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HB Racing D8T serie hard suspension arms & universal drive shafts

HB Racing have introduced new hard suspension arms and universal drive shafts for the D817T, E817T, D8T and D8TTE. First up are the hard suspension arms are made from harder material for increased arm stiffness. The harder material improves handling on high traction surfaces and reduces the sensitivity of the car to variations in traction, and eliminates the need for carbon stiffeners which reduces weight and cost. These are standard equipment on the D817T and E817T.

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Team Associated B64 FT steel chassis weights & HRC arm mounts C and D

Team Associated have introduced two new optional parts for the B64 and B64D in the form of Factory Team steel chassis weights and High Roll Center arm mounts C and D. First up are the 15 gram and 27 gram steel chassis weights. They fit into the front chassis pocket and add weight to the front, giving more steering in high-grip applications. They comes with the mounting hardware.

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Team Associated RC8B3 FT rigid engine mount

Coming from Team Associated and made for the RC8B3-series of vehicles is the Factory Team rigid engine mount. It is made to reduce chassis flex and extend clutch bell and spur gear life. This extended engine mount restricts the clutch bell and spur gear area from flexing, saving tooth wear and ensuring more consistent power delivery.

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Answer RC D817 carbon fibre & aluminium option parts

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Answer RC have introduced a new range of option parts for the HB Racing D812, D815, D817 and E817. The aluminium parts are machined CNC from high quality aluminium and orange anodised. The range consist of centre diff mount set, a front upper steering brace, a rear chassis stiffener mount and shock spring retainers. All these parts are more durable and strong than the stock parts.


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XRAY XB8 44T & 45T differential large bevel gears

XRAY have introduced new 44T and 45T differential large bevel gears for the XB8 and GTX8. The large external bevel gear is precision manufactured on a special gear machine from HUDY steel hardened to provide low wear and extra-long lifespan and individually tested and inspected. Both 44T and 45T large bevel gears are suitable for front and rear differential.


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Kyosho’s Kanai unveils new MP9 options

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

It seems theres life in the old dog yet… we mean the car not the… designer new head of Facebook marketing of the benchmark-setting yet ageing Kyosho MP9 series; Yuichi Kanai unveiled three new optional parts today in the form of 17.5 ° front C-hub, Big Bore shock threaded caps with bleed screws and a 47T spur gear. According to the maestro himself, they are ‘coming soon’.

Kyosho clearly not spending megabucks on PR tips anytime soon… 😉

MIP Blackfoot Super Ball diff kit

MIP have introduced the Super Ball differential for the Tamiya re-released 2016 Blackfoot and 2015 Monster Beetle. This kit will not compromise the integrity or appearance of your vehicle. It is a direct bolt-on kit, with no modifications needed for both 2015 Monster Beetle and 2016 Blackfoot. It was designed to work with Tamiya’s brand-new universal pin drive axle, giving you the option of installing brushless motors without fear of destroying the stock gear differential or extremely expensive vintage ball differential. The ability to add different grease viscosity for tuning and no fear of slipping will bring the Blackfoot into the 21st Century without losing that old-school 1980’s feel.

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RDRP B6 aluminium C & D suspension mounts


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new C and D aluminium arm mounts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The suspension hangers are direct replacements for the kit parts and they add valuable toughness especially when running in demanding track conditions or when competing in modified classes. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and coming in either black or blue anodising the parts also add visual impact. With their lightweight yet sturdy construction the mounts hardly add any weight meaning the buggy’s weight bias does not change and they are a direct fit on both the B6 and B6D when using Team Associated’s #92014 suspension inserts.

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