series. The lockout set is specifically made for the racers who are running in the Buggy 17.5 and 13.5 classes and that want to remove the kit slipper clutch and go with direct drive without replacing the topshaft. The lockout set is CNC machined from high-quality aluminum and it sheds weight down to a bare minimum 2.5g and to weighs in at 4.6g total including the spur gear. The set includes a 69 tooth and a 72 tooth Nova Spur gear and all the tuning options a racer could need for tight or wide-open layouts.

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