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Muchmore Fleta ZX8 Evolution 1/8 brushless motor

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Muchmore have introduced the new Fleta ZX8 Evolution brushless motor for 1/8 vehicles. The Fleta ZX8 Evolution features the Flow-Max Ver.II aluminum cooling body designed for extreme cooling even in extreme motor conditions, bearing with a super low-friction steel inner shield on the side maximum protection against the elements while optimizing the drive train efficiency compared to all-metal shielded ball races, a 4-pole-8-magnet “staggered-pole” rotor providing a low cogging effect and a very low torque pulse, dual-plug sensor connector holes allowing to change the sensor position according to car layout. Also new is the new Hall sensing system, designed to be error-free and ensures reliable operation in the user’s full sensor mode. The ultra-precision encoder sends a clean signal at all times and protects the Hall sensing system by excluding interference from other signals. The Fleta ZX8 Evolution 1/8 brushless motor is available in 1900kV, 2200kV, 2600kV and 3200kV.

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6MIK CRF Optima ‘Booster’ rear cover

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6MIK have introduced the new Optima ‘Booster’ rear cover for Team Orion Racing, Performa Racing and Optima CRF engines. The rear crankcase cover features two internal channels increasing engine efficiency by feeding optimally the ports. In addition, thanks to a mixture less impacted by the movement of the conrod, the CRF engine offers an improved idle stability, fuel mileage and overall engine performance.

Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3R brushless stock motor

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Hobbywing have introduced the new XeRun V10 G3R brushless stock motor. The XeRun V10 G3R brushless stock motor features an optimized stator structure combined with the super magnetic rotor improving the G3R Stock motor’s torque by 13.3%, KV value by 6.5% and maximum output power by 8.6% when compared to the V10 G3 Stock motor. The high torque, RPM and power make it a “secret weapon” for the Stock class racing. The resistance is also reduced by 11% but the efficiency is improved by 6% when compared to the V10 G3 Stock motor. The super high efficiency significantly slow down the temperature increase. The G3R Stock weighs only 139g and is 8.6% lighter than some popular Stock motors (that weigh 152g) on the market. The light-weight motor allows drivers to easily control the balance of their RC vehicles. The special shell design which makes the stator core (/laminations) expose to the air will maximize cooling, the big holes on the front and rear end plates will guarantee outstanding heat dissipation.

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RUDDOG RP691 1/8 sensored competition brushless motor

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RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their latest development in 1/8 brushless motor technology, the RUDDOG RP691 1/8 sensored competition brushless motor. Developed and designed in Germany, it features a unique cooling system, which not only includes optimised cooling vents, but also a direct mount high-speed aluminium fan. The motor features a light weight design of just 307g and is available in KV ratings of 1800 to 2400KV.

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Performa Racing Radical 540 Qualified Stock motors

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Performa Racing have introduced the new Radical 540 Qualified Stock motors for 1/10 vehicles. The Radical Brushless Stock motors have set new benchmarks in electric motor performance and have quickly become the motor to beat for high-level Spec racing competition. Spec class drivers can now take advantage of technology from the World Championship-winning Performa Racing development team. The all-new Performa Radical Stock motors deliver improved throttle response, higher efficiency, and more speed. These new motors are a clear improvement in the Stock racing classes. The Racing Radical 540 Qualified Stock motors are available in 10.5T to 21.5T winding versions.

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Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Modified motors

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Performa Racing’s new line of brushless modified motors is setting new standards in high level 1/10 competition racing. Performa Racing technology is unique in terms of performance, power, reliability and exceptional driving control. Being the most powerful motors on the market was the goal for the Performa Racing design team, and improved drivability was also a top priority. Lower lap times will be the evidence of the Radical Performance of Performa Racing motors.

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Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec torque up motors

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Muchmore Racing have introduced two new Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec torque up motors. Available in 13.5T and 17.5T, the Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec torque up motors included the Fleta ZX V2 Spec rotor in order to increase the torque in particular in 1/10 buggy blinky classes while the Flow-Max 2 cooling system designed from a simple 2-piece CNC processing allows superior cooling effect to guarantees maximum power and efficiency. In addition, the high power new stator design approach doesn’t use separate insulator. Both motors incorporate a low resistance copper wire that allows low internal resistance which results in maximum output power increase. High temperature rated wire is used for winding the motors as well as heavy-duty silver-plate solder tabs to reduce resistance.

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Performa Racing P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo

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Performa Racing have introduced the new P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo for E-buggy and E-truggy. Nitro racing is popular because it’s simple, racers chose a 3 Port, 5 Port or 7 Port engine depending on the track, tune the needles to have good carburation, and drive. That’s all. Performa has now adapted that simplicity to electric racing. Controllers and motors used recently in 1/8 racing have hundreds (even thousands) of complex settings. While trying to understand and adjust the complex settings, many racers get lost and end up with tuning that is below optimal performance. The new Performa HMX Controller/Motor Combos deliver simplified settings using the Nitro concept, you select from 3 different pre-defined settings based on the track condition. No need to have a complex program box or a computer. The 3 settings have been tuned by our engineering team together with our World Champion Drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. You can change the settings by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the settings, we will offer Performa PC software that will allow you to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure you don’t get lost and keep you in the optimal performance range.

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