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New 1/10th News

Team Associated release RC10B6 & RC10B6D Team kits


See: Team Associated

Team Associated have launched those who have the task of replacing the famous and B5 and B5M, the B6 and B6D Team kits. Divide and conquer! In today’s racing, traction dictates your setup — period! With both B6 and B6D configurations available, getting to the top of the podium has never been easier. Out of the box, the B6 offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction, whereas the B6D excels when traction is low to high. Racing at multiple tracks, or where traction changes throughout the day, has never been easier; setups and tuning parts are interchangeable between the two configurations, making the B6 platform extremely versatile. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition! Available in June.

Click for Specifications & features

Jason Snyder launches Raw Speed

raw speed website

See: Raw Speed

After entertaining the r/c industry with his YouTube videos over the last several years, Jason Snyder has just created his own U.S. based r/c accessory company named “RawSpeed”. After months of research, the primary focus at Raw Speed will be on race oriented products including tires, wheels, inserts and bodies for both 1/10 scale and 1/8 cars.

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Losi TEN-SCBE 1/10 RTR Buggy


See: Losi

After you released the teaser of a new forthcoming buggy yesterday, Losi introduces the new Losi® TEN-SCBE RTR AVC 1/10 4wd buggy. The TEN-SCBE fills the void left by other desert buggies with realism, performance and durability that can’t be matched. Where others failed the TEN-SCBE succeeds with a build based on the TEN-SCTE platform, superior handling characteristics and aggressive durability.

Thanks to an open wheel design, roll-cage, and multipanel body, this short course dominator looks just as aggressive as the desert destroyers it’s based on and attacks the terrain just like its inspirations. The TEN-SCBE is also as ruthless as its inspirations with a 4WD shaft driven drivetrain that just doesn’t quit and a ballistic 4-pole, 3800Kv brushless motor. Best of all, the TEN-SCBE includes AVC ® Technology, so you can push the limits of this ballistic buggy, without having to hold back. It is available in orange and green colors. More photos here.

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XRAY XB2 Dirt Edition: Unveiled


Links: XRAY & XB2 presentation | Pre Order XB2 Dirt Edition

After the spectacular debut of the Carpet XB2 Edition, many drivers waiting impatiently the Dirt Edition release. This expectation came to an end – XRAY unveils its XB2 Dirt Edition designed for very-low, low, medium, and medium-high traction conditions…

At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing. The XB2 is the epitome of perfection that is typical for XRAY.

XRAY XB2 Dirt Edition available for pre-order ($349.99)


See the full presentation

VRP ‘XV2’ pistons coming soon

XV2 piston

See: VRP

Just a few months ago Mike presents the moto inspired ‘X’ shock pistons from VRP (Vision Racing Products). Through testing and user feedback VRP has started working on the next evolution of their ‘Patent Pending’ pistons. These pistons called “XV2” are now almost ready! The peculiarity of the “XV2” pistons is to give excellent results that are proven on a variety of track surfaces. From rough, blown out tracks, to smooth, indoor clay, the VRP piston makes a positive difference and gives you a big advantage over the competition.

Available for 1/8 and 1/10 scale, they are easy to understand: the Pistons are designed to increase the Rebound only. They do not change the compression from what you would have running stock pistons. No crazy set up changes. No scratching your head if they work or even made a difference.

Available February 1st.

XRAY XB2 1/10 2WD Buggy: Unveiled


After the overwhelming success of our exclusive ‘the Making of the XB2‘ articles in close partnership with XRAY, everyone at NeoBuggy are delighted to exclusively ‘first unveil’ XRAY’s 1/10th Offroad 2WD buggy – The XB2…

At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing. The XB2 is the epitome of perfection that is typical for XRAY.


After 3 years of extensive development and testing, I am proud to present to you one of the best-performing 2WD 1/10 off-road cars in the world. Designed in virtual reality using the world’s most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world’s best machining and molding machinery, the XB2 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none.

The XB2 platform works at the highest competition level in any track conditions, whether it be super-low-traction dusty tracks, medium-traction, or super-high-traction carpet or astro turf; there is an XB2 for you that will handle flawlessly in any of these conditions

xb2gallery-02w xb2gallery-05w xb2gallery-08w xb2gallery-09w

There are two different XB2 kits to choose from – Carpet Edition and Dirt Edition, both built on the same platform with full compatibility and with interchangeable parts. The Carpet Edition is designed for medium to very-high traction conditions, while the Dirt Edition is designed for very-low to medium grip conditions.

The Uni-Platform™ allows either XB2 edition to be tuned or converted to suit any track conditions with only a few additional parts.

See the Official Release or Continue reading

Schelle releases D413 Stretch Chassis Set

SCH1104_2 (1)

See: Schelle
The Schelle D413 Aluminum Stretch Chassis Set is now available to the public. At 153g total weight (53g heavier than carbon fiber) the added weight and stiffness stabilize the car on high grip. The +4mm longer wheelbase of the stretch chassis gives the car a longer footprint, reducing the pitching weight transfer that can cause the car to “3 wheel” and pick up a rear tire in the turns. Also in the air, the car with the longer chassis is less sensitive. All in all, test drivers reported that the car was easier to control and drive hard without getting upset on braking, turn-in, or corner exit. Jumping landings into turns are easier to control as well. Recommended for indoor astro, carpet, and high-grip clay.

Shop now at AMain.com

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Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1


Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1 – By Martin Bayer

Always ones to lead the way with others left trailing, XRAY kindly granted us full access to the sharpest-looking RC driver in suit; it could be none other than Martin Bayer! We sat down to discuss the makings of the hugely-anticipated new XB2 2WD 1/0 EL Buggy in X-rated detail!


Never before had I expected that designing an RC car would be such a complicated, complex, difficult, stressful, and extremely time-consuming thing to do.

Really, I could tell you nightmare stories first-hand as the soon-to-be-released XB2 is my first real-life entire project that I have worked on, and it was a challenge that gave me to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation of the RC car world.


How did I get here?


Read on…