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New 1/10th News

Schumacher releases Cougar KF2 Special Edition Spec buggy


See: Schumacher
Schumacher is proud to announce that the 2015 EFRA European and IFMAR Worlds ‘A’ Finalist Cougar KF2 buggy is now available in SE ‘Special Edition’ Spec. After an amazing year of results the Cougar KF2 SE includes the option for all 3 motor positions, all in one box! This new SE Spec makes the Cougar KF2 one of the most versatile cars on the market, suitable for almost any track condition.


Standard Forward Motor – Super High grip Astro
Low Grip Position – Medium Grip Astro and grass – As used at the IFMAR Worlds
Mid Motor Position – Medium and Low traction such as dirt and sandy/dusty Astro – As used at the EFRA Euros

Shop now at AMain.com

The new kit includes:

  • New Alloy Chassis
  • New Bodyshell
  • 3 Belts for all motor positions
  • Front C/F top deck and mount
  • Battery mounting hardware


TLR unveil 22 3.0 mid motor 2WD


See: Team Losi Racing | Horizon Hobby UK
The 22™ 3.0 buggy has been designed to give racers a versatile platform that easily adapts to changing track conditions without requiring a lot tuning changes.

3-Gear Transmission with Revised Motor Location: The motor location is 12mm closer to the diff gear than on the 2.0. This increases the rear weight bias, providing better rear grip on exit, more entry steering and a buggy that, overall, is easier to drive. The new 3-gear transmission decreases chassis roll, greatly improving the vehicle’s stability, consistency and braking. A 4-gear transmission is available separately for lower-grip tracks and different driving styles.

TLR03006_a11 TLR03006_a08 TLR03006_a09 TLR03006_a10

No-Compromise, Mid-Motor Design: Focusing solely on a mid-motor design eliminated the weight and engineering compromises inherent in a chassis with two mounting options.

Shop now at AMain.com

Key Features

  • Mid-motor design
  • Revised motor location 12mm closer to diff gear
  • 3-Gear transmission (4-gear available separately)
  • Transverse battery mounting option
  • Optional parts included
  • Revised front and rear suspension geometry
  • Adjustable rear toe and anti-squat
  • Gen II 12mm big bore shocks
  • Updated ball differential
  • HDS slipper

TLR03006_a19 TLR03006_a18 TLR03006_a17 TLR03006_a16 TLR03006_a15 TLR03006_a23 TLR03006_a22 TLR03006_a20

Exotek releases new POM ‘Flite’ slipper eliminator spur gears

Exotek Spurs

See: Exotek
Exotek’s 1/10 slipper eliminator hubs have become a popular choice for stock class racers around the globe. Exotek now releases their new high performance machined POM (Polyoxymethylene) spur gears to fit all Exotek slipper eliminator hubs. The spur gears are 100% machined POM to insure true roundness, with extra interior machining to reduce overall weight for reduced rotating mass. The new gears are much stiffer and truer than molded nylon spur gears, and weigh only 4.1 grams. Requires Exotek slipper eliminator hub and 3 – M3x6 button head screws sold separately.

Shop now at AMain.com


PR Racing machine new SB401 alu rear hubs

CNC Rear Hubs for SB401

See: PR Racing USA
PR Racing is at it again with a new and improved option part for the SB401 4wd Buggy. These lightweight CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Hubs provide strength where it’s needed while offering new optional camber link holes to allow for more roll center adjustability. These new hubs will be available soon through valued PR Racing Dealers Worldwide.


Exotek machines new Yokomo YZ2 & YZ4 option parts

Exotek YZ Options

See: Exotek
Exotek Racing has machined their latest option parts, this time catering to the Yokomo YZ2 and YZ4 platforms. The new options include 7075 alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting, machined spring perch set, and YZ2 direct spur mount.

Shop now at AMain.com

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HPI/HB releases new +6mm extended D413 chassis

Hot Bodies D413 Extended Chassis

See: HPI Racing
HPI Racing/Hot Bodies has released their new +6mm chassis for the D413 buggy. The extended chassis lengthens the wheelbase, and in turn is designed to provide more overall stability. The new chassis requires the use of new +3mm extended front and rear top decks, however, uses standard length center driveshafts.


Shop now at AMain.com

Serpent UK celebrates 1-year anniversary with ‘Halloween Madness’

halloween special FULL

See: Serpent UK
Serpent UK Off-Road is 1 year old this week. To celebrate they are having a Halloween Party, and that means a “HALLOWEEN MADNESS” sale!

“To give all customers and racers a mega opportunity to try the Serpent products at an unprecedented price, we have worked with the factory to offer you all a 7 day sale starting from 29th October. All the SRX kit prices have been drastically discounted but we stress ONLY for this period. The SRX-2 Mid Motor 2wd buggy part no. 500003, the SRX-2 Mid Motor 2wd RTR part no. 500006 and the latest SRX-4 4wd buggy part no 500010, are all included in this mega offer.”

Serpent UK stockist are participating with this one-time only offer, so check out your favourite local store too. The madness ends with a bang on November the 5th when the fireworks will be flying high!

DMS & X-Factory UK release new carbon fiber B44.3 chassis kit


See: X-Factory UK
DMS Partz and X-Factory UK is pleased to introduce the all-new Carbon Fibre main chassis and Balance weight set for the Associated B44.3. As used by several of the Associated team drivers at the recent EFRA Euros held in the UK, and also used by Associated’s Neil Cragg to TQ this year’s oOple race in the 4wd class.

0DWW79FKySSo7hxVxUNdGe0VstYG19f1OhZye7eHebk,HtaofOdw7CN3MXa2wleLReb4exKsxXehc63tZGMLYH8 dms223b dms223a LLoE9FnDvfmnvPsvC8iud0hk8-nZq4D0eOC2kZDDATg,KlVkPBth4XnMTl3K6ECu5MQ2XS2U_GB1pOGQ-TOBOdo h7jJwE724wsecHOZ3neSubrbqWx6CIioaAZn2UWZNeg DPz9CzPiv7EKPIbBPaoD4YxzfJAnEBCj4FnVRAZ78G4,odSI9d1YZzib6Ne03Gu17JXIjLi2oilGW6gnswGUojw mLniV-ezf3fiHm1JsAxYwSTdNV4rGXMtae-SPQzyD8s CG_E2jr7-YtFLdQLyYyOofvP0qXHVofJByhxszT-bTE,is32Q3-VTB8I3diSk23QiFwejoy7fCYW_bKM0GXlnFw

“The chassis is designed to be stronger and more rigid than the kit supplied aluminium offering, which results in a sharper and more responsive feel to the car.
The new chassis gives drivers the option of switching the steering servo to either the left or right position on the chassis with holes provided for both layouts.
In keeping with the kit options, forward or rear motor options are available and both saddle or shortly LiPo layouts can be used.”

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