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6MIK foam air filter oil & pre-oiled foams

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French company 6MIK have introduced the new Optima foam air filter oil and pre-oiled foams. This oil is very thin to allow it to be evenly spread throughout the foam filter. The blue color lets you be sure that the entire filter is saturated, ensuring maximum protection for your engine. Its formulation also prevents water to from getting inside the foam. Before installing on your vehicle, make sure you remove all the excess oil from the filter before you let it sit to avoid over oiling the filter. The 6MIK air filter oil comes in a 100ml bottle that will fit in any pit box. Also news is a range of pre-oiled foams for Kyosho, XRAY, Mugen, HB Racing and TLR using the new air filter oil.

Ruddog 25mm double sided tape

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New from Ruddog Products is a clear doubles sided tape for a wide range of applications. Coming on convenient 100cm roll the clear silicone tape offers a comparable thickness of standard foam tapes, however it is much easier to remove from the chassis and electronics while still offering loads of gluing strength for demanding off-road and on-road applications. The somewhat thin tape keeps the electronics as low as possible minimal influence on the car’s overall centre of gravity and at 25mm width it is ideal for speed controller, receivers, personal transponders and many more.

Hot Race Tyres Black glue

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Hot Races Tyres have introduced the new Black tyre glue. Based on their standard glue, the Black glue was developed after lot of test with a chemical engineer to provide more resistence specially in high temperature and a 60 to 70% faster drying than the standard glue. The “Black” chemical included in the formulation of the glue allows to have a very resistant glue, avoiding a possible tearing of the rubber from the rim in the long finals. The Hot Race Tyres Black glue will be available early february.

RDRP Ultra tyre glue tips


The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Tire Glue Tips come in handy when glueing your favourite on-road or off-road tyres. Ultra flexible and of a universal design the tips fit a wide range of CA glue bottles, including the Ultra Tyre Glue, and they make tire glueing and sidewall prepping a breeze. The tips come in packs of 20 and some trimming of the bottle neck may be required.

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Ruddog red stuff O-ring grease

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Coming from Ruddog is their new red stuff O-ring grease. Developed to protect silicone seals from swelling under the influence of silicone oils while offering a smooth feeling for improved performance at the same time, the lubricant is usable on O- and X-ring seals of shock absorbers, differentials and many more. The grease has proven its performance in many tests carried by the Ruddog team and it comes in a 10ml syringe for easy application.

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REDS Racing air filter oil

REDS Racing have introduced their high-quality air filter oil. REDS air filter oil is a specific lubricant designed for foam air filters on Off-Road engines.

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The air filter oil is blue in colour for easy application. It’s a super tacky, water repellent formula which helps to reduce sand and dust from entering the engine, it repels water without affecting engine breathing. In this way, it helps to extend the life of your engine.

6MIK Opti-Flon lubricant

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French company 6MIK have introduced the Opti-Flon lubricant. The Opti-Flon is a high end Teflon lubricant wich reduces friction between flow surfaces and increases the life of mechanical parts. The Opti-Flon perfectly sticks under parts thanks to Teflon that fill the littest gap, resists to heavy constraints and offers high level protection against corrosion even in saline conditions. After its application it offers a thin protection coat, dry anough after solvent evaporation to prevent from dust or mud stickting. It resists to very low/high temperatures from -30 to +230 without forming residue under heat action. The Opti-Flon lubricant is also water resistant.

High Velocity RC grease pack

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High Velocity RC have introduced new grease pack includes 3g of Shock Goop grease and Anti-Wear grease. The Shock Goop is a shock assembly lubricant that is also great for seals or any area where friction or stiction is a problem. Safe for all kinds of seals, plastics, elastometers & o-rings. The Anti-Wear is a high-tech synthetic grease for use on all metal to metal contact as well as sliding surfaces. This high-tack formula is also plastic and rubber safe.

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