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Performa P1 Radical 540 Stock brushless motors

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Performa Racing have introduced their new range of P1 Radical 540 Stock brushless motors. Spec class drivers can now take advantage of technology from the World Championship-winning development team. The all-new Performa Radical Stock motors deliver improved throttle response, higher efficiency, and more speed. These new motors are available in all popular stock windings from 10.5T up to 21.5T.

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Reedy Sonic S-Plus torque motors

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Team Associated have introduced three new Reedy Sonic S-Plus torque motors. Both 17.5 and 21.5 versions are available as well as an all-new 10.5 version are now available featuring a unique high-torque stator. These high-torque motors are perfectly suited for high-grip on- and off-road conditions and tracks with short run-ups to critical jumps. The current S-Plus 13.5 motor is already equipped with the high-torque stator and remains unchanged.  

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REDS Racing 2350Kv GEN 2 V8 brushless motor

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Reds Racing have widened their 1/8 electric range with 2350 Kv V8 GEN 2 brushless Motors. The new motor was developed for the E-Truggy class together with REDS Team drivers to guarantee the highest performance and latest technology. The GEN 2 V8 is specifically designed to provide exceptional power, superior smoothness and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation. Thanks to his highly finned CNC-machined aluminium can, V8 motor works at very low temperature in all conditions ensuring exceptional reliability.

Hobbywing 1/5 & 1/6 EzRun brushless motors

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Hobbywing have introduced thee new EzRun brushless motors for 1/5 and 1/6 vehicles. The 4985, 5687 and 56113 brushless motors feature CNC-machined hard anodized aluminum case, ultra-thin silicon steel laminations, heat-resistant oxygen-free double insulated windings, high quality Japanese bearings, rotor with a strong structure and output shaft made from high quality polished alloy steel ensuring performance and durability.

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LRP X22 Stock Spec, N.B. 6.5T Modified motors & Tuning rotors

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LRP have added new X22 Stock Spec motors to their range and also the X22 N.B. 6.5T Modified motor and five X22 Modified tuning rotors.The X22 motor features an ultra lightweight, precision machined 7075-T6 Aluminum housing with additional openings on the flat parts to increase cooling surface and improve airflow for lowest running temperatures also at maximum loads with increased consistency. The X22 motor comes with “dark shine black” highest quality anodizing with X22 engraving. The X22 Stock Spec motors are available in 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T.

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Yokomo Racing Performer M4 Stock & Modified motors

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Yokomo have introduced their new generation of Racing Performer M4 brushless motors optimized and designed for the Stock and Modified classes. The motor features an open stator design to maximize cooling performance and also to give max power from the start to the end of the race. The M4 will be available in Modified version with the extreme high power 3.5T and 4.5T motors offering superior performance compared to the M3 series and also in JMRCA Stock Spec with 13.5T and 21.5T motors. These motors come with a specially designed stator which produces a smoother and more powerful acceleration feeling. The M4 motors will be available at the end of July.

Tekin T8 GEN3 1/8 brushless motor

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Tekin have introduced the new T8 GEN3 brushless motor for 1/8 vehicles. With a stronger rotor, new stack features and lower resistance the T8 GEN3 motors are a versatile, unmatched and advanced power delivery system. Relentless amounts of torque and power are at your disposal with industry-leading RC motor technology. Coupled with an RX8 GEN3 utilizing Tekin’s D2 Dual Drive Technology, the T8 GEN3 packs efficiency and precise control through the entire RPM range. . The T8 GEN3 is available in 2650kV, 2050kV, 1900kV, 1700kV and 1400kV for E-buggy and also 2250kV, 2000kV, 1700kV, 1550kV and 1350kV for E-truggy.

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Elliott Boots talks about REDS VX2 1/10 motors

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REDS Racing have released a new video where Elliott Boots talk about the VX2’s line of motors for 1/10 vehicles.

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