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Glue, Grease, Oils etc. News

TPro cleaning products by MOTOREX

See: T-PRO

TPro in collaboration with the racing specialist MOTOREX have introduced new cleaning products especially made for RC car racing. First up is the TPro RC Power clean, it easily removes stubborn dirt and also degreased the surface. This dielectric top product is filled in a 200ml bottle and comes with two different spray heads.

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RCX Pro-Cleaner & Pro-Prep

See: NEMO Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced the new RCX Pro-Cleaner and Pro-Prep. The RCX Pro-Cleaner features a specially developed formula that removes and repels drift and grime. This RC specific foaming spray cleaner protects your metals and anodised surfaces whist removing dirt and grime in a breeze. The RCX Pro-Prep is for use once you have cleaned your vehicle with Pro-Cleaner. Leaves surfaces protected and ready to repel dirt and water.

HUDY air filter sealant


HUDY have introduced a new air filter sealant. It is used between the sides of the foam filter and the plastic part of the filter to perfectly seal the contact area to ensure no dust will pass through.

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RUDDOG CA Glue tips

See: Ruddog Distribution

RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their new glue tip line made for the use with most CA glue bottles. Available are curved steel tips in medium 0.8mm and thin 0.5mm specification as well as flexible tips in medium 0.8mm and thin 0.5mm variants. All ensure exceptional results with the steel tips being usable multiple times. All four tips are usable with most CA glue bottles with 4mm neck and they come as 10-piece packs.

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RUDDOG CA Tire Glue CA super glues

See: Ruddog Distribution

RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their new Tire Glue line of CA super glues. Available as thin and medium viscosity variants the glues are ideal to securely bond on-road and off-road rubber tyres to their wheels with the thin variant being ideal to let the glue flow into even the smallest of gaps while the medium variant is also usable to seal tyre sidewalls in order to counter traction rolling. Both glues come in 20g bottles and they include angled glue tips to make application even more convenient.

Ruddog 15g blue thread lock

See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog Distribution have introduced the new blue medium thread lock. The chemical comes in a new pump bottle dispenser that allows for easy and convenient application even of very small amounts of thread lock, making securing metal to metal connections a breeze. The product comes in 15g bottles and it is available from now on.

SWORKz Elliott Boots Special Edition shock & diff oils


Coming soon from SWORKz are the shock and differential oils Elliott Boots Special Edition. Developed in collaboration between XTR Racing and SWORKz Factory driver Elliott Boots, these 100% pure silicone oils will not thin out in hot weather or thicken up in cold weather and they will be available very soon.

Ruddog CA activator spray

Source: Ruddog Distribution

The Ruddog CA activator spray is a cyanoacrylate accelerator spray for the use with all common cyanoacrylate-based super glues. The CA kicker greatly reduces the curing time of thick, thin and super thin glues, making it ideal when glueing on-road and off-road tyres. Simply use the glue as usual and apply a small layer of CA activator afterwards or use an indirect technique by spraying a small amount of CA kicker into a cup and putting the cup over the tyre – the latter can make for more aesthetically pleasing results depending on the glue used. The CA activator spray is available in 150ml spray cans from now on.