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6MIK Opti-Flon lubricant

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French company 6MIK have introduced the Opti-Flon lubricant. The Opti-Flon is a high end Teflon lubricant wich reduces friction between flow surfaces and increases the life of mechanical parts. The Opti-Flon perfectly sticks under parts thanks to Teflon that fill the littest gap, resists to heavy constraints and offers high level protection against corrosion even in saline conditions. After its application it offers a thin protection coat, dry anough after solvent evaporation to prevent from dust or mud stickting. It resists to very low/high temperatures from -30 to +230 without forming residue under heat action. The Opti-Flon lubricant is also water resistant.

High Velocity RC grease pack

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High Velocity RC have introduced new grease pack includes 3g of Shock Goop grease and Anti-Wear grease. The Shock Goop is a shock assembly lubricant that is also great for seals or any area where friction or stiction is a problem. Safe for all kinds of seals, plastics, elastometers & o-rings. The Anti-Wear is a high-tech synthetic grease for use on all metal to metal contact as well as sliding surfaces. This high-tack formula is also plastic and rubber safe.

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Muchmore V-Made instant rubber tires CA glue

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Muchmore Racing have introduced V-Made instant rubber tires CA glue specially developed for 1/8 buggy or Truggy tires. It provides stronger adhesive strength and comes also with a shrink tube and Pro fine extension.

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O.S. piston pin clip plier tool & maintenance oil

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O.S. Engines have unveiled new products at the Tokyo hobby Show in the form of a piston pin clip plier tool and maintenance oil. The piston pin clip plier is a tool specialy made to remove and set the piston pin clips. This plier is made from high quality steel and feature precision ground tips, as well as spring loaded, ergonomically designed handles for safe, comfortable operation.

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1up Racing Pro Pack

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1up Racing have introduced the Pro Pack. It includes three race proven lubricants as the gold AW grease, an anti-wear grease which has a synthetic base lubricant that clings tenaciously to metal surfaces for increased life and smooth operation. Also in the Pro Pack is the Blue o-ring grease with it’s superior ability to reduce sliding friction make your shocks will feel smoother. Perfect for use on diff o-rings and seals to provide long lasting smooth operation and helps prevent leaking. Finally the ultra-thin bearing oil soaks into metal provides long lasting protection and increased drivetrain efficiency. Also works excellent as CV joint oil when running in dusty conditions.

How often shock & diff fluid should be replaced? listen The Drake!

Mugen Seiki Racing professor Adam Drake is back to helping us to know how often shock and diff fluid should be replaced.

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HUDY 4000 cSt premium silicone oil

HUDY have added new 4000 cSt premium silicone oil to their range. Their premium silicone oils are manufactured in Europe, created exclusively for HUDY by a specialized silicone oil manufacturer. Each batch of ultimate oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. Based on the industry-proven cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.


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Xceed RC spray guns, cyano activator & tapes

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Xceed RC have expanded their product line with some new items. First up are two spray guns. Available in basic or pro version, they will apply layers of spray handy and easy. Next up is the cyano activator. it come in 150ml bottle and it allows to dry the glue even faster. Also new are three masking tapes and a double-sided tape. The masking tapes are available in 18m x 10mm, 18m x 18mm and 18m x 40mm while the double-sided tape comes in 2m x 20mm.

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