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Glow Plugs News

Picco long life glow plugs

See: Picco Micromotori

Italien company Picco have introduced long life glow plugs. Available in P5TH, P6TH, P7TH, the glow plugs are made using the finest materials available. Picco have kept their race proven filament formula unchanged for many years to focus only on quality to increased performance and ensure a long life. The high quality glow plugs are supplied in a plastic case which allow you to safely store three glow plugs and easily access it.

SWORKz ST3 Turbo glow plug

See: SWORKz 

SWORKz have addd the ST3 glow plug to their SPower range. Made by O.S. Engines in Japan, the ST3 “Ultra Hot” Turbo glow plug promote better idling and acceleration. If your engine runs rough or accelerates sluggishly, a hotter plug will help. 

T-Work’s aluminum glow plug igniters

See: T-Work’s

T-Work’s have introduced two aluminium glow plug igniters, one being featured with a voltage meter in the cap. Both come with an aluminium body with a grey anodised finish and work with any 1.2V cell (not included) that can be easily changed if the cell is damaged or needs to be recharged. The glow plug igniter with a voltage meter will let you know if the glow plug in the engine is damaged (red = broken, green = ok).

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Novarossi “World Champions” turbo glow plugs

Novarossi have introduced their new line of Turbo glow plug named “World Champions” for Off-road vehicles. After the good experience with the “B-Line” and “ T-Line” Novarossi have decided to combine everything and simplified in this new line.

See: Novarossi

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Teamsaxo glow plug igniter


See: Teamsaxo

Teamsaxo have released a new high output glow plug igniter for use with all gas powered engines. Made from high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminium in black with TS logo in classic blue and black, it features a 5000mAh 1.2v Cell, providing long lasting power for reliable starting thanks to an advanced technology to ensure the precision. The Teamsaxo glow plug igniter comes with an overnight charger to fully charge your igniter and it is available now.

O.S. Speed ‘Gold’ turbo glowplugs


O.S. are hitting the Worlds hard! Following up the announcement of their unique-looking low profile B2102 engine the Japanese engine manufacturer has announced a heap of new ‘bling’ gold plated turbo glow plugs…

O.S. tell us that the new turbo glow plugs are gold plated not for style reasons but of course performance – one wouldn’t expect any less from a company now celebrating it’s 80th anniversary this year.

There are two new models for offroad use and two for onroad, the new turbo plug is a permanent addition to the product lineup, not a limited run and the standard glow plugs P3, P4, RP6, RP7 will all still be available.

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New RB6 Slipper Plate Set from RDRP

New RB6 Slipper Plate Set from RDRP

Revolution Design Racing Products introduce their RB6 Slipper Plate Set for Kyosho’s RB6 2WD buggy and RT6 2WD stadium truck. The plates are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, come hard anodised and with a hardcoated surfaces for added rigidity and super long life. Being of a vented design they make for a more consistent and reliable slipper action in every racing condition. Sporting laser-etched RDRP logos the slipper plates are available now.

New Ultra Glowplug Wrench

New Ultra Glowplug Wrench from RDRP

The Ultra Glowplug Wrench is the latest nitro tool release from Revolution Design Racing Products. The tool is designed for the use with standard and turbo glowplugs, the main body is made from high quality spring steel and incorporates an 8mm nut driver for the plug while an O-ring equipped recession at the top end of the tool takes a spare glow plug, making the wrench the ideal companion for demanding qualifiers and finals. Laser-etched logos let the tool stand out while a sturdy cross pin makes tightening and undoing even tightly fitted plugs a breeze.

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